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Summary - When one of Malfoy's and Harry's rows gets out of hand, Hermione ends up injured. Harry, once known as "The Boy Who Lived" is now "The Boy Who Saw" as he offers to be Hermione's eyes. But can he manage his schoolwork, his Quidditch training, and keep his friend from running into everything at the same time? A Harmony fic.


Harry Potter - Blind

Chapter One


Care of Magical Creatures was one of the worst classes to be a part of during the chilly winter season. It wasn't necessarily that the students had to stand outside in the cold and learn about critters that they'd rather see locked behind some magical wall. There were plenty of other things, such as the fact that the wind often ripped their cloaks from over their heads, and the company that they were forced to find themselves in. . .

"Alrigh'; settle down now, you lot!" Hagrid shouted towards the back of the Gryffindor and Slytherin combination class, to where Ron was attempting to hex Malfoy without anyone being any the wiser. Of course, Hermione and Harry were managing to hold him back, but Malfoy was doing quite a good job at raising the redhead's temper.

"Look, Weasley's attempting to rob me of my robes! I suspect that they're worth about four times as much as he pays Potter and the mudblood to hang around him! No wonder you're so poor; you gave up every last Galleon just so that you'd be able to afford your friends, didn't you?" Malfoy gave a very broad smirk and Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, and the other group of Slytherins guffawed naturally.

"Harry, Hermione; let go of me! I'm not going to kill him. I don't need to do so much. . . Just let me silence him with a charm so that I can focus on knocking the teeth out of his fat mouth!" Ron stated furiously, and Malfoy and the others laughed even louder while Harry and Hermione, exchanging exasperated looks with one another, strengthened their hold on him.

"Hold it righ' there, Ron." Hagrid sighed as he pulled the gangly Weasley from Harry and Hermione's grasp and pulled him up front. While doing so, he muttered to the boy, "Look, I know that Malfoy is a righ' pain in the arse, but I can' allow yeh to curse him into nex' year. Lucius wouldn' appreciate it." He dropped the redhead up front of the class and patted him on the shoulder, of course sending him about a foot into the ground. Seamus and Neville, who happened to be nearby, rushed forward to pull him out.

Ron dusted himself off and glared brutally back at the white-blond head of his "arch-nemesis" and beckoned Harry and Hermione to join him up front. The two picked up their bags and started mulling through the crowd of students, but Malfoy continued his taunting.

"Then again, perhaps Weasley doesn't have to resort to paying Granger. After all, a mudblood can only afford friends if she loans them her notes, let's them off while on Prefect duty, and pretty much gives up her blood just to make sure that they're satisfied."

At this, Harry turned and took out his wand as well, clearly ready to practice some of the curses he'd taught to the DA the previous year on the Slytherin boy, but Hermione, muttering something along the lines of, "Oh, no. . . Not you too," grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away with all of her strength. Needless to say, it wasn't doing much good.

"Oh, so Potter wants to have a Wizards' Duel right here in the middle of the grounds? Well. . ." Draco whipped out his wand as well, and Harry removed Hermione's grip from his robes, ". . .It's not as if I have any need to complain." It was almost as though he were waiting for this. After all, the previous year, Harry had been the one to send the Malfoy Sr. to Azkaban, and Ginny had cursed him over with the Bat-Bogey Hex.

"Alright' you two, tha's it! I'm seperatin' yeh!" Hagrid huffed reproachfully as he, yet again, stalked towards the back of the group of students, interrupting his lesson to make sure that there was no bloodshed between the two opposing teenagers.

But Malfoy, not wanting to pass up an opportunity to get back at Harry for what he'd done to his family, hurriedly shouted a spell before Hagrid had even made it halfway there again.


Harry was ready for this. All of his training for things such as the Triwizard Tournament, and his fight with Voldemort and the Death Eaters last year had helped him to prepare.


Everyone had expected the shielding incantation to send the charm straight back at its inflictor. It was a surprise to them all, therefore, when it did indeed rebound. . . Only upon Hermione. She was knocked forcefully off of her feet and Harry stared, horrified, at what he'd done.

Almost everyone leapt forward to see if she was alright, save for the Slytherins, who were mocking her fall as though she were a toddler not yet able to walk correctly.

Hermione, though obviously winded, seemed to be okay. Ron had rushed to her side faster than everyone except for Harry and had knelt down to help her up, but she seemed panic-stricken. The other Gryffindors were muttering about the spell that Malfoy had used, not sure as to what it was capable of.

"Oh, no. . . S-someone. . . Harry, where are you? Ron?" Her tone high, Hermione stared straight ahead of her, and her eyes rested on Harry, who looked back, confused. She didn't seem to realize that he was there. Perhaps the spell had done just a bit more than knock her off of her feet? "Oh, no. . . I can't believe this. . ."

"Hermione, what's wrong?" Ron asked her, also puzzled. He glanced at Harry and the two, along with everyone else, looked to the bushy-haired Prefect, awaiting an answer, "What did he do to you?"

"I can't believe he even knows that one. . . That's N.E.W.T. level. . ." Hermione murmured, as though this was the only problem she had, but Harry and Ron knew better, "He - Malfoy - he hit me with a Sensual Hex!"

This didn't help the situation. Whatever that was, it wasn't anything helpful to the people standing around her. Hagrid leant in on her and held up three of his fingers just in case the girl had knocked her head on the ground and was, perhaps, just a bit out of her mind at the moment.

"How many fingers do yeh see, Hermione?" He asked.

"I - I can't see a thing. . . He blinded me." She finally stated, and the crowd, almost like sitting in on a special show, gasped at the shocking news.

"Okay, back away. . ." Hagrid yelled to the class, waving his arms to shoo them a few paces, "We need to get her to the Hospital Wing, you two. . ." The Professor whispered to Harry and Ron. Both nodded affirmatively and grasped their friend at the shoulders to help her to her feet, leading her around the group of students separating them from Hogwarts castle.

"I'm sorry about that, 'Mione." Harry said to her as they worked their way up the staircase leading through the front doors into the school. She just sniffed slightly and said nothing, leaving him to wonder if she could forgive him. Of course she could. . . She was Hermione, "I promise that I'll make it up to you. I-I'll buy you the Encyclopia of Great British Wizards or something." Suddenly he remembered that, indeed, unless there was a cure for this particular invocation, she'd never be able to read them, "Sorry." He offered her again.

She just waved her hand ahead of her as though she'd rather not think of anything other than getting her sight back, which was probably the case.

"Let's just get to Madam Pomfrey. I know that there's something she can do for this. I remember reading about it somewhere."

"You would." Ron tried to joke and they all gave a very small laugh before reaching the landing above the marble staircase.

They rushed along the halls, avoiding any anonymous people who happened to walk by. Once, Ron had to chase one of the observers off because they were staring so avidly at the spectacle of the girl being led along by the two boys.

"You really should treat others with respect, Ron." Hermione quipped. Ron rolled his eyes at Harry behind her back, for once glad that she wouldn't see him doing it, "And don't you roll your eyes. . . !" Harry grinned slightly to his mate as he sulked.

"Would you care to read my thoughts while you're acting up like this?" The redhead asked her.

"Oh, are you thinking right now?"

"Okay; Hermione, I know that you're in distress. . ." Harry raised his voice when he noticed her open her mouth to object, "But that was really uncalled for."

Ron, most likely thinking about her current condition, shrugged it off, "It's alright, mate. It's not like she hasn't said this to me before." The trio halted for a moment as Harry and Hermione turned to him. Ron turned red in the face, resembling a very large radish, "What?"

Shaking his head, Harry turned and steered Hermione down a corridor leading to the infirmary. He and Ron both knocked loudly and, after a few seconds, an agitated tone was heard from the other side.

"Alright; alright! I'm coming." There was the speedy sound of a lock being undone and Madam Pomfrey poked her head out of the doorway, "Oh, no. Not you again. What have you gotten yourself into this time? Another set of broken bones? Or perhaps you've jumped straight to brain damage?" Her sharp eyes looked Harry over first off, "Well, you seem fine. I don't treat paper-cuts, I'll have you know. And I'm in the middle of my lunch."

"Oh, well, it's Hermione, here." Ron started.

"It's all my fault. Draco Malfoy and I were getting into a bit of a row outside and, well, he tried to hex me with something called a--" Harry was interrupted.

"--It's called the Sensual Hex. It's a general curse that, if used successfully, will rid the opposing wizard or creature of one of their five senses. He blinded me." She added for Madam Pomfrey's sake.

"Oh, no. . . It's the Human Textbook again. . ." Ron groaned. Hermione turned and pinched his arm.

"I'm blind, not deaf." She reminded him, "Try to refrain from insulting me, alright?"

"Yea, yea." He said carelessly as the nurse stood to the side and allowed the two Gryffindors to haul the third inside.

"Just sit her there on that bed." The woman growled exasperatedly, "I'll be right back." Hermione, assisted by Harry and Ron, did as she was told, and the three of them waited cautiously as the nurse walked around looking for something and muttering, "Honestly; kids today and their ability to retain injuries."

"You can, you know, get her back to normal, can't you?" Harry asked desperately. Of course, Hermione had already said that there was a cure, and she'd never been wrong before. . . But that didn't mean that he couldn't worry. After all, it might have existed, but who knew if Madam Pomfrey was prepared to whip it up for them?

"Of course I can. There's little today that magic and mixture can't heal away." The woman turned to them carrying something like a potion, and she poured a bit into a small medical goblet then handed it to Ron, "You two help her gulp that down. It won't repair her eyes immediately, so she'll have to be careful. I'd give it two weeks tops."

Harry's heart skipped a beat. Hermione blind for two weeks? And it was his fault . .

"You can mend bones overnight, but you can't fix the blind so easily?" Ron questioned with a raised eyebrow. Madam Pomfrey turned to stare at him as though she thought him incompetent compared to her skills, which, most likely, he was.

"Remedies exist to heal over time; just because we have our spells and our elixirs doesn't mean that they're readily made to do so much good in so little time. I'm sure that you all know of muggle science. The eyelids are the thinnest flesh on the body. That makes the eyes the easiest to penetrate, thus why legelimency and occlumency center around eyesight. As I said before, the potion will fully heal her, but not for a time-span of two weeks at most. She could have her sight back tomorrow. . ." All three Gryffindors raised their heads hopefully, "But I doubt it. It's best to lay as low as you can and do as little as possible. No stressing your nerves by trying to force your vision back or it may never return. I'll send notice to Professor McGonagall of your condition so that she can turn the news on the other Professors."

"Oh. . ." Hermione moaned under her breath and Harry gave her a sympathetic and guilty pat on the arm, "How will I be able to keep up with classes if I can't read my books. . . ?"

"If you ask me, 'Mione, I think that you could use a rest from all of that reading. I don't think that it's good for the mind to have your face constantly jammed in a book." Ron said knowledgeably but Hermione gave him a withered look.

"Ron, you're just lucky that I don't value your opinion at all, and that I can't see you right now."

Ron turned red again in response.


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