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Draco held his breath as the door opened. In an instant, he had come face to face with the owner of the house and an old enemy. He knew her face at once. As soon as they made eye contact, he heard Hermione Granger scream.

Hermione was scared out of her wits when she opened the door. She reached to her side for her wand but she had left it downstairs. All she could do was scream. She didn't know this man and she wanted him out. She looked around for an object to throw and the closest thing was her hairbrush.

Draco opened his mouth to tell her who he was, why he was here and that he had no clue that the house was in fact hers when Hermione's hairbrush knocked him in the face. She ran over to her bed, chucking her shoes at him. Draco dodged both shoes and ran towards her. He tackled her, forcing both of them onto the bed.

Hermione screamed. She tried to get free of her attacker, but her actions were fruitless. His grasp was way too strong. She kicked and punched him, and kept on screaming hoping that a neighbor would come to her rescue. Then she heard him speak. "Granger! Wow, you've definitely changed these past three years. There's no way you were this feisty when we were at Hogwarts." smirked the man. Hermione froze as she heard the voice. It wasn't only the voice, she would recognize that smirk anywhere.

The person who had taunted Harry, Ron, and herself at school all those years, the boy who Professor Moody turned into a ferret…the very human driven away from Hogwarts for being a Death Eater…was here right in front of her! "MALFOY!" she screamed. "GET OFF OF ME RIGHT NOW!" she shrieked, still trying to push him off her. "Oh I don't know about that Granger…I kind of like it in this position" said Draco with a smirk.

Her eyes widened again, and she kicked him repeatedly until he said something. "Merlin relax Granger! I wouldn't do anything like that to a filthy Mudblood like you!" Hermione's eyes narrowed as he called her the horrible name. "Screw off you stupid inbred pureblooded prat! Get the hell off of me NOW!" she snarled. Draco held his hands up in defeat. "Okay, okay Granger, you win this time." he admitted as he got off of her. She stood up immediately and straightened her robes. She was frightened now.

Here she was, unarmed against a Death Eater. She searched her room for a weapon again but there was nothing that she could use. Draco noticed the fear in her eyes and said calmly "Calm down Granger, I'm not going to hurt you." Hermione wasn't fooled for a second. "Yeah? And I would believe you why!" she said. "Well A) I have no wand as I'm sure you remember somewhere in the back of your brilliant mind, and B) I have no reason to be hurting you." Draco answered simply. Hermione was a little reassured at the first statement but not so much as the second.

She gave a shaky little laugh "Oh yes I remember now. The night you left Hogwarts, I do believe that a certain little mob…" she was cut off by a sudden outburst from Draco. "Little? Excuse me? More than half the school turned out to get rid of me!" he cried. "Alright! My mistake! So it was more than half the school. I daresay it was every member of every house except for your own you pureblood scum," she added with malevolence.

"And who was it who led the mob? Little Weasel herself! Why, she probably would have killed me right then and there if Peeves hadn't come zooming by!"


Draco made his way back to the Head Dormitory. He rubbed his face where the nasty little weasel had slapped him. She had marched straight up to him during dinner and smacked him in front of everyone. It was because he had beat up her precious Potter. God it made him sick.

Everyone worshipped Potter, even the Headmaster, who shouldn't favour anybody, esteemed him above the all other students at Hogwarts. If it had been Potter and not he with the Dark Mark, people would have been shocked and angry, oh yes they would have furious, but they would never have turned on him entirely. If Potter had the Dark Mark, Dumbledore would never have even given expelling Potter a thought. He would have found some way of concealing it. Even though Potter had punched him, Dumbledore didn't give him a punishment, and he knew he wouldn't. God how he hated the prick.

Of course, seeing as it was he, Draco and not Potter, that crackpot old fool thought long and hard about expelling him but he didn't have the power. Seeing as Professor Snape was the Head of Slytherin, he would be deciding Draco's punishment. Snape had given him four months worth of detentions, all to be served with either that oaf Hagrid, or that putrid caretaker Filch. He had even forbidden Draco to play Quidditch for six weeks, which was perfectly fine with him seeing as Slytherin's next game wasn't for another eight.

Draco didn't care about his punishment. He would serve all of it. He walked down the Charms corridor, when he heard hundreds of footsteps behind him. He spun around and he saw a gigantic crowd, led by Ginny Weasley coming towards him.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" spat Draco. "Coming to teach you a lesson you son of a bitch!" said Ginny scornfully. "Uh huh…and I would be afraid of you why?" he said with the utmost contempt. "Why should you fear me? Because I, along with the rest of the school have pure and utter hate for your "Lord" and we plan to show him through you, that he is nothing. He probably thought that he was brilliant, sending one of his servants to Hogwarts so that you could tell him exactly what Dumbledore was doing. Well, he thought wrong. There is no way in hell that you will ever be able to tell him of the goings on here." she said scathingly.

"And how pray tell do you plan on doing that? Are you going to kill me?" asked Draco coolly. Ginny looked him straight in the eye and said "Why, that's exactly what we plan on doing, you really are smarter than you look."

Draco was now genuinely disconcerted. He could tell by the insane expression on her face that she was dead serious. Weaslette and the rest of the school advanced on him, forcing him to back away. He reached for his wand but she was too quick for him. "IMPEDIMENTA!" she cried. The impediment jinx sent him crashing into the wall. The force of the impact nearly shattered his ribs. He lay panting on the ground when Ginny walked towards him. She bent over and snatched his wand out of his robes.

"You won't be needing this anymore" she laughed menacingly as she snapped it in half and let the pieces fall to the ground. Draco stared at the remnants of his wand. Ginny moved back into the crowd and another stepped forward. He looked up to see none other than Neville Longbottom.

"Ha, you really expect Longbottom to do something to me? He can't even charm a feather." Draco laughed weakly. "You think so Malfoy? You'd actually be quite surprised at what I'm capable of," answered Neville sinisterly. Neville squeezed his eyes shut, raised his wand and bellowed "CRUCIO!" Pain surged through Draco in a way that he had never felt before. He gritted his teeth in an attempt not to cry out. He wouldn't give them the satisfaction of being able to cause him such pain.

Just then, Peeves came swooping down on them all, cackling madly, and carrying a large bag. "What do we have here ickle students? Have you all been having fun?" he screeched. "Go away Peeves! We have no time for your foolish tricks right now, we're busy!" said Ginny irritably. "What? I'm hurt. Me? Play a trick on you? That just hits me right here," he said sadly pointing to his chest.

"Since you're being so nasty to me I guess I'll just have to be nasty back to you," said the poltergeist sweetly. He turned the bag he was carrying upside down on the throng of students, causing a downpour of oil and sludge to come raining down on them. The students squealed and shrieked with rage as Peeves zoomed away still laughing like a maniac. Draco seized the opportunity to pull himself off the ground and make a mad dash towards his common room.

He made it back to his dormitory, and once he was safely inside, he went into his bedroom to grab his Firebolt. He ran to his bedroom window and mounted his broom. He kicked off the windowsill and sped off into the chilly night air.

And with that, he was gone from Hogwarts.


"You see Granger? After I was driven from Hogwarts, I was forced to live the life of a thief. Breaking into people's houses, stealing their valuables, and then selling them to a pawnshop…it became my new occupation. I'm not proud of it, but I did what I had to do in order to survive day to day. I left Hogwarts because I feared for my life," he said coldly.

"You've never been caught before?" asked Hermione. "You were the absolute first time I've been caught." he admitted. "Why didn't you just get your little friends to help you then? Why resort to a life of crime?" said Hermione acidly.

" My father was given the Dementor's Kiss the following week and my mother was killed by Aurors the day after. The family fortune and manor, which I would have rightfully inherited come my eighteenth birthday should anything happen to my family, was repossessed by the Ministry of Magic so that solved my problem. As for my friends as you so graciously called them, I wouldn't have gone to them anyways. You see, I never actually chose to be a Death Eater. Being a Malfoy, it was…how would you say it…continuing in the family business, so naturally I had to become one." he said simply.

"What? You, Draco Malfoy never wanted to become a Death Eater?" said Hermione incredulously. "Uh…yeah…that would pretty much sum up what I just told you," Draco said. "I still don't believe it but…" Hermione started. "But what?" questioned Draco. "Well…" said Hermione pacing the length of the room. " It's just that I always figured that you would have been the first from school to sign up to become a Death Eater." "Well you thought wrong," Draco said shortly.

Hermione thought for a moment, and then said, "Well, look, I'll let you stay here for a few days and I can give you some money…" "No I don't think so Granger," said Draco brusquely. "Why not? Wouldn't you want help?" Hermione said amazed.

"Yeah but that's not the help that I want…" Draco trailed off. "What do you mean?" asked Hermione warily.

"I have a proposition that you can't refuse…"

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