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Changeling sat shocked, but then started babbling. He shot up and hugged her hard, "OHRAVENIT'SBEENSOLONGWHYDIDYOULEAVEIMISSEDYOUSOMUCHINEVERTOLDYOUTHISBUTYOUAREONEOFMYBESTFRIENDSI'VEHADTHEHARDESTTIMEHEREWIT-mphh." He found himself with her hand over his mouth, staring at him with a confused look on her face. "Beast- uh, Changeling, b-r-e-a-t-h-e." He went back to his chair and rubbed his neck, reverting to his embarrassed, insecure teenager stage.

After he calmed down a little, he placed his hand lightly over hers, "Raven. Where have you been?" he held her hand up to his face, "It's been so hard for me without you here."

She stared at him, "You don't mean that." she sulked, looking away from him, "I'm the creepy one, remember?" He chuckled, holding her face in his free hand, the other one still holding her hand to his face, "Rae, why do you think I never left you alone, no matter how much you yelled at me, no matter how much you pleaded, I still kept trying to make you laugh?" She shrugged and said, "Because you're an annoying little grass-stain?" He let go of her hand, and put his on the other side of her face, "No, I know that's what it seemed like, but no." he let go of her face and sighed, "Because I wanted to see you smile. Just once. I remember, when I stepped into that mirror of yours, you smiled at me. It was so beautiful, and I wanted to see it again. So I tried my hardest to make you laugh." He had a blank look on his face, apparently remembering every detail, "That was one of the main reasons I was so devastated when you left, that I never made you smile. Not once. But over time, I realized, that BECAUSE you never smiled," he took her hand again, staring lovingly into her eyes, "is what made it even more beautiful when you did."

They started at each other for a while, when he suddenly dropped her hand, a smile coming to his face. He got up quickly, "Stay right here," he pointed at her, "I have something I need to show you." He ran away, leaving a very confused Raven still lying in her bed. He tiptoed as quietly as he could, realizing that it was 1:00 in the morning. He got to his room, and grabbed a large leather book that was labeled "Memories".

Raven was sitting in her bed, twiddling with her hair. She thought of how long it had been, how long she hadn't seen him, and then all of a sudden she woke up in a hospital bed with his hand around hers. It was almost like a dream, a dream that she was praying to never wake up from. Changeling ran in with the leather book in his arms, panting.

"Okay Raven," he said between breaths, "This is what I needed to show you." He handed her the book, and she set it on her lap. "Memories", she read aloud. As she opened the book, she let out a little gasp.

There, in front of her, were, obviously, pictures. Of her. The first page was a total collage of her, on her first day as a titan, the first time they went to the park, the time that they had a birthday party, everything. Right in the middle of the page, made with words cut out from a magazine, it said, "Raven, I Kept My Promise, I Hope You'll Keep Yours."

"Oh, Changeling, you did keep your promise" she said, tearing up. He smiled, "And so did you." She jumped up, ignoring the slight pain, and gave him a giant hug. He was taken back for a second, but then hugged her back. After a minute or two, they pulled away from each other slightly, staring into each others eyes. They started leaning in, closer, closer, closer, until…

"I hate to break up this lovely reunion," said Cyborg from the doorway, a coy smile on his face, "But when were you planning to tell us that she woke up, huh?"

God, Cyborg, way to ruin the fluffyness. Jeez, couldn't have waited just 12 more seconds!