I Promise

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I Promise

Chapter 1: Arrival


I had finally arrived at Balamb Garden, and it wasn't even very impressive.

I had been kicked out of three other gardens, so, I decided to try a new approach. I would be quiet and follow all the rules-at least for a little while. It was the best way to avoid trouble from all the stupid people running these places. But I had been kicked out…yet again…so my first stop was headmaster Cid. I was ready for a lecture. I had decided days ago that if it didn't work out here, I was just going to leave. A job would be better than going back to parents who didn't want you.

"Now. You have been a big problem for the other Gardens. You will be disciplined, and I will not tolerate..."

I didn't hear the rest.

A boy my age walked past and even looked at me as Cid said those things. He was very sexy with pale blue eyes and soft brown hair that was a little long. That just added to his tough, hot look. The thing that captivated me the most was the scar over the bridge of his nose. Funny…I have one just like it.

"Is that clear, Seifer?" Cid broke into my thoughts.

"Oh, yeah, headmaster. I promise to behave."

He sighed, "That's what they said you'd tell me."

Had that really been what I said to the other headmasters? Oh well!

I was now supposed to head to class, but I didn't really know where to go. Until Quistis found me. At least, that's what her ID said. She had blonde hair in some weird style and glasses. She looks strict.

"What are you doing wandering the halls?"

"I'm not wandering , I'm going to class." Like hell I was going to tell her I was lost.

"You're Seifer aren't you? Well, you have my class, and you're going the wrong way. Follow me."

Did Cid tell all the instructors about me?

When we reached the classroom, she introduced herself.

"I am Quistis Trepe. I will be your instructor. Being your superior, I expect you to treat me, as well as your fellow students, with respect. Unfortunately, because of your past, I'll have to sit you next to…Raijin. He will be your escort as well as keep you in line. Understood?"

"Escort?" I asked.

"Didn't headmaster Cid cover that with you?"

I shook my head. What the hell is this all about?

"Oh." She rubbed her temples like I was giving her a headache by existing. "Well, because of past…incidences..."

I really didn't like the way she explained things.

"You have to have an escort around Garden. You should be by him at all times. If you ever need to go anywhere, even to the infirmary, he must accompany you. With the exception of washroom uses."

"What about at lunch?"

"Well, for the first week or so, you should sit with the Disciplinary Comity. But then you can sit where you like." Not that I would actually make friends to sit with.

"How long does he have to be my escort?"

"A year."

Great. A whole year of following around some guy like a dog on a leash.

"Is all of that clear now?" she seemed impatient.


"Good. Follow me."

As we walked down the aisle to my seat, I realized that only a few people where seated this early. And I was yelled at for wandering the halls? Including the attractive guy I had seen this morning. I hoped he was Raijin, but she sat me a desk away from him.

"Raijin should be here any minute."

For a while I just stared at my desk-thinking about the mess I had gotten myself into. I should have been more careful in the third Garden. I decided to sneak a peak at the boy I saw this morning. I noticed he was staring at his desk, head down, like I had been. But when he turned towards me, I looked away again. I'm acting like a damn school girl in love. He's good looking, that's IT. Probably not even worth my time. I'm sure he has a wonderful girlfriend. SINCE WHEN DO I LIKE GUYS ANYWAY?

Then I heard Quistis speak.

"Oh, Raijin-"

"Don't worry instructor. I know all about it, ya know."

Had Cid told the whole Garden! I didn't want to see this Raijin. I didn't want to be disciplined by him either, and hopefully, if all went according to plan, I wouldn't have to be.

I decided not to meet his gaze(which I could feel on me)and just keep my head down. Play it safe and you can't get in trouble.

"I guess you're Seifer. I've heard all about you, ya know?"

I shrugged.

"The silent type? That's no good, ya know? I'm currently the head of the Disciplinary Comity-since you have to follow me, we'll be doing a lot of runnin' around, ya know? You can help us out. You might like it, ya know."

For some reason I looked up at him. He was a big guy with tanned skin and dark eyes and hair. I was still bigger, though. His stupid speech habits were already pissing me off. A WHOLE YEAR OF THIS! My eyes burned with rage because of his confidence that he could handle me.

I glared at him. "I don't fetch."

He laughed. "No, I'll be doing that, ya know? You just have to follow me, ya know." He smiled, which proved that he was not intimidated by my glare in the least. He probably just thought it was cute.

Well, I'll set you straight in the Training Center.

After class, I couldn't help but ask Raijin about the person I'd been staring at all day. Quistis asked if I was paying attention several times. Talk about embarrassing.

"What's that guy's name?" I gestured to the smaller boy.

He looked. "Him? That's Squall, ya know."

Squall. What an odd name...Why is he looking at me like that?

After he noticed I was looking back, he turned away. Looks like I'm not the only one acting like a school girl. He's probably just staring because I'm new, though. I'm staring because he's drop-dead SEXY. Big difference.

"I'll tell you right now that you should stay away from him, ya know."


"He doesn't like people, ya know? He never talks or smiles…"

Great. So I was attracted to ascowling mute. Does life get better than this?

But now I was interested in him even more.

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