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Summary: No one ever thought it could happen. Her blood ran cold the day she discovered who he really was. And now she's gone to the enemy for help, the only one who could possibly know why he wants her dead.

Blood on the Moon

By: Chi Yagami

I thought that was the end of my misery for the evening. But it wasn't. The entire ride home, Bakura chewed at me for thinking he could possibly like me. "What is there to like?" he kept saying. After I continued to supply various reasons why ANY guy would like me, he gave up asking and just replied that he would cease to be nice from now on. "Apparently when someone is nice, you think they want to sleep with you," he sneered.

Well, after what happened with Marik, UHH YEAH. And Bakura being nice never happens! He isn't even nice to Ryou, who had to share his body with the spirit for years. You think he would show some compassion to the boy who housed his evil soul before helping out "that damn woman." But sleep with Bakura? Ew, as if.

But today is a new day. I'll just steer clear of Bakura and help Ryou study for his make-up test. He has to take it this Wednesday, when all of the seniors are supposed to stay off campus. The school enforces this rule so that all the hung over seniors stay far away from the sober and inexperienced freshman. Although that doesn't always work, seeing how Joey had his first drink when he was fourteen… Basically it is an excuse for our teachers to get rid of us faster. The graduation ceremony is Friday evening, and our caps and gowns are supposed to arrive by mail before then. Ryou got his last week, but I suppose it's taking them a while to remember I filed an address change… If I don't get mine by Wednesday, I am going to complain.

I enter the kitchen to find Ryou eating waffles with jam and strawberries. "Ew how can you put jam on your waffles? Waffles deserve the sugary goodness of maple syrup!"

"I need to lower my blood pressure," he explains. "When you rushed me to the hospital, my doctor mentioned I should stop eating so many sweets."

"What? Ryou, why didn't you tell me? I've been letting you eat candy all this time!"

"I like my sweet stuff…?" he replies lamely. I hurry over and open the pantry. Oh… my…! It's like he stole all of the neighborhood children's Halloween candy! I need backup…!

"BAKURA!" I shout, so loud that Ryou flinches. "Bakura get in here… please!" Wait, what? I thought I was avoiding him? "Never mind—!"

"What do you want, woman?" Bakura barks, shuffling into the room. He immediately grabs a soda from the fridge and noisily chugs it. "Oh," he rasps, seeing the pantry, "you found Ryou's stash?"

"It's not a stash—!"

"It's definitely a stash, Ryou," I interrupt. "How could you not tell me? Bakura, get rid of all this."

"WHAT?" both boys shout. "Why do I have to dispose of his crap?" Bakura asks.

"Because I said so. Just eat it or something," I reply, waving him off.

"Are you trying to make me fat?"

Bakura's pouty face is very convincing; he must have picked that up from Ryou, who right now looks devastated. Good grief, it's just food! He is acting like Joey.

"You're already fat enough, you little piggy," I say, dismissing him from the conversation again. "Now, Ryou, I'm doing all the grocery shopping and cooking from now on! I don't want to see anything sweet until your blood pressure goes back down! And even then, you should only consume these foods in moderation."

"What are you, a nutritionist?" Bakura mocks. Ugh, I never should have invited him in here; I don't know what's wrong with me. At least he is getting rid of all the candy, even if he is depositing it into his pillowcase… What is he, an elementary trick-or-treater?

"Anzu, please, don't throw out my candy!" Ryou begs, grasping my hands.

"I'm not throwing it out; Bakura is going to eat it."

"I am not; I'm allergic to half of this! I'm going to sell it to Wheeler…"

After breakfast, Ryou and I went into the living room to get started on a geometry review; Bakura took the pillowcase and slipped out the door, but he was back soon, asking for directions to Joey's apartment. I know Joey isn't the smartest person (okay definitely not the smartest) but Bakura shouldn't go ripping him off like he probably will.

"What did you do last night?" I ask Ryou as he digs through his backpack for paper and a pencil. "When we got home, you were already asleep."

"Eh my evening was boring. I ended up watching Titanic and playing Duel Monsters against myself."

"You borrowed Bakura's deck?" My, that was a brave move on Ryou's part! Operation Authoritize Ryou is a go!

"No, haha, Bakura will kill me if I touch his cards. I just used my spare deck; it is made up of all the extra cards I have. Not very fun playing against yourself, especially when you already know which deck is guaranteed to win."

"We can play together again," I suggest. "The game is fun when no one is threatening to seal your soul away."

Ryou smiles. "So how was Prom? Was Bakura a gentleman, or did he and Yami argue from beginning to end?"

"Actually, we decided it was best to just have Bakura act as you," I explain slowly, waiting for his reaction. Ryou stops groping around his bag and stares at me for further details. "Well," I continue, "I figured it was best; I didn't want everyone else throwing speeches about how evil Bakura is. I already know that! And I uhh told both Yami and Tristan that we were going together… so, yeah… I hope you're not mad…"

"Mad? Of course not! I'm surprised Bakura was willing to behave, and even more surprised he behaved so well that no one discovered it was him."

"Yup he stayed under the radar… unlike me," I reply, mumbling the last part to myself.

"You didn't 'stay under the radar?'" Ryou asks, opening his math book to the appropriate page.

Darn, he wasn't supposed to hear that part. "Heheh, not exactly… Basically Kaiba lectured to me that he is in love with Serenity and has no interest in me, and that I need to get over him and stop sulking. So we argued a lot and I told him to sod off and I ran from the room…"

"Kaiba thinks you like him? Where'd he get that idea?" he asks, scratching his head thoughtfully. "Do you like him?"

I blush. "Err I kinda did… I mean just his looks! But now he's with Serenity and it's probably for the better anyway; our personalities don't fit together."

"Aww, Anzu, I'm so sorry!" Ryou says, patting me on the back. "Kaiba is just a jerk! You deserve better!"

"Thanks. Oh, and Yami apologized for stalking me. It seems he just wanted to be friends all along but didn't know how he was supposed to communicate that."

"Yay! One stalker down," he cheers. Then his expression becomes serious. "Was Marik there?"

Wow, I totally forgot about Marik! I was so distracted with Kaiba and other stuff that I forgot to worry about him. Now that I think about it, I don't even remember him being there. Isis must have kept her word and done something to control her brother. "No, I didn't see him at all."

"Wow! What great news! Hopefully this means Shadi and Isis are getting down to business."

I hope so too. Unfortunately I have a weird feeling in my stomach… like something is going to go wrong. But I've had that feeling a lot lately, as pretty much everything has been going wrong. Hopefully this is nothing new… Damn I pretty much just jinxed it.

As Ryou starts on the review problems, I go check the mail. My graduation stuff better be here today! The ceremony is only… four days away! I need to make sure my outfit doesn't clash horribly!

YES! The dumb things arrived, finally! It looks like the post office had difficulty; there are about six Forwarded Address stamps on the package. And I got a letter (also with many stamps)! No return address… I wonder who it's from? Oh look, Ryou got a similar letter… and Bakura got one too?

"Hey, Ryou," I call out, going back inside, "Bakura, you, and I all got the same letter…"

I return to the living room and hand him the majority of the mail. Setting the graduation package aside, I anxiously open my envelope, Ryou following suit. Who would send the same letter to me, Ryou, and Bakura? Scratch that— Who would send a letter to Bakura period?

Dear Domino High Senior Student,

Friday May 27th at 5:00pm is the official graduation ceremony for the 2005 senior class. The ceremony will end around 7:00pm, give or take some, after which you are all invited to the Post Graduation Party at Seto Kaiba's house, located at 1900 Willowbrook Court. The driveway is at the end of the road; bring this invitation and a guard will let you on to the property. You may park your cars in the vacant lot across the street. The party begins at 9:00pm, and will end at 8:00am, unless you wish to leave early. For those staying, there will be room accommodations in the Kaiba Pool House.

You are not allowed to step foot inside the actual Kaiba Mansion, security will be watching around the clock.

No RSVP needed. Dress appropriately.

S. Kaiba

I stare at the paper for a long while. A party. Seto Kaiba's party. SETO KAIBA'S party… SETO KAIBA'S PARTY! Since when does Kaiba throw parties? I don't think my brain can compute this! Seto Kaiba is going to allow 407 miscreants into his pool house? Must be one big pool house to room 407 people… And he WILLINGLY is going to allow them onto the property? Okay, so he does state that no one can go inside the mansion… but still! Allowing commoners like Joey to get into his pool? Unheard of!

"Is this a prank?" Ryou asks, concerned. "I didn't think Kaiba was the type to throw parties."

He's not. However, he isn't the type to date Serenity either. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. Serenity is so sweet and caring; she probably melted Kaiba's heart and asked him to throw a pool party… Yeah, unbelievable.

"But why was Bakura invited?" I ask, staring at the unopened envelope.

"Kaiba probably just sent one to every senior at our school," Ryou reasons. "Although he has never really attended class, Bakura is technically still a student."

"Does he have enough credits for a diploma?" The idea of Bakura standing on stage with a cap and gown, receiving an award, is laughable.

"Of course not. And he doesn't care; when the school called to say that he failed his classes, he said they could 'shove those Fs up their…', well, you know…"

Mmhm, I know. Ryou shrugs and puts the mail aside, returning to his math. I sit on the couch and help him, though I'm only partially paying attention.

Should I go to Kaiba's party? I'm sure he will look all hot and… wet in his swim trunks. Oh the images…! No, I can't go! I might cause another scene, like at the Prom. I'm sure he will be with Serenity, playing in the pool or something. I bet she has a cute swimsuit.

What am I going to do?

Why did I let Bakura talk me into this? I'm here, here at Kaiba's pool house. Not in the pool, of course, just in one of the guest rooms. The house is HUGE! Over a hundred rooms! The mansion looks even bigger; there are probably a thousand rooms in there! Anyway, Bakura managed to talk me into coming here, and I'm going to kill him for it! Because, instead of enjoying myself and facing Kaiba with dignity (like he said I would), I'm hiding out in this room.

If Bakura was surprised at his invitation, he didn't show it. When he came back from Joey's that day (without the pillowcase, which means Joey must have all that candy…), he merely grunted about not having any swimming trunks. Later, he advised me to go to the party with him and Ryou. He said I should face Kaiba, show that I had moved on, etc. Hn, great advice. If I had moved on. He's looking pretty good right now, water dripping from his hair, running down his chest… Serenity hanging onto his right arm.

So Friday came, and I was still on the fence about the party. Ryou said he was going, but that if I wanted him to stay home with me, he would. How sweet! But Bakura shut us both up, ordering that we take him to the party, because he wanted to "throw that damn pharaoh in the pool." Right after the graduation ceremony ended (at which Valedictorian Kaiba gave an incredibly boring speech), Bakura marched us straight home and forced us to change for the party. Tch, Bakura could have just come by himself! But nooo, he has to insist that we accompany him. I think he's just scared to show up alone. I don't think Bakura wants Yami and the others to see him attend a party of his own free will. Which is why he explained to everyone that Ryou dragged him here. Liar.

Currently, Bakura is arguing with Yami by the buffet table. I can see them from my window, which looks out over the pool area. Unlike at the Prom, here, everyone knows Bakura is Bakura, and I don't think Yami accepts his presence. Ohp! Bakura just pushed Yami into the pool, right on top of a sunbathing Mai. Well, she's not sunbathing… it's nighttime, but she is posed like a sunbather. Was, anyway, before Yami fell onto her. Now she's yelling at Bakura.

Ryou is playing a game of volleyball with Yugi, Tristan, Miho, Duke, Joey, and some other seniors. I think Joey's team is losing; he doesn't look happy at all. Miho, on the other hand, is positively radiant in her itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini. And I can see why: Duke cannot take his eyes off her. He has been following her around ever since Prom, when he found out Serenity is dating Kaiba. Also, Miho told me that he loves Chinese food, a cuisine that Serenity hates. I'm sure Miho won't mind eating some Kung Pao Chicken if it means a date with Duke Devlin. I hope they're happy together, really.

I just wish I had the same happiness with Kaiba. Sigh. He's running his fingers through her hair. I shouldn't be spying on them. It's depressing me.

I flop on the bed and kick off my shoes. I didn't bring my swimsuit, much to Yami's and Tristan's disappointment (perverts -.-). I told my friends I had to go to the bathroom, and hid up here before Kaiba or Serenity could so much as say hi. Bakura probably thinks I'm a big baby for running, but I really don't want to talk with either of those two. I might make one of them cry and the other one… well I might do something stupid if I see him.

"Hiding again, are you?"

EEP! I shriek and fall off the bed as Bakura enters the room. I peer up from the ground to see him standing in the doorway, an amused smirk on his lips. He is drenched.

"Don't do that! Don't pop out of nowhere and scare me!" I yell, watching him close the door and proceed to remove his wet shoes and socks, throwing them in the bathtub. "What happened to you? Did Yami get revenge and push you into the pool?"

"No," he answers coolly. "…Mai did."

I laugh; Bakura certainly deserved it. He growls at me, not finding his predicament funny. He peels off his shirt and throws it with his socks, and prepares to take off his pants too. Gross!

"Eww, you could at least warn me before stripping!" I cry, shielding my eyes and turning away.

"Hmph, it's nothing you haven't seen before, Mazaki. If you're going to live with me, you should get used to it. Sometimes I sleep naked."

GROSS. Too much information! Now I'm afraid to go to the bathroom at night! What if Bakura is walking around? Ewww!

"Calm down, woman. I put clothes on."

I peek out between my fingers, then relax. Bakura is clothed, wearing a white robe with the Kaiba Corp KC logo sewn on the sleeve. Seems Kaiba spent a lot of money to furnish this pool house, which is more like a hotel, actually.

Bakura sits on the bed next to me, drying his hair with a hand towel. "You should go out there," he says. "This is your thing right? You're the social queen, aren't you? Go mingle with your friends; you know you want to."

He glances at me, then stands to go back to the bathroom. I grab his hand.

"You know, Bakura… you're a good friend."

He pauses, not looking at me. He squeezes my hand. Then he walks into the bathroom and slams the door. A moment later I hear the shower. He could have at least said something, jeez. I suppose I should've seen it coming. What did I expect, for him to say the same thing?

But he is… a good friend, I mean. The tomb robber actually cares, when he thinks no one will notice. Hmm, 'go mingle with your friends…' Yes, I want to, but I don't want to run into Kaiba or Serenity. Should I chance it?

"…and then he said, 'Hey, you're really good at this!' Well, no shit Sherlock, I invented this game!"

Everybody laughs, even Miho, who has never played Dungeon Dice Monsters before. Duke promises to teach her all he knows.

I crumbled, gave in, and went downstairs to find my friends. Now we're sitting by the pool, chatting and sharing stories. Duke just finished a story about some noob gamer who challenged him to DDM, without knowing that Duke invented the game; currently he's telling Miho about the time he beat Joey. Joey flinches and starts an argument, supported by Tristan and Asuka. Mai went to her room a while ago, and we all joked that Joey should follow her. Ryou is discussing the math exam with Yugi, trying to guess if he passed or failed. And Yami and I are picking at what's left of a cracker tray, talking about what he's going to do next year.

He plans to return with Isis to Egypt, where they will meet up with Shadi and explore the pyramids. Yami doesn't expect to find any new mysteries; he just wants to roam through the place where he once lived, and see what has become of his homeland. I think Yugi will go with him.

"What about Marik?" I ask quietly. "Is Isis taking him back with her?"

Yami's face darkens. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from him, Anzu."

"It's not your fault! You sound just like Ryou, blaming yourself for how that creep stalks me! You couldn't have done anything," I tell him.

"Hn, well glad to see Ryou was looking after you while I was… struggling with my feelings…"

I smile. "Yeah, Ryou's a great friend… one of the best."

I look over at the boy still talking to Yugi. He catches my eye and smiles back.

"And how is Bakura?" Yami asks. "If you've been hanging out with Ryou a lot, I'm sure you've seen him a few times. Is he behaving? I should have Mind-Crushed him for that neck injury he gave you."

"Oh, he's fine," I say. Then, noticing Yami's expression of disbelief, I quickly explain, "Don't worry, I gave him a long lecture and a good slapping. I haven't seen that much of him, honestly."

Bull crap, I live with him. But Yami doesn't need to know that.

Standing, I wave bye to Yami and join Joey and, Tristan, and Asuka. I've been meaning to ask Joey about how he feels about his baby sister dating Moneybags… Now, to do it subtly…

"Hey Joey! So, you're really okay with Serenity dating Kaiba?"

Real smooth, Anzu. You're a master at this.

Joey chokes on the hotdog he was eating, and Tristan has to pound him on the back before he can answer my question. "HELL no! I'll never accept the fact that my innocent baby sister is dating that rich scumbag!"

He swallows the rest of his food, and says, "But if Serenity is happy… and like she said, there's nothing I can really do about it." His face splits into a crooked grin and he adds, "But that doesn't mean I won't make Kaiba's life as miserable as possible!"

"Jo-ey," Asuka warns, "whatever you are planning will probably backfire. It will also likely hurt Kaiba, which in turn will hurt your sister. This won't go well, trust me."

"You know what we should do?" Joey says suddenly, standing. "We should start a garage band!"

"A what?" Asuka asks, amused. "Is that a Brooklyn thing?"

"Wha? Oh yeah… maybe, I dunno…" Joey ponders for a minute or two, then says, "Whatever, we can be the first garage band in Domino City! Whaddya say, Tristan?"

"Ehh well, I don't know Joey… seems like a lot of work," he replies, scratching his head.

"'A lot of work'? That doesn't sound like the Joey Wheeler I know," I laugh. "And I didn't even know you knew how to play an instrument; learning to read music and play something requires a ton of work…"

"Oh shaddup," he replies. "When my parents were still together, Mom put me and Serenity into music class. Serenity can play the flute and I can play the drums." He puts his hands on his hips and smiles gloriously.

"Well… when was the last time you played the drums?"

"In that class."

It feels good to be aimlessly chatting with my friends again. I haven't felt this way in a long time… I hope we can spend the summer together, go to the beach or something. Because come September, we'll all be at different universities. Joey got accepted to Domino U, and is planning on majoring in engineering. I was surprised to hear this; I didn't think Joey was good at math. He told me he personally isn't, but wants a hands-on job and engineering sounded interesting. I'm not sure how long he will last in that field… probably a week. Or less.

Tristan is off to Tokyo University to study law, and Asuka is trying to get into a culinary school. Miho is going to a small university in Battle City, and Duke is going to Domino U for a business major (no surprise there). Mai is halfway through her cosmetology schooling. And when Yugi and Yami get back from Egypt, I think they will go into history or something related. Well, Yugi will want to attend college; I'm not as sure on what Yami will do.

Ryou was accepted to Kyoto University. He wants to go into medicine, perhaps be a pharmacist or a doctor, he isn't sure yet. But I suppose he spent so much time in the hospital throughout his life, he wants to work in one, or someplace similar. Bakura, well I know for a fact that he wasn't accepted anywhere, not that he even applied… or even has a diploma! He'll probably just follow Ryou and continue to mooch off him. As for me, I have an audition with the Osaka Ballet Academy in July. I plan to study there for two years, after which (if I'm good enough) I want to study at an American ballet school and go into performance. My secret wish, however, is to study at a Russian ballet academy and perform in a famous ballet there. I doubt that would happen, for I would have to be very very good… which, while I am good, I'm not sure I'll ever be that good. And I'd have to speak Russian, a language I have tried and failed to pick up. My private lesson teacher pronounced my accent atrocious and told me I sounded like a German farmer, whatever that means.

"What's he doing here?" Tristan says, his voice low and unkind.

I follow the others' gazes over to the hot tub section of Kaiba's enormous pool. Only one person is sitting there, his arms draped on the poolside, wearing a face of explicit smugness. He catches me looking and smirks, and he stands and gets out of the tub.

"Shit, how da hell did Marik get in here?"

"I dunno but he's getting out as fast as he got in," Tristan states, rising. "You guys protect Anzu; I'll go get Kaiba to throw him out."

And he left before I could even protest. I don't want Kaiba coming over here, where I am! I bet Yami could easily kick Marik out without the CEO's help. Yami hasn't noticed yet though; he's over at the buffet with Yugi and Miho, restocking on hotdogs and chili-cheese fries, foods he says would have been worshipped back in his day. Yeah, all hail to the chili-cheese fries.

Joey and Asuka stand up over me, trying to shield me from Marik's view. It didn't work obviously; he's looking straight at me. Well, it's time to get out of here. Asuka and Joey have nothing over Marik. He could take them out with one swing of his Rod. And then he'd take me. I'm going back upstairs and locking my door! He may have been able to climb into a window on the ground, but there's no way he can get up to the fourth floor! Not unless he can fly. Which, come to think of it, I wouldn't put past him… probably knows some Ancient Egyptian mumbo-jumbo, or owns a flying carpet.

Ignoring Joey and Asuka's protests and claims that they can protect me, I hurry off toward the pool house entrance, walking slightly faster than normal, all while trying to keep Marik in view of the corners of my eyes. He doesn't quicken his pace… he's just steadily walking in the same direction as me. Then he is obscured from view as Joey cuts him off, pushing him lightly. I'm not sure if they are talking, but words are being exchanged and they definitely aren't friendly. I break out into a dash and reach the safety of the pool house.

Two drama club students are making out in the lounge on an expensive couch. The front desk looks abandoned and people are just grabbing random keys to random rooms, only occasionally checking for a specified floor. I wait by the elevators with a loud group of athletes, all talking about the last baseball game and how Domino creamed the other team. I let them take the next elevator by themselves. I don't feel like being smashed into the back wall of that crowded space.

The last of three elevators arrives practically as soon as the athletes' left. An elevator all to myself, and I don't have to endure four floors of sports talk. I push the button and sigh with content as the doors close. Tried to close, that is.

Marik's foot squeezed itself between them and forced the elevator to stop. He smiles as the doors close behind him.

"Leaving so soon?" he asks sweetly. "Anzu, dear, you weren't possibly avoiding me, were you?"

"Of course I was, you creep!" I shout, pushing the button for the doors to open, but the elevator had already started moving. "Why can't you just leave me alone?"

Marik twirls a strand of blond hair around a tan finger. "Because, my dear, I want just the opposite."

Oh why didn't I just suck it up and take the other elevator? I pound on the silver doors, hoping someone will hear me. I scream for help, scream for Ryou, Yami, Yugi, Bakura. Marik grabs me by throat and pulls me away from the doors, slamming me into the back wall. He's got his Rod, oh damn that stupid Rod! He's going to take over my mind again!

The little 4 above the doors lights up, but before the elevator can stop properly, Marik thrusts his Millennium Rod into the air. The lights flicker and the elevator jerks, knocking me off my feet. Landing hard on my knees, I crawl away from Marik.

"And just where do you think you're going?" he muses evilly. "I've jammed the machine. You have nowhere to go, Anzu."

He crouches down to my level and looks me in the eye. "I've waited for this moment for a long time."

I'll bet he has… Swinging my right foot up, I kick him straight in the crotch. He howls in pain, falls back, and clutches his manly area. I bang on the doors with my fists, press every button on the slate, kick the walls with my sneakers. I manage to scream loudly before Marik recovers and grabs my ankle out from under me.

He's got his hands on me… somebody get his hands off me! What can I do? He's sitting on my legs and has me by the wrists with one hand. "This is how it was meant to be," he says gruffly, and smashes his lips on mine.

I bite his tongue when it invades my mouth. Marik repels with a look of deepest loathing and smacks me hard across the face. "You will learn to like this, Anzu." He leans in to attack my mouth again, but a loud crash causes him to look up.

Marik is distracted… I pull hard at my wrists and free myself from his grasp. I push him off me as the elevator doors are noisily pried open. Marik grabs my ankle again as I make to get up, and I fall and reach for the nearest thing, Seto Kaiba's trench coat.

Wait, Seto Kaiba's…?

Kaiba stares down at us, something dark flashing in his eyes. Bypassing me, he snatches Marik up by the hair and throws him out of the elevator. The Egyptian stumbles into the arms of two burly security men, one of who pulls the Rod from his clutches. Kaiba takes it, presumably to give to Isis later. Then he gives Marik a look that I hope to Ra he never gives me. If it had been directed my way, I would have cried and prepared myself for death. The look was indefinitely stony, his piercing eyes never blinking.

Then Kaiba waves his hand and the two men drag Marik away. Marik spits at Kaiba, though he is too far away to hit him. And then he looks at me, something between anger and lust.

"What did he do to you?" Kaiba asks, finally turning back. "Did he hurt you?"

"I'm fine," I mutter, in no mood to talk to the object of my depression.

"I heard Taylor yelling my name from across the pool yard, something about Marik following you. Well, he certainly wasn't invited. I spotted him walking into the building and followed," Kaiba spat, disgusted that Marik had entered onto his property (and broken an elevator too). "Are you sure you're ok? Your cheek looks swollen."

"I'm fine. I don't need any help from you."

I can't look at him. He's no longer shirtless, but his damp hair is hanging gorgeously over his eyes. He gets sexier every time I see him, damn it!

"Oh sure you don't. You seemed to be handling that just fine. You do realize you could have been raped or killed? Why would you ever get into an elevator with Ishtar?"

"I didn't! He came after me! Didn't Tristan tell you he's been stalking me?"

Kaiba crosses his arms. "He only mentioned that Ishtar had somehow gotten passed security."

"Yeah, well, he's been stalking me for about a month!" I snap. I can't believe Kaiba didn't know that!

"I don't make it my business to know everything about you, Mazaki. You aren't the center of the universe."

I've had it. I'm angry at Marik for what he did in the elevator (not to mention everything else), and angry at Kaiba for talking to me that way. Had I been given the chance, I would have chewed him out for talking down to me like that, like he always does. But I didn't get to say anything to Kaiba.

Ryou had just turned the corner and was waving at me from behind Kaiba. Sensing my distraction, Kaiba turns around and sees him. Satisfied with the situation, he gets onto a working elevator and returns downstairs, probably to go find Serenity and—

I really need to stop thinking about them.

"Anzu, what's up?" Ryou asks cheerily. "Was that Kaiba I saw leaving? And, bloody hell, what happened to that elevator? Bloody double hell, what happened to your cheek?"

"Nothing much. Yes, that was Kaiba. And Marik broke the elevator trying to feel me up," I reply bitterly, starting down the hall for my room.

Ryou's eyes bulge. "He tried to do what?"

"Just the same old stuff, being the little creep he is. Don't worry about it, Ryou," I add as I unlock my door. "Kaiba already threw him out and lectured me on sharing elevators with the freak."

Ryou closes the door behind us, and I fall back onto the bed. I glance over at the bathroom, briefly wondering if Bakura is still in there, but the door is wide open and I can only hear the sound of the shower dripping. I guess he decided to go get revenge on Yami, or maybe get something to eat.

"What did Kaiba say to you?"

I stare up at the ceiling, determined not to let Ryou know how much I still think of the jerk. "Just the usual: that I'm dumb and shouldn't think I'm the most important person in the world. Ha! That's the pot calling the kettle black! If he doesn't think he's the most important person in the world, I'm less perceptive than Joey. I bet even Serenity—"

But that's painful to talk about. Ryou moves around the room, removing his trunks and putting on pajama pants. The bed sinks as he sits down, leaning over me to study my face. "You really liked him." It wasn't a question.

I can't help it. My eyes water and tears leak out. "Yeah," I mumble, rolling over so he can't see me cry. "Why did I have to fall for that jerk?"

Ryou rubs my back in a soothing manner. "It will be ok, Anzu. You deserve better than him."

He strokes my head and tells me to stop crying over "that idiot." His warm breath tickles my neck as he runs his fingers through my hair. A very comforting gesture… I'm getting kinda sleepy, actually…

My hand finds his, and I yawn. "Thank you, Ryou."

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So Marik's obviously still on the loose, Kaiba's still sexy, and Anzu is still stressed out. Thankfully they get to relax in the chapter, right? Probably not.

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