Well here is the epilogue which I promised and let me just say the Worst Birthday has finally came to a closing

"Don't forget is a hard thing to do even though it has been 4 months since I fell and remembering what means to be Joey Wheeler. I feel different then I did two days ago. I always feel better the next day, I guess I had a rude awakening saying get your act together which I did."

"I don't work as much as I used to do. Only from 8 to 6, not bad right but I think if I worked any longer may friends would have my neck. They still worry that I am going to slip back into that mode of being a cynical arrogant CEO but they don't know the real truth. They don't know that if I went back to being the way I was I would probably be stuck like that and wouldn't be able to change. They do not what I have seen in that place I often called the time out room. I never told them about seeing the Kaibas so long ago saying they didn't blame me and you know what that meant a lot to me. To have Kaiba say you know what, for once it wasn't your fault. I no longer have the dreams of them screaming and pointing at me, I feel much better with that thought."

"This is my second chance I believe to experience new things and new adventures especially this one tonight. This is a toast to my sister and best friends wedding! Cheers many more to come. Thanks sis for letting me say what I have been meaning to say. I know the toast might has notbeen the best but it was worth the wait to see you in that dress"

Everyone applauded while Joey slowly hobbled off stage. Joey used a can nowadays, he may only be in his late twenties but his bad foot has made him do whatever it takes to walk out the door. He healed almost physically but maybe never mentally because instead of dancing and eating, he walked out onto the deck where he stared out into the starry heaven. He held his wine glass up the starry sky, leaning on his cane, tears streaming down his face. He said quietly in a hushed tone "to you Mokuba and Seto to you. Let me never forget you two. I give thanks for letting me have a second chance. Thank you for not letting me give in, only thing wrong you weren't give one."

As he took a gulp from his glass his friends stood by the door looking at their blonde hair friend and wondered if Joey would ever be truly happy. They never thought he would be the same again after those five years but they didn't seem to mind, they were just happy he was given a second chance to live again.

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