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Chapter 1- "It came from the...manga!"

Yugi Hoshi a young high school student walked down the street heading for her favorite book store. She loved books more than anything else, the others students at her school often teased her calling her a book worm.

The teachers didn't care much for her either because even though she had excellent grades the highest in the school she always had her nose in a book never paying attention to their ramblings at all.

Yugi wasn't very fond of other humans she liked to say that she was a demon not a human. She loved books why did so many people have a problem with that? It just didn't make sense to her.

Most people said it was because she was denying reality but that wasn't true at all she wasn't denying reality she just thought reality was boring thats all.

She adjusted her backpack strap so it sat more comfortably on her shoulder. She passed by a group of kids from her school it was a group of boys all who hated her.

"Well, well, if it isn't the child of darkness away from your precious books for a moment, ne?" One of the boys sneered stepping in front of her.

She side stepped him and continued walking until the smell of smoke caught her senses she turned to see what they were doing. She was filled with rage when she saw that they were burning one of her favorite american books Stephen King's Everythings Eventual.

'how dare they!' Her mind shouted.

With cat-like reflexes and lightning speed she had the boy pinned against the wall of a nearby building he shivered in fear as her lime green eyes glared menacingly at him. Her grip on his shoulder loosened when she felt someone yank on her chesnut tresses she turned her head to see a middle-aged woman most likely the owner of the store that she had the boy pinned against.

"Leave the boy alone!" the woman said sternly, Yugi nodded in agreement and fully released the boy from her clutches allowing him to fall to his knees before her. The woman then released Yugi's hair letting it cascade back to her knees from her loose ponytail. Yugi kneeled down and picked up the burnt book looking at it forlornly before she once againg set off for the bookstore.

After a few minutes of walking she came upon her favorite bookstore she loved this place because no matter how many times she came here they always had new books for her to read. Unlike the library where she had read all 160,400,329 books whereas the library claimed that this was impossible for a 15yr. old girl.

Yugi gently opened the door and stepped inside to have the scent of calming lavander and lilac hit her nose. She stepped over to the nearest book shelf and began looking at various titles picking one to read.

The bookstore wasn't huge but it was homey the old creaking maple floorboards, the oak and redwood bookshelves, the old tattered furniture in one corner, the old,yellow posters on the walls showing pictures of old japanese films from before she was born and the rusty ladder next to the tallest bookshelf. This place was more comfortable then her real home.

"Well, if it isn't my best customer..." a gentle and calm voice spoke out against the silence. Yugi turned her head to see Mrs.Mimori the owner of this store.

"Konban wa, Mimori-san, genki desu ka?" Yugi asked kindly since this seemed to be the only person on the entire planet that understood her. Yugi was kind she just rarely acted that way especially towards humans.

"I'm fine Yugi...thank you for asking" Mrs.Mimori replied. Yugi nodded smiling sweetly at the old woman. "Yu-chan, I've got to go and visit some of my family in England I'll be gone for about a week and a half...I need someone to watch the store would you do it for me?" the old woman asked.

"Sure, Mimori-san...I'd love to...I have school off for the next two weeks anyway" Yugi chirped happily.

"Good, also would you mind staying in my house upstairs? since you live so far away..."

"Uh, sure if it's not to much trouble..."

"Well then I'll be going...ja ne Yu-chan" Mrs.Mimori said stepping out the door with her suitcase and down the stoop to the taxi outside.

"Matta ne, Mimori-san have a good time I'll take good care of this place!" Yugi shouted as she waved at the taxi as it drove out of sight. She turned around and went back inside she quickly padded up the stairs into the loft that Mrs.Mimori lived in she removed her shoes and set her backpack down by the door. She flopped down on the couch in the living room just as she was getting comfortable she noticed a manga sitting on the table.

She quickly snatched it up "Yu Yu Hakusho..." she read the title aloud. She flipped open the cover and read the first page.

"Whoever reads past this first page will have a lover sent to them from within this book to help them with their troubles and show them what life is about...so if you wish to fall in love turn the page otherwise close this book and it will be ereased."

Yugi laughed at the silly introduction of this comic.

"A wish yeah right! oh well might as well play along..." Yugi giggled as she flipped the page. Suddenly, the whole room filled with a white light when the light faded there was a young man laying on the couch his head in her lap and he seemed to be unconscious.

"What the hell he came out of the...manga!"

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