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Chapter 1: An Interesting Day

Malon waited patiently by the small fountain in the center of the bustling market. The Hyrule marketplace had always been known for its variety of items and shops. Her father and her had come to deliver an order of fresh dairy products to the Castle for one of the King's famous feasts. It usually took no more than an hour, at most, to deliver the shipment but for some strange reason...her father hadn't returned yet. Malon knew her father well enough to guess that he had fallen asleep while delivering the boxes of dairy to the castle.

Malon would have been bored a half an hour ago if not for the young blonde haired boy who continued to try and get the attention of a busy townsperson. He was having no luck at all being that he was fairly short and the adults were to busy to bother helping out the strange looking boy. Which brought up another question Malon couldn't figure out... why was this boy dressed in green? The only people who wore unusual clothes such as that came from the forest, or so she had heard.

"Excuse me...do you know where to find...hey...ouch...I was wondering if anyone knows where to find...Ma'am, do you know..." The blonde haired boy patiently asked before noticing Malon standing off to the side staring at him quizically." Um...hi! I was wondering if you knew where to find Princess Zelda...you see I have to talk to her about an urgent matter."

Malon almost couldn't contain her laughter. The boy talked like he was an important knight with news of an upcoming battle." Zelda lives in the castle that is just a bit up the road from here." All of a sudden a fairy flew out from underneath the boy's hat. Malon surpressed her gasp."You can't miss it, fairy boy." The words came out before she could stop them...it was rude to call him something like that but he didn't take offense. Instead, he smiled and thanked her before heading towards the castle.

Ten minutes passed before Malon finally got tired of waiting and decided to head to the castle and look for her father. On the way there she heard angry voices shouting and than a loud thud. She rushed over to see a discouraged Fairy Boy picking himself off from the paved road. She turned away and continued to whistle a tune that her mother had taught her when she was just a little girl. When she noticed he was heading her way she instinctively brushed down a few wrinkles in her skirt and pushed her hair behind her ears.

"Oh hey, Fairy Boy!" Malon called to him as he approached her.

"Hi...um, I didn't quite catch your name before..." He looked at her expectantly.

"Malon, Malon Lon. My father and I run the ranch just a little ways from here.I was wondering...what are you doing? I heard shouting..." Malon said suddenly not shy at all, which was strange seeing as she had never been one to talk to people she didn't know but something about this boy made her want to tell him her whole life story.

"Trying to find Princess Zelda. I really need to talk to her. I already tried reasoning with the guards...and that didn't turn out too good." He smiled.

"I see...well, I have been waiting here for almost two hours for my father to return and since he probably isn't coming back for awhile...I suppose I could help you out," Malon said.

"Any suggestions?" Him and Malon looked around a bit until Malon noticed a couple of overgrown vines stretching up to the top of a hill.

"What are you doing?" Link asked as Malon started to pull on the vines.

"Testing the vines strength. I don't know about you...but I really don't want to fall off this incline." Malon pulled a little harder at the vines. They didn't budge."Alright...looks safe to me. You should be able to climb this easily..."

Link gave her a curious look."You're not coming? It'll be fun."

"Sneaking into the castle isn't really my idea of fun..." Malon would have continued her lecture if Link hadn't already started climbing and turned to hold his hand out.

"C'mon, give me your hand and I'll help you up." Malon started to blush slightly, but Link seemed to be oblivious to her embarrassment. She had just met this boy...and now she was going to sneak into the castle with him? There is no way I am going to sneak into the castle with a boy I've just met...no way!

"Fine." Malon was shocked by her own response as she reached out and grabbed his hand." I have a feeling that I'm going to regret this."

Link laughed before hauling her all the way to the top. From there they both had a better view of the castle, not to mention the many guards around the castle. Getting into the castle was going to be harder than they thought. Malon was worried that they would get into a lot of trouble if they were caught but Link stood tall and confident which gave her more confidence as well. Link motioned for her to be quiet as he slid down a nearby latter into the gate house. Luckily, no one was in the small confines of the room which made it easier to get in and out without getting caught. Malon exited the room first and began to let out a small gasp but Link covered her mouth before she her gasp escaped. A mean looking guard stood right on the other side of the gate almost completely oblivious to his surroundings. Link urged Malon to keep going.

After silently slipping past more guards they came to a rough brick wal that would be easy to climb...if Malon hadn't decided to wear a skirt that day. Everything was going smoothly until Malon's skirt got caught on a stone as she was climbing over sending her crashing into Link and sending them both flying over the wall. The next thing they knew, they were both in the cold water of the castle's moat. Link dove under the water just as a guard passed by. After a brief swim in the moat, the two climbed out of the water and collapsed on the ground laughing.

"Well, that was certainly interesting!" Malon giggled, which she hadn't done since her mother had died.

"I'd say! Note to self...next time trying to sneak into a castle, bring a swimsuit!" They both started laughing again until Malon stopped abruptly and stared straight ahead. Her face began turning red with anger. "Uh, Malon? Is everything alright?" Than Link saw the large snoring man...resting his head on the cold stone sidewalk of the castle steps. " Is that your..."

"DADDY!" Malon practically yelled at him.

The man suddenly awoke with a violent jerk."What in tarnation! Can't a person get some shut-eye around here? Uh, Malon? Hehehe...I was just, uh..."

"I can't believe that you would just fall asleep while I was waiting all be myself all this time!" She looked at Link. "Well, not all alone...but that still doesn't change anything...what a silly thing for an adult like yourself to do!"

In an attempt to change the subject Link extended his hand to Malon's father. "I'm Link. Your daughter kindly helped me into the castle."

"I'm Talon, and I'm the owner of Lon Lon Ranch." Talon looked at her daughter who was giving him a cold stare."Uh, I think I should get going now. Come by anytime, Link. I'm sure Malon would enjoy your company," He said with a wink.

Malon shoved him hard before adding, " We would enjoy your company. Thanks for your help, Fairy Boy. See you around, don't forget to stop by. Good luck with finding the Princess."

Malon and Talon soon hurried off towards the ranch as Link made his way through the small opening on the side of the castle to meet Princess Zelda...it sure had been an interesting day.

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