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The door clicked softly and the man opened the door. The owner's of the home would not be home for the rest of the week and he planned to use the opportunity to it's fullest advantage. He would take what he could tonight and come back for more tomorrow. He had grown accustomed to his life, though it was not the greatest, he did what he needed to survive. He reached into his pack and pulled out the Hand of Glory. Even though nobody was home, he knew the neighbours would find it suspicious if they saw any light whatsoever when they knew perfectly well that the tenants were away.

He smirked as the remembered the day in Mr.Borgins' shop during the summer before second year when he had first discovered the Hand. He knew his father would highly disapprove if the had bought it so he went back later on his own to purchase it. He had never had the opportunity to use it until now. He may have never had to if that day had never happened three years ago….


He smirked as he stepped out into the crisp, clear autumn air. It was Slytherin's first Quidditch match against Gryffindor and he wanted it to be a good one. He wanted to win that match to prove to everyone that he, Draco Malfoy could beat golden boy Potter. He walked over to the center of the field, mounted his broom and on Madam Hooch's whistle, kicked off the ground and began searching for the snitch. He looked around to see where Potter was and he saw him circling the stadium. He heard cheers come from the Slytherin end of the stadium which meant the a goal had been put past Gryffindor. He felt a rush and was more eager to find the snitch now. Just then, he saw a glint of gold at the far end of the Quidditch stadium. He shot forward on his Firebolt (a present for making Head Boy), and was almost at the snitch when he felt someone tugging at his sleeve. He turned around and he saw Potter with his hand grasped onto his Quidditch robe. He wrenched his arm from Potter's clutches when he heard a gasp. Draco looked at his arm and he knew why. Potter had seen.

He tried desperately to cover his arm back up, but it was too late. Potter opened his mouth and screamed at the top of his lungs: "MALFOY'S GOT THE DARK MARK! HE'S GOT IT!

A deafening silence filled the air. Draco looked around at the hundreds of eyes staring at him. Potter took the opportunity to pass him and grab the snitch. Draco glared at Potter and then zoomed towards the ground. He felt the eyes follow him. He landed smoothly and stepped off of his broom and began to walk away. He almost made it to the entrance the lead to the change rooms but Potter landed in front of him and glared maliciously at him. Before Draco knew what had happened next, he felt Potter's fist connect with his jaw. He fell to the ground. Potter turned around and began to walk away when Draco felt rage surge through him. He pulled himself off of the ground, ran towards Potter and jumped on him, knocking the asshole the ground.

Screams filled from the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff sides of the stadium while cheers of support came from the Slytherin side. He punched and kicked every last square inch of Potter's body. He wanted to cause him pain for everything horrible that had happened in his life, for winning the Quidditch match, but most of all for uncovering his secret. He couldn't stop and he wouldn't. At that moment, six arms pulled him off. He was breathing heavily while Potter's breathing was shallow. He turned around to see Professors Dumbledore, Mcgonagall and Snape.

Dumbledore looked grave, Mcgonagall furious and Snape's expression was unreadable. Dumbledore called over Madam Pomfrey. She levitated Potter's body onto a stretcher and whisked him off to the hospital wing. Dumbledore faced Draco and looked him right in the eye. "Come to my office now Mr. Malfoy. Severus, Minerva, you will come too.."


He thought grimly back to that day. He pulled up his sleeve and stared at his arm. The Mark had all but disappeared from his arm what with Voldemort being destroyed those three years ago. He had never wanted to become the Dark Lord's servant but he had no choice being a Malfoy. He pushed the thought out of his head and proceeded to take what he needed.

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