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"It's Vegas Baby, Vegas!" shouted Harry like he'd heard in that Muggle movie he'd seen on TV the week before. When he saw the place on TV he had become so enamored with the place that he booked a three day, two night stay for himself, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. Ever since the end of fifth year, Ginny had become more and more ingrained into the group that now as adults there was very little they didn't include her in. There was also the fact that Harry was so desperately in love with her that he could not fathom going anywhere without her. His standard excuse at this point in time was simply that he needed someone to talk to while Ron and Hermione were both in their own little world.

Ron and Hermione had only married the year before and were still in that sickeningly sweet, sex all the time, can't keep their hands off of each other stage and it was downright annoying. At least it was to Harry and Ginny.

There was also a very special reason for this trip. Ron and Hermione never got to go on a honeymoon and it was Ginny's 21st birthday. Two birds with one stone was the simple thinking on Harry's part. Of course it wasn't easy to convince them to all to let him pay for the trip but managed to play it off anyway.

However, Harry was not the best at planning these sorts of things. He booked everything the Muggle way, which left them all only a day to get their passports, plane tickets, and every other thing they might need.

"Honestly Harry," chided Hermione as they group ran through Heathrow Airport, "You should have planned this a bit better."

"It's called an impulse buy Hermione, I didn't really think it through very well," said Harry, "It looked fun so I bought the vacation package."

"But did you have to schedule for us to leave two days later?" asked Hermione.

"Oh live a little Hermione," said Ginny with a grin, "This should be a great adventure. I've never been to America before, this should be great."

"Oh but America is amazing," said Hermione, "There are so many famous magical historical sights to see. Why did you have to choose Vegas though, of all the places we could have gone?"

"It's America's playground," said Harry, "I wanted to play. You need to play desperately. And Ron and Ginny could use a little play time too. Besides, the timing is perfect. Ginny has the week off from the Healer Academy. Ron and I are on leave from the Auror Academy and Hogwarts is on Easter Hols so you don't have to teach."

Hermione just clucked her tongue once. "That's no excuse for poor planning."

"This is our plane," said Harry noting they had arrived at the gate.

An hour later they were in the air, first class of course thanks to Harry. "And you're certain this thing is safe?" asked Ron for the one hundredth time.

"Yes Ron, and it doesn't need magic to do so," said Hermione.

"You'd have thought that they would have stopped arguing so much now that they are married but it really just seems to get worse," whispered Ginny to Harry.

"It would seem so," said Harry.

"So Harry, where are we staying once we're in Vegas?" asked Ginny.

"The Bellagio, I saw a different program that talked about the best hotels in the world and this one was in the top ten," explained Harry, "I got us to penthouse suites. I hope you don't mind sharing with me Ginny but I thought Ron and Hermione would like their own room."

"As long as I've got a bed to sleep in I'm fine," said Ginny coolly.

"I don't know that we'll have much time to sleep while we're there," said Harry, "I plan on partying the whole time we're there."

"What will we do then?" asked Ginny curiously. She really didn't know much about Vegas at all.

"Gambling, drinking and umm . . . did I mention gambling . . . oh and drinking," said Harry with a grin.

"I don't have money for all that Harry," said Ginny slightly depressed.

"Oh yes you do," said Harry with a grin, "I was going to wait until we get to the hotel but now is just a good a time as any." Harry then grabbed his carry on bag and opened it. From inside he pulled out four large stacks of green pieces of paper, "These are American dollars. This is for you," said Harry handing her a stack of money and then throwing a pile to each Ron and Hermione. "This is your gambling and drinking money. This money is not to be used for anything else but the aforementioned activities. You cannot use this money to go site-seeing, you can use it to eat as long as you are drinking at the same time. These are the rules for this weekend. If the money is gone by the end of the weekend it's gone. If there is any left it is to be turned back into me at the end of the trip. If you happen to get lucky at the tables I get half of your profits plus all of the initial investment back. Are there any questions?"

"Harry," shouted Hermione, "There must be nearly twenty thousand dollars in each of these."

"That's exactly right," said Harry.

"How can you possibly afford this?" asked Hermione.

"I have no life," said Harry tragically, "So I can save my money pretty easily."

"You can't give us your life's savings," protested Hermione.

"Hermione, it's not that much of my savings really," said Harry sheepishly, "It's only a few hundred galleons each."

"Harry, it's closer to two thousand galleons each," said Hermione in her standard no-it-all voice.

"So what? It's just money, I can always make more," said Harry trying to change the topic, "beside, I already said that whatever you don't spend you have to give back to me anyway."

"Come on Hermione, let Harry do with his money what he wants," said Ron. Ron and Harry were always extremely close, closer than Harry and Hermione anyway. It was mostly because of their time together at the Auror Academy. As a result, Ron knew how much money Harry really had in his vaults and for him to give each of them two thousand galleons was really minor to how much he could have given. The fact was though that Harry didn't want anyone to know how much he really had, not even Hermione. He would have told Hermione, but she probably would have lectured him about how many good causes he should be giving his money to.

There was also the public's perception of him to consider. Despite his wishes for privacy and to be left alone he never got it. He had a hard enough time meeting someone that liked him for him, it could only get worse if they were to find out he was extremely wealthy as well.

"I'll tell you what Harry," said Ginny, "I'll only spend this money if you plan to help me the whole time."

"Deal," said Harry, "Ron, I'm sure Hermione can help you out."

"Sure, thanks," said Ron before laying back to catch some sleep.

"I think Ron's got the right idea," said Harry leaving Hermione no room for further argument as he leaned back to sleep as well.

Harry and Ginny took the pair of seats by the windows. Ginny wanted the window seat so that she could see outside the plane as they went, plus she wanted to see the 'strip' as they came into Vegas to land.

Harry managed to sleep for most of the flight. About thirty minutes before landing someone was shaking his shoulder to wake up.

"Excuse me sir," said the flight attendant, "We'll be landing shortly, you might want to wake your wife up so she can see the view."

"Oh, she's not my wife," said Harry a little too quickly earning him a strange glance from the flight attendant. Harry then looked toward Ginny to see that she was sleeping. Sleeping on his shoulder. Sleeping and drooling on his shoulder. And yet, Harry found her still to be very attractive not that he would ever say so.

"Gin," said Harry gently shaking her, "We'll be landing soon, wake up."

Ginny mumbled a bit before snuggling in closer to him.

"Gin, the planes on fire," said Harry.

"Wha . . . ?" mumbled Ginny before she shot up straight in a panic. It wasn't until she saw Harry laughing that she realized she'd been had.

"Harry James Potter," she just about yelled, "You gave me such an awful fright. I should kill you for that."

"Nah, too messy," said Harry, "We'll be landing and you said you wanted to see the 'strip' as we came into land right?" He then pointed out the window which was now showing bright with all different neon lights from the street below.

"Wow, it's so pretty," said Ginny in slight awe.

After an hour of passing through customs and collecting their baggage they were finally on the way to their hotel by way of Limousine, once more compliments of Harry.

"You're penthouse suite are across from the hall from each other, Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley have the fountain side room. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are in the scenic view room," explained the concierge as he showed them the way into the rooms.

Harry and Ginny entered their room and left Ron and Hermione to settle in.

"So, should we unpack or just get straight to partying?" asked Harry.

"Party time," said Ginny with a devious grin, "Let's see if Ron and Hermione want to join us."

"Sounds good," said Harry dropping his bags and turning around to go back out the door followed closely by Ginny.

"Knock-knock," said Ginny as she entered the still open door.

"Hey Ginny, have you looked in the little fridge yet?" asked Ron, "They have everything in here to snack on and tons of alcohol."

"Not yet Ron, goodness, we've only just arrived," said Ginny, "Anyway, Harry and I were going to start our party up, are you and Hermione coming along?"

"Nah, I think we're going to break in the mattress a little first," said Ron.

"Ron, have a little tact, we don't need to know that. A simple no would have sufficed," said Harry disgusted, "Come on Gin, after hearing that I need a stiff drink."

"Yeah," said Ginny.

A few minutes later Harry and Ginny were in the bar just getting started.

"We have to toast," said Harry.

"To me then, it is my birthday," said Ginny.

"To Ginny," said Harry raising his shot glass before downing the vile liquid.

"Now, to Harry for this splendid birthday gift," said Ginny lifting the next shot glass in the air and downing it with Harry.

"That's two down, and many more to go," said Harry ordering up another shot.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to get me drunk Mr. Potter," said Ginny.

"I am," said Harry, "Along with myself, it will make losing all this money that much easier."

"Well, then, to getting drunk and losing all our money," said Ginny raising the next shot glass with Harry and then downing the liquid quickly.

"It may not have the same kick as Fire-Whiskey but it will get the job done," said Harry a bit loudly.

It did however catch the attention of the Bartender, "Did I here you say Fire-Whiskey?"

"Umm, no . . . no you didn't," said Harry trying to cover up though the bartender clearly didn't buy it.

"I haven't tasted that stuff since I visited my brother Tom in England. Strong stuff that is," said the Bartender.

"Tom, as in Leaky Cauldron Tom?" asked Ginny. It was clear now the alcohol was starting to take effect.

"That's him, so I take it you're not Muggles," said the Bartender.

"Nope," said Harry.

"Wonderful, I shouldn't do this but if you feel like going to a real bar go grab a taxi and have him take you to this address," said the bartender handing a slip of paper to Harry.

"Thanks, I think we'll do just that," said Ginny taking the paper from Harry then grabbing his arm and dragging him out of the bar and into a cab.

Thirty minutes later they were dropped outside a worn down warehouse in what looked like an unfavorable neighborhood.

"You folks sure you want to be dropped off here?" asked the cabbie.

Harry could feel the wards on the place so he answered, "Of course, we like a bit of thrill now and again."

The cabbie just shook his head and mumbled, "Should have stayed in New York with the normal weirdoes."

Harry paid the taxi as he and Ginny got out of the cab together. Once the cab was out of side that both walked through the wards to see not a warehouse but what looked like a very busy wizarding nightclub.

"I think we're in the right place," said Ginny excitedly as she dragged Harry inside.

"First stop is the bar, I'm no where near drunk enough to dance," said Harry taking command and leading Ginny to the bar.

"Shall we stay with shots or mix it up a bit?" asked Ginny.

"Shots, if we mix it up there is no telling what could happen," said Harry.

Of course that rule only lasted for five more shots. After that, it was beer, liquor, magical potions, and the worst of all alcohol . . . TEQUILLA.


"Ron, where could Ginny and Harry have gotten to?" asked Hermione for the fiftieth time.

"How should I know? They said they were going to party. I'm guessing they are drunk off there asses somewhere pissing away all of Harry's money. We'll see them tomorrow I'm sure," said Ron who just saw his first all you can eat buffet.

"Hermione, we're moving to Las Vegas," said Ron looking over the selection of food available.

"Honestly Ron," said Hermione shaking her head at her husband's eating habits.

"What? You managed to work me out and raise my appetite. If you didn't want me to eat so often maybe you should stop being so irresistible," said Ron in his defense.

Hermione blushed heavily as a result signaling that Ron had one that fight. Early in their dating relationship Ron learned that he could win the occasional argument by complimenting her subtly or embarrassing her slightly. It wasn't one hundred percent but it was better than nothing.

"Fine, I suppose we can eat," said Hermione with an exasperated sigh. Ron knew that was her way of trying to reclaim a bit of the lost argument so he let it go.

An hour later, Hermione was trying to explain the ins and outs of gambling to her husband. She also went as far as to talk about the odds of each game and all the other details. She was a bit miffed when they did sit down to gamble to find out he was winning a lot on his hunches and her statistics were losing more times than not.

"If you keep that up you'll have enough money to buy that house we've been looking at," said Hermione with a slight smile.

"That's the plan," said Ron. It was then they received their first complementary drink from the casino. Unfortunately, it didn't stop at just one complementary drink. Soon they had received closer to twenty. It also seemed that the more Ron drank the more money he gambled with each game and much to the hotels annoyance the more he won.


Harry woke up the next morning with an absolutely splitting headache and absolutely no memory of anything that happened after they arrived at that wizard club. Now that he thought about it he had absolutely no idea where he was.

Knowing how much it would hurt he cracked open one eye only to close it right away in pain from the bright sunlight that was streaming through the window. Slowly he brought one hand to his face to rub some of the sleep out of it. He would have brought the other hand up as well but at the moment entire other arm felt numb like he'd slept on it wrong. It didn't really bother him as he knew it would wake up again once he started moving.

Then he felt the oddest sensation on his inner thigh as though something was rubbing against it. Thinking it must have been the sheet he didn't give it a second thought. Or at least he didn't until he felt something or rather someone hugging him tighter.

Oh Merlin, how drunk was I last night? Harry asked himself.

Cautiously Harry tried to move the arm he thought was asleep only to find that in reality someone was asleep on it. Not only was someone asleep on his arm but the person in question had no clothes on to speak of. Being curious as Harry naturally was he explored the body with his hand praying to the powers that be that whoever it was is a woman. When he felt a breast he sighed in relief.

"Harry, that tickles," said an all too familiar voice.

Harry's eyes shot open despite the pain of his hangover and the blinding light. Suddenly the details of the previous night were flooding back to him. It all started in that club when they started mixing drinks. Once Harry was decidedly drunk enough he and Ginny started dancing and going with the flow of the crowd around them the dancing was very risqué. Then he remembered kissing. At first it was just a simple kiss, and then there was a second kiss that deepened and then a third kiss. Then a few more drinks and then complete blackness.

Harry raised his head up painfully to see a very naked Ginny Weasley sleeping against his very naked body.

"Oh dear," he said to himself out loud.

Ginny then yawned and stretched her free arm only to suddenly pause. Harry could feel Ginny suddenly tense against his body.

"Oh no, what have I done?" she asked not daring to look up.

"Not you," said Harry, "We, what have we done?"

Ginny then ever so meekly lifted her head to look at him but not say a word.

"Do remember anything from last night?" asked Harry.

Ginny's eyes widened, "We were so drunk and then we kissed and then we drank more and then . . . and then . . . I don't remember."

"So there is a chance we didn't do anything but sleep?" asked Harry hopefully.

"Yeah, maybe," said Ginny and then looked at the night stand table, "No, I don't think so anymore," as she pointed to the pile of condom wrappers."

"Oh dear," said Harry, "I'm so sorry Ginny. I didn't mean to get that drunk. Oh Merlin I'm so sorry Ginny."

"Me too," said Ginny trying not to cry.

"I'm so sorry Ginny, don't cry please. I didn't mean for this to happen. I'm sorry if I ruined your first time," Harry apologized repeatedly.

"It was your first time too wasn't it?" asked Ginny.

"Yeah," answered Harry, "Still I'm sorry. I know you wanted to wait until you were married and with someone you were in love with."

Ginny didn't answer though she just rolled away from him taking the bed sheet with her before running into the bathroom.

Harry could here her crying on the other side of the door. He shed a few tears himself for his stupidity. He knew it was his fault. He'd wanted to be with Ginny for so long and being drunk just helped to push him along.

Harry wanted to run away from her. How could he face her now? Harry got out of bed and started to get dressed putting on his clothes from the night before. How he ended up in a tuxedo he didn't know or care but that didn't stop him from putting on the pants, shirt, and jacket and then rushing out of the hotel room.

"I need a drink," he said to himself as he headed straight to the bar again. It served two purposes, first to destroy his hangover by getting drunk again and second to drink away his stupidity.

"Ah, back again lad?" asked the bartender from the night before.

"Yeah," said Harry, "Give me something strong that will completely obliterate my mind and make me useless for the rest of my life."

"Why would you want to do something like that?"

"I just woke up naked next to my best friend's sister," said Harry, "I think that warrants a drink of that nature."

"I think you might be right but you may want to check your coat pocket there first," said bartender obviously knowing something Harry didn't.

Harry checked the coat pocket and pulled out an envelope, "What the hell is this?" He then opened the envelope and took out the paper from inside, "You've got to be kidding me?"

"I saw the pair of you return last night drunk as skunks all done up right," said the bartender, "I've seen it hundreds of times before. Don't worry, you can have it annulled this afternoon if you like."

"How the hell am I supposed to explain this to her? How the hell do I tell her that in our extreme drunkenness we went and got married?" asked Harry much louder than he intended.

"Just tell her so you can get it resolved right away," said the bartender.

"We didn't even go to the drive through chapel," said Harry looking at the paper. The drive through chapel sounded like something Harry and Ginny would have done because it would have been funny to talk about later. "I've never even heard of this chapel and I did my reading before coming to Vegas. I thought it would be funny to go see some of them."

"Let's have a look," said the bartender holding out his hand for the paper.

Harry handed it too him aloofly.

The bartender just laughed, "You're screwed."

"Huh? Why's that?" asked Harry.

"You went to Wizard's Chapel you dumbass," said the bartender.

"So, what's the difference?" asked Harry.

"First, once you marry in a wizard's ceremony you're married for life, no divorce or annulment available. Second, you can only marry if you pass all the tests. So, I'll say it again, you're screwed."

"What?" demanded Harry, "How can this be? It can't be right. There's just no way. I don't remember any test, what tests?"

"Personality, blood tests to make sure you're a compatible couple and all that," said the bartender, "So, congratulations on your marriage. Now I suggest you inform your wife right away."

"Fuck," said Harry. It wasn't a word he used often but when he said he really meant it.

"Yeah, you can do that too now," said the bartender with a grin.

"You're enjoying this way too much," said Harry.

"It's one of the perks of the job my boy," said the bartender with a chuckle.

Harry just down his shot and left to talk with his new 'wife' about . . . well about everything he'd just learned.

"Ginny," called Harry when he re-entered the penthouse suite.

"Go away," said Ginny from inside the bathroom.

"Ginny, we really need to talk about this," said Harry.

"No we don't. We can just pretend it never happened. Now go away," replied Ginny curtly.

"Ginny, we really can't pretend it never happened, especially after I just found a marriage certificate with both of our names on it," said Harry getting slightly impatient.

The door to the bathroom suddenly opened to reveal a red-eyed Ginny still wrapped up in a bed sheet.

"Hi," said Harry to her. It broke his heart to see her crying and now she was married to him and probably didn't want to be.

"What are you talking about Harry?"

"Apparently after we were so unbelievably drunk we decided to get married. Not only did we get married in Las Vegas but we just happened to go to a Wizard's Chapel," said Harry. He figured Ginny knew more about that than he did and judging by the way her eyes widened it was decided that she knew exactly what it meant.

"Are you certain?"

Harry handed her the certificate and walked away to lie on the bed.

"Oh Merlin," she said.

"Yeah," said Harry, "I'm so sorry about this Ginny. It's all my fault and now you're stuck with me even though you don't love me and . . . I'm just so sorry Ginny."

"Well, at least I was married before I had sex," said Ginny trying to smile but failing miserably.

"It's all my fault," said Harry, "I shouldn't have been drinking so much, especially around you. I should have known I would have done something so stupid when I was with you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Ginny angrily feeling as if he was blaming her.

"No, you misunderstand; it's not your fault at all. I just should have known that I wouldn't have been able to stop myself when I'm with you. My mind just turns off and my heart takes over then I'm bound to do something stupid like this and ruin your life," said Harry.

"I don't understand Harry, you're not making any sense," said Ginny, "You need to explain this better. Why wouldn't you be able to stop yourself?"

"I just . . . I can't say," said Harry not daring to meet her eyes for fear of what he would say.

"Tell me now," said Ginny fiercely.

"I wouldn't have been able to stop myself because I've wanted . . . you for a long time," said Harry not daring to look at her.

"You what?" asked Ginny in disbelief, "How long Harry?" How long have you wanted me exactly? Just since last night, last week? When did you decide that you wanted me?"

"Sixth year of Hogwarts," said Harry ashamed, "I was scared then to lose you with everything happening with Voldemort and then there was your family and especially your brothers. By the time it was safe for me to like you we'd become such great friends that I was afraid of losing that. I'm sorry Ginny, I know you don't want this and I would undo everything if I could but I can't. I'm so sorry."

"All this time," whispered Ginny, "I thought you only saw me as a friend, nothing more. Still Ron's little sister and yet all this time . . ."

"I know, I'm sorry," said Harry trying to hold in his tears of sadness.

"You stupid prat," yelled Ginny, "I've been bloody well in love with you since first year and only now when we are already married do you tell me that you like me."

At that Harry's head shot up, "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"I love you, you stupid, idiotic, lamebrain, moron," yelled Ginny, "I never thought you wanted more than my friendship."

"I thought you got over me. Hermione told me so in fifth year," said Harry.

"I gave up hope that you'd ever see me as more than Ron's little sister. I thought you only saw me as Ginny Weasley your friend. I never got over you. I bloody well loved you, still love you. Not the bloody boy-who-lived but you, Harry Potter my friend," said Ginny nearly shouting.

"So you still love me and I am bloody well in love with you so what do we do now?" asked Harry.

"We're married, we're in love, we've had sex at least once," said Ginny, "I think we should probably figure out how to tell my parent and then look for a home together."

Harry nodded in agreement, "speaking of sex, I don't really remember."

"Oh, but first we are going to . . . how did Ron put it . . . oh yes, 'break in the mattress a little first'," said Ginny before tackling her now husband.