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The Uchiha Crest

Chapter 1: Save the Prince!

Hidden by the many trees of Konoha, not much can be seen. Villages, where the people lived, were hidden beneath its shadows. However, there was one thing that was not hidden beneath the tress, but rather placed high above them. On a hill lay Konoha Keep, a castle like no other. Fortified by jutsus as well as hard walls of stone, it was a behemoth to see. It was difficult to assail, as it only had oneentrance and only one pathway to the castle.Inside the walls were the king's courts, flowing with life. This is where the king's faithful shinobis trained.

But if by day it was pretty, then by night it was stunning. As soon as the sun had set, streetlights would illuminate the place, bouncing off of the houses and stores. At night, it was said that one could see the lights coming from Konoha all the way in the Suna Kingdom.

But today was a bit different. Servants hastily ran around the courts, making sure everything was right. Every plant must be cut to fit. Every fountain must be running. Every floor must be scrubbed clean.

Today was a special day.

Today was an important day.

Today was the day that the prince would become king.

But that would only be if the prince could survive his training for the day.

Slowly, the said prince dragged himself out onto the many training grounds where his teacher was waiting for him. Of all the days, why this one? Was there something wrong with his sensei that she must make him train himself to the ground? Heaving a sigh, the prince looked down at himself.

His name was Uchiha Sasuke, easily identified by his raven black hair, tall stature, and coal-black eyes. He stared down at himself, taking note of his black training pants. For his top, he wore a tight black shirt that easily revealed his muscular buildbeneath it. He hadhis Uchiha Crest pinned to it, hanging right above his heart. Trailing down to his wrists, they each had bandages trailing just a bit short of his elbow.

The crest represented what family the person was from, although only shinobis wore them. Whenever a shinobi killed another, the winner would take the crest as proof of his victory. So far, Sasuke had none, but he would soon. Once he became king, he would finally be able to explore the world outside of Konoha.

Sasuke smiled to himself. Only royalty or those related could have the Uchiha Crest on their clothing. It was a fan. The top half was red while the bottom half was white. It was unmistakable. For those who were related to the Uchihas but would not rule, their crests were blue where it would have been red. Admiring himself a little more, his eyes trailed down to the hilt of his sword. He pulled it out before examining its beauty.

In his hands lay the Chidori. It was the family weapon, passed on to the son or daughter who would rule as king or queen. Its power was one of a kind: whenever enough chakra was channeled into it, it would crackle with electricity and, with a thrust, could pierce through the thickest armor. It was rather legendary, with many stories behind it. It was said that it would take the proper form of the sword the ruler was most familiar with. It was also said that it chooses its own wielder. That was how Sasuke became its owner.

Begin Flashback

It was his brother's coronation ceremony. Everything was going as planned. All of the Uchihas were present. The plants were cut just right. The fountains were running. Every floor was scrubbed spotless. Everybody was dressed for the occasion. As Sasuke's father handed the Chidori to his brother, Itachi, the old man knelt down on one knee and bowed, showing that he gave up his position of ruling to his firstborn son. Itachi was born six years before Sasuke. He was fifteen at the time of his brother's coronation.

As Itachi gripped the hilt of the sword, sudden bolts of electricity coursed through the sword and shocked Itachi rather badly. The sword cluttered to the ground. Quickly, Sasuke reacted. The show must go on, he thought to himself. Gently picking it up from the ground, he copied his father's actions and once again presented the sword to his brother. Suddenly, a murmur ran through the crowd. Sasuke's father quickly tried to yank the sword from Sasuke, but he was shocked, very much like Itachi. Thinking quickly, the old man knew that the sword had chosen Sasuke. Standing up, he announced that Sasuke would be king and that his coronation ceremony would take place in six years time.

End Flashback

A ringing of a bell got Sasuke out of his stupor. He looked at where the noise came from. It was nine o'clock.

"Shit," the young soon-to-be king swore.

He was late for training. Pumping as much chakra as he knew was safe into his legs, he quickly took off for the training grounds. The servants jumped out of the way to give Sasuke as much room as possible. As he reached the training grounds, he breathed a sigh of relief. So far, there was no sign of his sensei. A cheery feminine voice, however, caught him off guard.

"You're late, Sasuke-kun." The front side of a katana quickly found its way beneath his neck, the cold metal biting at his skin.

"Hn. Don't call me Sasuke-kun," the prince threatened. "Know your place, Haruno-dono." Sasuke really did not like his teacher. She stood a bit shorter than him, around five feet, five inches while he was five feet, eight inches. Her hair, for unknown reasons, was pink and was short while her eyes were green, the color traits present in all female Harunos. She had an abnormally large forehead, although the rest of her body remained in the proper shape. She always dressed in a red shirt along with matching shorts that ended a little above her knees. The only times when she did not wear such clothing was when she had to dress formally, which she hated. She wore her Haruno Crest on the sleeve of her shirt.

But what he really did not like about Sakura was that she was a year younger than him. It was a slap across the prince's face.

Sakura withdrew her sword, wearing a teasing smile. "Of course I know my place. I am your sensei, and you are my student. Speaking of which, you will call me Sakura-sensei." She walked out in front of him. "And since you're late…" she turned to face him. Sasuke knew that she wouldn't punish him that badly. It was his coronation ceremony today after all. "Give me ten laps around the training grounds."

Sasuke's face blanched. "You can't be serious." The training grounds were HUGE. Ten laps made it even worse.

"You were late, and it is your punishment," Sakura huffed. "Now get going. And no chakra!"

"Hn," went Sasuke as he began his laps. "Crazy bitch," he muttered to himself.

Within no time, Sakura had kicked Sasuke in the back and tripped him. As Sasuke pushed himself up from the ground, a sudden weight had placed itself onto his back while the reverse side of Sakura's blade found its way beneath his neck. Suddenly, cold beads of sweat began to form on Sasuke's scalp.

"We have both been taught the shinobi arts when we were young children. However, it is my choice to teach you the Haruno Style, which is the only known style to be on par with the Uchiha Style," Sakura said coldly, sitting cross-legged on his back. The Haruno Style was a coveted style of swordplay. Although it also incorporated the usual sword slashing and whatnot, it was run on the idea of a counter style, parrying the first blow and retaliating with a killer strike. However, the blade itself was very unique. It had a dull front side, though the reverse was just as sharp as any other katana. Because of their style, they were able to beat their opponents into submission for capture missions or quickly cut their way through enemies to achieve a goal. The kingdom of Konoha was lucky to have the Haruno family serving under them.

"I can simply replace you," Sasuke answered, his eyes not leaving the blade.

"Empty threat. I am the best in my family. I'm pretty sure you know that. I beat my father when I was thirteen, which is why I replaced my father as your sensei. You of all persons should know that. You saw me beat him." Sakura moved the blade a bit closer to Sasuke's neck. "Perhaps you would like to be taught an weaker style?" Sasuke quickly shook his head. "Then you will treat me with respect," Sakura said, slowly retreating the blade from beneath Sasuke. She stood up from his back before returning her blade to its sheath. "Now get back to your laps."

Sasuke quickly got up. He hated it when she humiliated him. She probably did it for fun. It made him feel so… so… "… How is it that, even though you're younger than me, you're my sensei?" Sasuke asked.

"I've been taught nothing but the sword, the shinobi arts, enough for an education, and some manners. You've had to learn languages, etiquettes, military strategy, and many other things. I've simply had more time to focus on my training than you have," she answered. Feeling that that was all he would get out of her, he began his laps.

After the tenth lap, Sasuke felt ready to collapse. He did, in fact. When he was going too slow, Sakura let out a rather painful jutsu and had it chase after him, forcing him to run for his life. She must have been trying to kill him.

'She probably enjoyed doing that…' Sasuke thought. 'She probably exists only to humiliate me...

Sakura walked over to him. "Up, Sasuke-kun. I'm going to show you a sword technique." She reached into her tool pouch and took out a food pill. "Here, take this."

"Hai, Sakura-sensei." Sasuke quickly got up, took the pill and downed it, feeling energy flow through his body. She left and he began to follow her. "You know, Sakura-sensei, I feel that you live to humiliate me."

"Perhaps I do, Sasuke-kun, perhaps I do," a coy smile grew on Sakura's face as she approached the training dummies. "Alright," she stopped in front of a dummy and took out her sword before turning to face Sasuke. "Today, I will teach you the Three Step Cut. Watch as I demonstrate." She turned to face the dummy.

"This technique is made to counter overhead sword attacks. I'll show you slowly first." She posed the dummy so that it imitated an overhead attack. In a careful manner, Sakura used the blunt side of her sword to push the sword away to the side, firmly kicked the dummy close to the waist, and swung her sword back across her body using the inside of her blade to cleave the dummy's head off. "As you saw, you first push the blade to the side, followed by a kick to throw your opponent off balance and ending the technique with a horizontal slash, coming in the opposite direction of the parry." Sakura walked over to another dummy and set it up like before.

"Your turn, Sasuke-kun." With a nod, the young king-to-be drew out his Chidori. Normally, the Chidori would take the form of a katana, which was the sword used in the Uchiha Style. However, the Uchiha Style was reserved only for the firstborn, meaning that Sasuke didn't learn it. Any children after the first were taught the Haruno Style. However, once the Chidori had selected Sasuke as its wielder, it had changed itself to become a Haruno-style sword.

Swiftly, Sasuke executed the technique, wanting to impress his teacher. Not that he did it because she was a girl his age. Uchiha Sasuke would never do that, especially for Sakura. Smiling at his handiwork, he withdrew his sword. Sakura examined his work.

"Not bad for the first try. You just need to work on the kick. You want to aim at your opponent's center of gravity," Sakura commented. "Oh, and the last slash should be aimed at the neck. You hit your opponent a bit too high."

Sasuke hmphed. "At least it was faster than yours."

"I wasn't trying that time. This is how fast you will execute it when you perfect the technique," Sakura strode over to a dummy and quickly drew out her sword. What Sasuke saw next was only recorded as a blur. The only clear thing he saw was the dummies head falling off. Sakura put her sword into its scabbard before gently patting Sasuke on the shoulder, a cheery smile on her face.

"Don't worry, you'll get it soon enough, Sasuke-kun," Sakura said. There, they continued training for many hours, training past lunch and dinner before ending at about seven thirty at night. After inspecting Sasuke's Three Step Cut form, Sakura then stepped back.

"That ends today's training, Uchiha-sama. You may continue to practice here if you wish," she said. Having ended the training period, Sakura had gone back to being a ninja under the service of her liege. "However, I would suggest that you wash up and prepare for your coronation ceremony," she bowed to him. "May I take my leave, Uchiha-sama?"

How Sakura could suddenly change from a seemingly emotionless drone into a cheery sensei and then back confused Sasuke, ever since he was put under her tutelageseven years ago. It was always so flawless when she went from one phase to the other, and vice versa. "You are excused, Haruno-dono." Without another word, Sakura disappeared from his sight in a poof of smoke.

Quickly, Sasuke left the training grounds and headed inside the lit castle. Slowly, he walked up the spiraling staircase. Looking out of a window, he was high enough to see all of Konoha. Soon he would be the ruler of the wonderful land. It would all be his. He smiled before continuing his journey up the stairs, finally reaching his room.

His room was fairly luxurious, though not grand. It had enough luxuries to keep him happy while it wasn't too extravagant so he didn't feel pampered. He opened the door and gently placed his Chidori on his feather-soft bed. He quickly removed his clothes and tossed them into the hamper before walking into the bathroom to shower.

His coronation ceremony would be at nine o'clock tonight. That left him with what should be enough time to shower, meticulously get into the proper clothing that he needed to wear, and climb back down the stairs to the coronation hall. Sakura must really enjoy giving him a hard time.

"Excellent." A malicious, almost yellow glint was seen behind his eyes. He took out his sword and placed it on a table in front of him. The man quickly did a set of hand seals. "Lightning Fusion no Jutsu!" Immediately the sword in front of him began to crackle with electrical energy.

Just like how the Chidori would be when charged with chakra.

The throne would be his. It would belong to no one else, not even his little brother.

How could he have been so stupid? How would he ever be able to explain himself? 'Hello tou-san, hello kaa-san, I'm late for my coronation ceremony because I spent too much time in the shower.'

Just great. What a wonderful way to start yourself as king. Sasuke was quickly running down the corridor to the Throne Room. He was dressed in a red cape along with a gold breastplate, which adorned the Uchiha crest. Beneath it was a black shirt. He wore steel gauntlets and white pants. The bottom of it was hidden behind steel leg guards, which extended from the top of his shoes, which were black, to the middle of his knees. Stopping just outside the door, he readjusted his breastplate before taking a breath. Hoping that nothing would go too wrong, he reached for the door.

Before he could open it, hurried footsteps drew his attention away. "Uchiha-sama!" it was Sakura. "We must flee!" she quickly grasped his wrist and tried to drag him away from the door. She was dressed in a formal white kimono, her crest on her sleeve.

"What?" Sasuke blurted out. He yanked his hand back from her. "I need to be at the ceremony. Are you trying to pull a trick on me, Haruno-dono?"

"No, your majesty! But please, we must flee! Your brother-"

"Forget about my brother. This is about me!" without a second thought, Sasuke flung the door open.

What he saw brought his world crashing down. He saw every Uchiha he ever knew, from his uncle twice removed to his mother. Wide-eyed, he realized something; they were all mercilessly slaughtered. Blood was spilt on the ground and had splashed onto the windows. Suddenly, Sasuke found it hard to breath.

"Sasuke." The said prince turned around to see his brother.

"Nii-san…what happened? Everyone's dead…" Sasuke approached his older brother, but was surprised when he saw him draw out his blade. The older brother slashed the air, flinging blood from his sword onto his brother.

"You killed them."

"What?" Sasuke dumbfoundedly responded.

"You killed our family! You killed everyone!" Itachi yelled, drawing the attention of the servants to the room they were in, "I will extract revenge for them!" Drawing out his sword, Itachi quickly aimed a horizontal slash at Sasuke's face. The young prince, upon instinct, leaned backwards. However, he was not unscathed; Itachi's sword had given him a horizontal cut on his cheek. The prince held the cut on his face, the blood slowly dripping down his cheeks. Suddenly, it all made sense.

"You killed them, didn't you, Itachi? And you're going to frame me for it, right?" Sasuke quietly muttered. His brother remained silent as Itachi began another attack on his shocked brother.

"Uchiha-sama! Move!" Sakura called out to her student. However, she became worried when Sasuke hadn't budged. Taking out her sword, she blocked the blow before grabbing Sasuke's hand. She quickly led him to the window and jumped through it, the glass shattering and falling around them, being sure to gently cradle Sasuke from harm. Using some chakra, she landed on her feet before setting Sasuke down. She did not let go of his wrist, however, and continued to drag the now shocked prince. Taking a look around, Sakura noticed that they were outside in the castle courts.

"Uchiha-sama, please! We must escape the castle grounds!" Apparently, Sasuke was able to comprehend the words 'escape the castle grounds' and followed after Sakura, his wrist still in her grip. Running down the paths, they encountered three regular shinobi guards.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you are hereby under arrest for the killing of your family. Lay down your arms." When Sasuke did nothing, they took out their swords.

Before they could begin their attack, Sakura immediately cut down the guard who had spoke to Sasuke. The other two, in their surprise, were killed as well. Sakura swooped down and quickly took their crests before putting her sword away. She grabbed Sasuke's wrist once again and took off running. They ran until they reached the gates.

It was guarded by a swarm of ANBU shinobis, who were the best shinobis in the land of Konoha. They wore black cloaks and white masks to make sure that no one except those in the group knew who they were. They didn't even wear crests. "Uchiha!" the ANBU captain called out to him. The only way Sasuke knew that he was the captain was that he wore a white cloak instead of a black one. "I cannot let you live after what you've done. You will die here!" Taking out his sword, the ANBU captain charged at the fugitive.

The captain was very fast, Sakura noted, probably faster than Sasuke could react. Quickly, she drew her own sword and parried the blow away before the prince could get hurt. "Forgive me, Uchiha-sama," Sakura said before she quickly scooped him up. Putting some chakra into her legs, she pushed off hard, leaping high over the gates. Fumbling in her tool pouch, she pulled out a smoke bomb and tossed it where she landed before quickly using chakra to escape.

That was when Sasuke came to his senses. "I'll kill you, Itachi! You hear me? I'll kill you!" he fought against Sakura to try and struggle free so that he could go back to kill his brother, but she held on tightly.

"Uchiha-sama, I understand your anger towards your brother, but as of right now, your survival is top priority!" Sakura tightened her grip while she kept running, ignoring the prince's request to be put down.

Sasuke would never forget that night, nor would he want to remember it.

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