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Cravings - Part Two

Despite the fact that he has two very perverted teachers, Uzumaki Naruto is the most innocent shinobi that you have ever seen. By innocent, I meant oblivious… to everything around him, which is adorable of course… especially when he does that cute little pout, or how his baby blue eyes light up with a confused look. You just want to pinch his cute, whiskered cheeks and yell, "OH YOU'RE SUCH A CUTIE! I JUST WANT TO EAT YOU RIGHT UP!"

And of course that second sentence usually meant that they would eat him right up… if you get my drift.

"Konnichiwa! One premium vanilla - chocolate-coated - ice cream bar, please!" Naruto cheerfully exclaimed as he slammed some money on the freezer counter.

Today was a hot, sunny day in Konoha, and Naruto decided that today was a great day to eat an ice cream bar. But, all good things must come to an end sometimes, and that sometime was today, as in right now. And it's all because of Him.

Yes, him. The bane of his existence, the pebble in his shoe, and the pea underneath his mattress… Uchiha freakin' Sasuke. I mean, he was only minding his own business by eating his ice cream! But no… Sasuke decided to be a pervert and decided to stick his tongue inside his mouth… not that it was good or anything because it wasn't… haha, no, not at all!

Stupid Sasuke, violating my personal space… Naruto wailed inwardly while sitting by the lake.

It had been two days since that incident happened and people have been acting really weird towards him. Really weird! People were giving him knowing looks for no reason every time he passed by them; some would wink, and some would congratulate him. Unfortunately for the blonde genin, he's so confused that he almost fainted right in front of the sidewalk because ofit… or probably because of the sun's harsh gaze.

"Naruto!" He turned around to his teammate, Sakura, running to him at full speed. "There you are, you stupid idiot! I was looking all over for you!" She stopped right beside him, panting while clutching her knees.

"What's wrong, Sakura-chan?" he asked her, while frowning a bit.

Sakura took a huge breath and sat down right beside the orange-clad boy. "Iruka-sensei's looking all over for you. He's really worried, you know… you've been spacing out a lot. Is there anything you would like to talk about?" She gave a look saying, 'I know there's something bothering you… you can't hide it from me.'

Naruto shook his head and looked towards the lake again. How could he explain to the pink-haired kunoichi his predicament, right now? Since he didn't tell his favourite teacher what's bothering him… he was sure not going to tell Sakura, even if he didn't like, like her anymore. "Nothing's wrong! Really!"

"Naruto… I am a girl with intuition… and my intuition states that you do have something that's bothering you. Now, are you going to tell me or do I have to beat the crap out of you so you would just spill it out?" Sakura raised her sleeves up to her elbows and clenched her fists tightly in front of the blonde genin to show that she really was serious. To tell you the truth, she really does know what the reason was… she just wants Naruto to admit it. That and she can't stand Naruto spacing out… it just wasn't normal for the younger shinobi.

Naruto twiddled both of his thumbs and sighed. Either he just spills everything to her or get beaten the crap out of him and then spills everything to her… hmm, decisions, decisions… "FINE! It's all because of stupid, perverted Sasuke! It's his entire fault! I mean, I was just sitting there eating my ice cream bar! HE COULD'VE JUST BOUGHT ONE! BUT NOOO… HE DECIDED TO EAT SOME OF MY ICE CREAM, FROM MY MOUTH! He's not being hygienic!" he screamed out loud, while suddenly standing up.

Wow… why doesn't he just yell some more? I'm pretty sure that there are a couple of people who haven't heard him… Sakura thought, while amusingly looking at the enraged blonde before her. "Okay… so, it's all Sasuke-kun's fault?" She watched Naruto nodding his head, before plopping down beside her again, whilst throwing rocks into the lake.

"Can you think up of a reason why he did that?"

Naruto cringed his nose and kept on throwing rocks. "I don't know… maybe he's trying to distract me or something…" He pouted while turning his head only to see Sakura, who has a vein on her forehead, trying not to bash his head and 'accidentally' drown him in the water. "Ne, Sakura-chan? Are you okay?"

"BAKA! He wasn't trying to distract you!" The green-eyed kunoichi exclaimed while glaring at Naruto as if she's trying to kill him with her eyes. "How about the fact that he might like you? As in a 'I want to kiss you and hug you and do naughty stuff with you' way?"

The blonde shinobi gave a small blush and put his hands up in a defensive way. "WHAT? Haha, you're joking, right Sakura-chan? Sasuke-teme doesn't like me like that! We're RIVALS! Rivals don't kiss…" he trailed off when he realized that he and the Uchiha had kissed twice, and they're rivals!

The first time had been accidental… but the second time, Sasuke, who Naruto finally thinks that the obsidian-eyed genin was possessed, kissed him like he was in heat.

Which means…

Oh my…

"HE'S TURNED INTO A PERVERTED WEIRDO LIKE KAKASHI-SENSEI AND ERO-SANNIN!" Naruto wailed at the top of his lungs, scaring a few birds that were perched in the tree branches. Why hadn't he noticed it before? Sure the brunet was quiet and aloof, not mention drop dead sexy but the blue-eyed boy - did he just call Sasuke 'drop dead sexy'? He slapped his head, whilst muttering, "Don't think about that now, Naruto! Think about that later - I mean, never!"

That's when Sakura decided that she's not going to be able to put some sense into the younger one's head and decided that reinforcements are needed.


And so, the kunoichi dragged the still-rambling Naruto into the village where she can find Ino-pig so she could talk him into admitting that Sasuke likes him, and the fact that those feeling were returned.

Naruto was beyond… pissed off. In fact, he was so mad that he started glaring at thelittle five-year-old children playing in the park. He was glaring atthem so muchthat the said children started crying with their mothers gettingconfused atwhat the little brats were crying about (Naruto, who was still with Sakura, just passed by the park because they were still looking for Ino). And you know why he was ticked off?

Is it because he didn't get a chance to eat some miso ramen from Ichiraku this morning?

Is it because he looks like a rag doll that was being dragged by the pink-haired kunoichi?

Or is it because of the weird knowing looks he was still getting from people?

Mostly likely, a bit of those reasons were added as to why the Kyuubi host was pissed off, but the one reason that Naruto wasseethingbecause of him. Again. Poor Naruto, there's only so much he could take! It seems that right when the two genins from team seven are headed into the Yamanaka flower shop to look for a certain blonde female, someone had been following them… and they're really not making a good attempt either no matter how much of a prodigy he - or she - is.


Naruto froze when someone called his name. He turned towards Sakura, who looked back to the crowd behind them, looking for the person who said Naruto's name and suddenly dragged the green-eyed teen away.

"Naruto! What the hell are you doing?" Sakura screeched, surprised that the blonde boy started dragging her away to the street where the Yamanaka flower shop leads.

"Eheheh! We're just going on a different way to Ino's flower shop, Sakura-chan!" Naruto laughed nervously, every once in a while looking back to see if a certain person was still following them.

The stalker-person however, was also getting annoyed. He was looking for the blonde for at least two and a half hours already and when he found him, the stupid dobe decided to run away and with their other teammate no less! Not that he was jealous or anything because he wasn't! Nope… not at all… he was just curious to as why the usuratonkachi was clinging to the pink-haired kunoichi's arm… yup…

ANYWAY, Naruto was fairly glad that they - or most likely only he - wasn't being followed anymore, although he thinks that he just signed himself a death warrant when he noticed that there was a vein growing on Sakura's forehead. Luckily, he was fortunate enough that his so-called 'different' way to the flower shop was the right way, or else the orange-clad boy would not live to be kissed the living daylights out of him by a certain Uchiha.

Whoa… where did that come from?

Grr… stupid Sasuke-bastard! Tainting my mind with his stupid face and stupid kiss! Naruto scowled subconsciously, while seeing the person that he and Sakura sought out for. I mean, despite the fact that he's a good kisser - even though he's the only one I've ever kissed… mou, stupid octopus-head! He turned to Sakura, who was now calm because he had after all lead them to 'Ino-pig's flower shop.

"Oi! Ino-pig!" Sakura called out as she now drag the still-scowling Naruto.

Ino looked up from the flowers she's arranging and saw her once-rival-for-a-certain-prodigy, Sakura, and the annoying-dobe-who-loves-any-kind-of-ramen-and-a-certain-prodigy-but-denies-it, Naruto walking towards her. "Sakura-big forehead? Naruto? What are you both doing here?" she inquired, while carefully putting another lily into the vase.

"WELL, Naruto here," Sakura pulled Naruto further almost making the latter trip. "Is denying that Sasuke-kun likes him in a romantic way! Tell him that he does so!"

"But he doesn't!" Naruto whined, while crossing his arms in a childish way.

The blonde kunoichi amusingly watched the two as they continue to argue back and forth and sighed. "Uh, Naruto… I hate to burst your little bubble, but… I'm afraid Big-Forehead's right… Sasuke-kun does like you. What do you think made me get over him? Make out with Shikamaru?" she asked while raising her eyebrow.

Naruto gave a small chuckle and twiddled his thumbs. "Umm yes? I mean, my own eyes saw it… THE BOTH OF YOU MADE ME HAVE NIGHTMARES!" he accusingly pointed at the Ino, who blushed slightly when she remembered that certain day in the park…

"THAT'S NOT THE POINT, UZUMAKI!" Ino retorted while she and her fellow kunoichi sensed a familiar chakra coming closer (apparently, Naruto's still sobbing how his virgin eyes were not so virgin anymore and didn't notice the familiar chakra). "Look, the point is that he likes you… and you like him… CAN YOU NOT COMPREHEND THAT?"

The Kyuubi host opened to his mouth to reply when he finally sensed the chakra and suddenly dived behindthe counter, trying to hide himself. "No! He's coming! Please, PLEEEEEEEASE, don't tell him I'm here, okay?" he begged, while shutting his eyes tightly and putting his hands over his head.

Sakura rolled her eyes before seeing the so-called bane of Naruto's existence appeared. "Hey there, Sasuke-kun!" she greeted him when the stoic shinobi entered the flower shop. "What brings you here to Ino-pig's shop?"

"Where's that stupid dobe?"

Stupid dobe? Why I ought to… Naruto struggled to stop himself from giving away his hiding spot. Little did our favourite prankster know, that Sasuke already knows where he exactly is, but for some unknown reason the Sharingan user didn't tell the blonde to stop hiding like a sissy.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke-kun," replied Sakura, watching in amusement as Ino mouthed 'He's hiding behind the counter!' "But, I kind of lost Naruto in the crowd outside," she continued on, making sure that the orange-clad genin heard it.

Sasuke smirked and crossed his arms. "Fine, but if you see him, tell him to stop hiding his sorry ass and meet me in the town square in half an hour," he said, leaving out of the flower shop as soon as possible.

He hated flowers… it makes him sneeze and they were too girly.

ANYHOW, as the Uchiha left, Naruto gave a huge sigh of relief and came out from his hiding place grinning like a Cheshire cat. Although he didn't really get what Sasuke said when he emphasized the word 'hiding', he was really glad that the older boy didn't found him… that is until he found out that Sasuke wants to talk to him…

Oh dear…


With a group cruel deities laughing at his miserable life, Naruto ignored the curious stares with the rest of his dignity as Sakura and Ino dragged him by his arms towards the town square. Alas for the blonde shinobi, nothing was on his side today! Is this Pick-on-Naruto Day or something? Hopefully not… He gave a cute pout when he felt a sharp rock poke his butt, still being dragged by the two girls.

Oh poop.

Yup… lots of poop.

Stupid Sasuke.

Finally after so many minutes - in this case for Naruto, many hours - they arrived to the town square, the two kunoichi letting the whiskered-cheek boy sit on the bench. Surprisingly the Uchiha prodigy wasn't even there yet, much to Naruto's relief.

"Do I really have to wait here?" he whimpered, while giving Ino the cute-puppy-eyes as Sakura search through the crowd for the Sharingan user. Much to the other blonde shinobi's chagrin, Ino is immune to the puppy-dog-eyes that Naruto mastered for years.

"Sorry, Naruto. But, how are you and Sasuke-kun going to get together when you can't even look at him in the eye and say, 'Oh Sasuke! I dream about you every day,"


Which was a lie…

"I think about you kissing me with a LOT of passion…"


Denial can be such a bitch…

"And I want you to hug me and touch me and NEVER LET ME GO!"


In other words, 'How the hell did you find that out?'

Ino ignored Naruto's antics as she daydreamed that someday, a certain lazy ass ninja would just suck up all his pride and say those words to her with much fervent. She sighed dreamily, not noticing Naruto's face flushing in anger and embarrassment. Poor Naruto… when will he ever get a say in this? Probably never…

Sakura on the other hand, sighed in exasperation and smacked the two of them, finally seeing the obsidian-eyed teen walking through the crowd towards them holding a plastic bag. Is that…? She thought curiously. "Oh good, Sasuke-kun's here! Come on, Ino-pig, let's not waste anymore of their alone time together!" she gave a girly giggle and squealed in delight at the thought of her two team-mates finally getting together and dragged the still star-struck Ino away from Naruto.

"B-But Sakura-chan -"

"No buts, Naruto!" Sakura said firmly, glaring at him. "You will to talk to him, and probably do more kissing with him, do you UNDERSTAND me? If I found out that you didn't do that… I will skin you ALIVE whether Sasuke-kun maims me for maiming you or not! I have connections so I will know… Got that?" With that, she gave a sweet smile again and waved goodbye to the frightened boy.

Naruto stared miserably at the retreating figures and then glared at the figure that stood in front him, crossing his arms defiantly. "So, here I am… what do you want?" he narrowed his eyes at the older genin. "Well?"

Sasuke just snorted sat down beside the blonde, while getting something out of the plastic bag he's holding. "Want one?"

"Mou, you're so weird Sasuke! What the hell do you want with me - Is that an ice cream bar?" The Kyuubi holder curiously looked at the object that Sasuke was holding.

The brunet nodded slightly, giving the ice cream bar to a suddenly cheerful genin, who enthusiastically took the packaging off and started licking it. Unfortunately, Sasuke forgot one thing…

"Sugoi, this is so good!"

His cravings are still intact.


Now, despite the fact that Naruto seems to be oblivious to the hungry, predatory stare that Sasuke was giving him, he can actually feel the stare and smiled inwardly. Fine… he was going to play this little game of his… "Mmm… Sasuke, don't you have one?" he asked, feigning his curiosity and somehow enlarging his cute adorable eyes.

Sasuke gulped visibly and shook his head. "No… I only bought one," he said quietly, while looking somewhere else aside from the large blue-eyes.


An eyebrow was raised from Sasuke's face, and gave an amused look. "Do you really want to know?"

A nod came from the blonde genin as he took a bite from his ice cream bar, and gave a knowing look to Sasuke as if Naruto was waiting for the older shinobi to do something. And with that Sasuke gave a smug smirk and grabbed Naruto by the waist and crushed his lips against his, letting the younger one lay down on the bench. Naruto was more than happy to oblige, letting the Uchiha dominate their little make out session, while subconsciously dropping the half-eaten ice cream bar on the ground so that he could wrap his arms around Sasuke's neck.

Don't get Sasuke wrong… he still doesn't like having cravings and thinks that they're still for little weaklings unlike him.

But… I guess he's going to let this one slide… after all; he got what he wanted right?


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