Alright this story came to me last night. A bit depressing but you know what I somehow enjoyed writing it. PLEASE REVEIW , it would mean so much to me and Joey( c'mon this story is worst birthday, why don't you make him happy) please!

The worst things are the unexpected things which take you by surprise and grab you by storm leaving many stunned faces and utter sadness. The kindness of some or the sweetness of some can not take away or prevent those who know nothing of compassion, nothing what so ever from the horror and miseries of tommorrow .

January 1, the new year( in the United States) was also the day which Joey Wheeler is thrilled and overwhelmed because that day is his birthday but somehow this would be changed and bring sadness to those who knew of that special day.

Joey was having a little birthday festivity and had even invited the Kaiba brothers knowing that maybe Mokuba would drag Seto, he was kinda hoping they would show up because what is a birthday without with a nice card such as Happy Birthday Mutt. Have a dog filled day, only Kaiba would do such a thing.

Over at the Kaiba household Seto was busy typing away on his laptop with a pen in his mouth, chewing fervently as though he was teething. Work always gave him the nerve to chew on something and unwind. While he was working, his younger brother walked into the room with the biggest puppy dog eyes. Seto looked up.

"What now?"

"Seto, you know its someones birthday today and we were invited. It's only nice to show up, please."

"No, I can barely be with the yugi-tachi for more than 10 minutes let only a whole night celebrating the mutts birthday."

"Please Seto!" Mokuba flashed his big puppy eyes.

"Fine, I give. Get the dog a card and we can throw in a couple hundred dollars. Maybe he can at least buy a decent dog house."

"SETO" Mokuba was yelling at his brother's comment but there was hidden smile in his face showing that he was glad his brother decided to come. He needed a break.

Seto Kaiba decided to drive on his own with Mokuba, meaning no limo with a driver. Seto wanted to drive and unwind as always. They lived about 10 minutes away from the Wheeler house and why not be prepared for a long evening with a nice drive.

As Seto drove through the city of Domino, he was one block away from the Wheeler House and was unfocused. He was unaware of a speeding care rushing towardsthem. Seto was busy listening to his brothers' tall tale of what he did when Seto was at work.

"So when no one is looking, I sneak sugar in my mouth and play video games…Seto look out!" screamed Mokuba seeing the speeding car.

Seto tried to swerve out of the way but the car wouldn't give way instead it did the opposite and headed straight towards the speeding car. On lookers were left to stare at an awful site. A banged up, twisted car on the streetwith a speeding car left unharmed rushing away. On the ground lay two boys left close to each other,never letting go of their fingers.

Joey was fishing threw his fridge when he realized there was no soda.

You gotta have soda especially for my birthday he thought.

"Sis, I will be back in a few. I need to go get some soda."

"all right" screamed Serenity down the stairs "just don't be late"

As Joey jogged down the block to the nearest deli, he stopped mid run staring at an awful accident. Glad I'm not in that position he thought as he hustled by but then stopped again. He had just recognized a trench coat which was specially made for the one and only Seto Kaiba.

Joey went beneath the yellow tape, past the detectives and right to the car. He soon spotted the brothers, arm and arm as though looking after each other even when they were dead. Something on the ground caught his eye, an envelope close to Mokuba read MR. JOESPH WHEELER. He snatched it up and looked inside and releazing what it was, ran from the scene straight back to his home and forgetting all about the soda. Some things were more important then food.

Quietly he opened the door and ran up the stairs but his sister heard him.

"Joey, did you bring the soda?" but she stopped speaking and looked at her brother. "Joey what's wrong, talk to me."

He sniffled back tears and said three words "Kaiba brothers, dead." And with that he ran up the stairs.

Joey went up to his room, locked his door and stared at the open card now laying in his hands.

It read:

Happy Birthday Joey(mutt)!

Enjoy this small amount of money because we were unsure of if we where coming and this wasa last minute idea. Serriously It was Seto's fault for deciding two second before that he was going to the party. Enjoy your day!

Seto and Mokuba

Joey stared back at the writing and the words two seconds realizing that it was his fault that the Kaiba brothers were dead. Dead and gone. He disliked Seto but never wanted him dead and how could anyone harm that cute kid, Mokuba.

Why did I have to invite them?

Why does Mokuba have to be so caring?

Why are there jerks in the world who don't even care about the others they may have hurt?

Why I am hating myself?

The doorbell rang and Joey locked his door with a click. He actually didn't wanna see anyone except those Kaiba brothers, Mokuba grinning and Kaiba walking as though he would like to hurt himself.

What a birthday wish that would have been. Bring the Kaiba brothers back to life, what a wish which won't come true.