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Never Again

Chapter One: Agitated Room Mates and Hungover Hanyou

Bankotsu stepped into his bedroom, carelessly tossing the box of clothes he'd packed onto his bed, awakening his roommate with a start.

"Didn't hear you come in…" Inuyasha mumbled, burying his head in Bankotsu's pillow to try to avoid the sunlight that had been pouring in through the window for hours.

"You never do," Bankotsu sighed, plopping down on the bed next to him and rolling over so that he lay partially atop his roommate, with his head resting on his back.

He absently toyed with a few strands of Inuyasha's long, silvery hair as he began whispering a warning to him.

"You know... Anyone could just walk in and see us like this…"
Bankotsu hinted, shifting slightly so that his left leg rested comfortably on Inuyasha's.

Inuyasha grumbled into Bankotsu's pillow, not even bothering to protest.

"Come on Inuyasha," Bankotsu persisted, sitting up and repositioning himself so that he was no longer straddling his companion.

"We have to do this before Jakotsu gets here!"

Once again, Inuyasha's reply was something that sounded similar to, "Mmmfgh…"

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Bankotsu almost growled, frustrated.

Usually anything even hinting toward homosexuality made Inuyasha extremely uncomfortable and freaking Inuyasha out had always been the easiest way for Bankotsu to get what he wanted from him.

Deciding it was time for a different approach; Bankotsu crawled over to the other side of his bed and pulled the blanket from Inuyasha's body, placing his hands on his back in order to shake him out of his drowsy stupor.

"All right, all right…" Inuyasha mumbled, rolling over onto his back and coming face to face with a very agitated Bankotsu.

Inuyasha knew something must've really upset his roommate this time, because he usually only resorted to anything physically uncomfortable for both of them when he really needed help.

"What's wrong?"

"I told you last night! I forgot about Typhoon Season and when I reminded Jakotsu, he said he'd just leave early and he's gonna be here a week before we planned!"

Bankotsu explained hurriedly, almost losing his balance as he hopped down from his bed and began stuffing Inuyasha's boxed up clothes into his new dresser.

"So what?" Inuyasha sighed, resting his head back on Bankotsu's pillow.

"So what! So today's the Friday before Jakotsu was supposed to arrive and therefore; Jakotsu will be here today, in a matter of hours!"

"Oh…" Inuyasha said, finally beginning to remember the conversation he'd had on the phone with Bankotsu last night before he'd downed the last three bottles of sake in the house.

"So that's why I woke up in your room…" Inuyasha mumbled, as if it had anything to do with what Bankotsu was frantically trying to discuss with him.

"Inuyasha, you promised you'd start moving your shit into my room last night!" Bankotsu sighed, hurrying back to Inuyasha's room to get another box of his clothes to transfer to his own room.

"Well I meant too… I just kept forgetting what I was supposed to be doing," Inuyasha called after him in self defense. He then got up from the bed and began trying to shake off the remains of his very painful hangover.

"And your bed was feeling way too tempting… I dunno if I've told you this, but that bed is really comfortable when your crazy roommate isn't trying to freak you out with queerness…"

"I'm not even sure that's a real word…"

Bankotsu shook his head wearily, but then sighed in relief as Inuyasha walked into his old room and started helping him box things up. Particularly glass items and valuable possessions, as Bankotsu had been carelessly tossing everything into whichever box was most convenient.

"Didn't you say we've got a few hours?" Inuyasha asked, hoping to calm him down a bit.

"Not when it comes to Jakotsu," Bankotsu replied, catching Inuyasha's drift and slowing his pace a bit. "He's always showing up either early or uninvited, and besides, I was hoping to limit the amount of time you had to spend with him as much as I could…."

"Why? He's your old high school friend right? I told you I'd put up with him since you wanted him here so badly… I don't care that he's queer..."

"It's not that... I just have this feeling." Bankotsu explained, "I don't think you two would get along very well…"

"Oh I see…" Inuyasha said lowly as he walked out of the room.

"Don't want me moving in on your territory ne?.."

He heard a faint "What?" from his old room and raised his voice so Bankotsu could hear him.

"I said, 'I'll be really busy with class and Kagome anyway! I won't be around much, remember!'"

"Speaking of Kagome," Bankotsu began, as he reentered his room and placed another box of Inuyasha's stuff on the ground. "Is she the reason my entire supply of sake has been wiped out?"

"Yeah." Inuyasha nodded apologetically as he began organizing what was now his side of Bankotsu's room. "I'll pay you back tomorrow."

Bankotsu nodded, not even bothering to ask Inuyasha what was going on in his relationship with Kagome. He didn't really care to know, and wasn't in a good state to cheer him up or act sympathetic.

Bankotsu had never been one to try to understand, let alone please, the delicate heart of a woman. And that was precisely why, everyone thought, Bankotsu avoided relationships.

But Bankotsu knew otherwise. He was well-aware of the fact that his body did not yearn for the love a woman could offer, that his heart did not desire that of a female to soothe its dull, lonesome ache.

At this point in his life, Bankotsu had tried many times to understand the appeal women had on other men, but had yet to feel it himself.

So he didn't have any reason to try to engage in, and sustain a relationship with a woman as Inuyasha did.

Bankotsu shook his head to try to clear his mind a bit. His thoughts were clouded with worry, confusion, and excitement and he knew that his anxiety was starting to show.

He hadn't even been able to keep his cool this morning while he had been trying to disturb Inuyasha into getting up to help move his things into what would soon be their new room.

It looked to be the beginning of a very grim day, but Bankotsu still had hopes for the future. It was Jakotsu, after all, who was on his way to come live with him.

Bankotsu wasn't sure why, but to him, any situation involving Jakotsu had a high chance of complete success.

Bankotsu reasoned that even though he and Inuyasha were a bit off schedule, with a little luck, they could have the room cleared out well before Jakotsu arrived. But that didn't mean that Inuyasha would have time to get out of the house before then...

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