Author's Notes: I love Nida. You can do so much to make up a background for the obscure, and rather quickly. Another little Nida fic-let of mine, a different background this time. Consider it a little metaphor for being lost, and unsure, and always reaching out into the darkness for some person that you cannot have, and might not exist.


You know, I never wanted to be a Garden student, ever. Garden was for the strong, for the brave, and most of all, for the unwanted… I don't care what you say, that is what it is in my eyes. Few people that are really wanted at home, out of those that have a home really end up in Garden. And yet, here I am.

I used to go to a great school when I was a kid, top of the line private school. Then the school got closed, and we fell upon hard times in my family. My parents broke up in the ensuing madness. A year later, my father announced that I was going to be sent to Garden. I was sixteen at the time, and my dreams were set on Deling University. I was going to be an aviation engineer. Instead, I'm here, in this damn hell-hole.

Tactical Warfare Theory Class SUCKS. And all it represents is that I'm unwanted. My father said that to my face!

"Nida," my father said one night, "it is rather simple. I just don't have the money to support you anymore. Next month you are beginning at Balamb Garden Nida, like it or not."

And like it I did not. "What? But I'm supposed to be going into my final year of high school. I'm going to go to Deling University!"

"With your mother getting alimony now, I just can't afford you Nida."

"Bullshit Dad! Even with the alimony you'll have over thirty-thousand coming in EVERY MONTH!" I shouted angrily.

The next thing I knew, I was across the room, my cheek stinging like crazy and tears coming to my eyes. My father had NEVER laid a hand upon me, never in violence.

"You ARE going Nida. That is final."

So, here I am now, staring out at the stars. Here I am, cold, unwanted, hated… No one even knows me, or cares. All I am is just another teen, another SeeD, another mindless drone. I'm unloved, now and forever. And the only time that I am really me, is in the darkness here, looking out at the stars, over the console of my Garden.

"Someone… Please come and set me free," I whispered in the darkness.

"Am I good enough?" a voice came from behind me, soft, cautious. And seeing the look that I received from those familiar eyes was almost as painful as pleasurable.

"Yes. Always."