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And to everyone else, thank you for your reviews too!

Reena picked up her call,



"I'm sorry! Something came up!" Reena argued back,

"…how did your arm heal so fast?" Lu asked suspiciously,

"Uh…oh no…"

"What are you hiding, Reena?" Lu demanded.

"Lu, move over! Hello Reena, I was getting worried that we missed you or something," said Prof. Gem,

"She's up to something! I know it! And I'll find out what!" Lu shouted from the back.

"Don't mind him…how did you heal so fast?" Gem asked noticing the arm too,

"Uh…you know I'm a fast healer, so what were you going to tell me?" Reena asked.

"You're an idiot," said Lu pushing his face within view.

"And you're a jerk!" said Reena with a vein.

"You really don't know what day it is tomorrow?" Gem asked with a chuckle.

"Uh…." Reena thought a moment but nothing came up.

"You're an idiot; you don't even remember your own birthday?"

"Shut up Lu! Wait…my what?" Reena was making sure she didn't hear wrong.

"I told you she was an idiot…" Lu mumbled.

"Lu, why don't you go back to your gym?" Gem suggested pushing him out of the way.

"Anyway, it's your birthday, Reena, we want you to come back to celebrate," said Gem.

"But, Emerald Village is very far from here," said Reena and Lu pushed his way back in within the camera view,

"That's why I sent a private jet plane for you and your friends," he said.

"Really?" Reena asked with hope in her eyes.

"Yeah…do the boys have to come?" Lu asked,

"YES! And can the plane take Ash and his friends to Blackthorn City after tomorrow?" Reena asked,

"Oh fine, I'll just have that as my birthday present for you," said Lu.


"…okay…you are a bit too happy….WHAT HAPPENED?" Lu shouted again.

"What's going on over there?" Ash asked after hearing Lu yell the second time while he and his friends sat around a table,

"I'm sure, Reena can handle it," said Brock.

Then Reena hung up and rushed over to the table,

"Guys, I'm having a Birthday party tomorrow at my village and you're all invited! And my cousin will drop you guys off at Blackthorn City after the party!" said Reena.

"Slow down there, HOW are we even getting to your village?" Gary asked.

"Reena! Your cousin's private jet is landing in the back!" Nurse Joy called. Every almost had their jaws dropped to the ground.

The ride was very comfortable, but by the time they got to Reena's village, it was night. Her village had a lot of houses but definitely no tall ones. Almost half were farms with farm Poke'mon and a lot grass Poke'mon. They arrived at Reena's house which is actually the upstairs of the Emerald Village gym. Lu kept nagging at Reena during dinner and her friends met the grass Poke'mon in the house. Victor the Victreebel. Vile the Vileplum, Blossom the Bellosom, Fluffy the Jumpluff, Rosy the Roselia (of course, Ash and co. never even seen this Poke'mon yet), and Blade the powerful Sceptile.

"I've never seen these two Poke'mon before," said Ash looking at Roselia and Sceptile.

"They're found in the Hoenn region, why don't you keep that info in the back of your head?" Lu suggested.

"Hoenn, I should check that place out some time," said Ash.

It was time for bed; the party was tomorrow so everyone had to get some sleep.

Reena couldn't sleep so she went into her backyard to see the beautiful garden just for grass Poke'mon.

"Couldn't sleep?" Reena almost jumped,

"No, neither could you?" Reena asked as she turned around to see Ritchie.

"I was, until I heard you going outside," said Ritchie walking up to her.

"But you didn't have to get up for me," said Reena feeling guilty for waking Ritchie up and then getting him out of bed.

"I was worried," said Ritchie. Reena puts on a smile,

"I'll go to bed, thanks for caring, Ritchie, you're sweet," she said and both went back inside.

Lu was watching with binoculars from his window,

"I knew it! Something was up! That kid better keep away from my cousin! She's too young to date or get a boyfriend!" Lu said to himself.

The next morning:

Some village friends came over but they were all adults, no one their age. But they partied anyway. They had a Bulbasaur piñata.

"It's to your right Misty!" Ash called when it was Misty's turn. She was blindfolded and was trying to find the piñata.

"What are you talking about? Go southeast!" said Gary,

"No, turn left!" said Brock.

"What? It's right in front of you!" said Reena.

"No that way! A little bit to the-" Ritchie was off,

"CAN YOU GUYS JUST ZIP IT AND LET ME TRY AND FIND IT MYSELF?" Misty shouted and everyone stayed quiet. After a few more games, Ash challenged Lu to a battle. Only one Poke'mon and Ash lost to the Sceptile,

"Maybe you might want to get one of these when you go to Hoen," said Lu.

"Yeah…Maybe I would," said Ash with awe.

Then to their bad luck, it started to rain so everyone had to go inside.

"What should we play now?" Reena asked while drying off a bit,

"Spin the bottle?" Misty suggested,

"As if!" said Gary backing up a bit.

"Truth or Dare," Lu suggested out of no where.

"No…" said Reena.

"What? Don't want me to find out about something?" Lu said with a smirk.

Reena took a pack of cards from her pocket,

"Poke'mon Go Fish?" she suggested.

"OKAY!" everyone agreed. Reena looked at Lu with a 'HA!' look and Lu just tried to ignore her.

Ritchie said he'll pass for now and took Reena outside (not in the rain, below some of the roof.)

"Reena, where will you go after this?" Ritchie asked,

"I'll keep traveling with you guys," Reena answered.

"Well, I'm not going to be traveling with Ash anymore, I have to go somewhere else," said Ritchie,

"Then I'll go with you," said Reena.

"But, weren't you on a journey of your own before I met you?" Ritchie asked looking right at her.

"Yeah that was before I met you…I don't care much about winning a league, when I can travel with you," said Reena.

"…You mean it?" Ritchie asked and Reena nodded. Ritchie said no more, he started to lean in.

"What is that kid doing?" Lu growled and was about to leap outside but Ash, Misty, Brock, and Gary was watching them tackle Lu to the ground.

"Don't ruin their moment!" said Misty.

"Yeah, Reena, can take her time if you ask me," said Gary.

"Ooh! Gary's jealous!" Ash teased.

"You just noticed that?" Misty asked.

Poke'mon conversation:

"What's with Lu being overprotective?" Sparky asked,

"He babies Reena a lot. Even though she's one year older today, Lu still thinks she's about 6 years old," said Victor.

"It's common around here," said Blade.

"Reena, what's paradise to you?" Ritchie asked only a few centimeters away from Reena's face.

"It's a place where everything is perfect to you, a place you could love because it's so beautiful. That's all I can think of at the moment, why do you ask?" Reena asked,

"Because you're my side of paradise," said Ritchie and closed his eyes and their lips met and they kissed with passion. It lasted for a couple of minutes and stopped when the rain stopped. After the clouds cleared and the sun came out, a rainbow was made. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Gary came out to see the clear sky again.

"Beautiful," said Misty,

"Look!" Reena pointed and there it was. A golden bird that flies with the seven colors of the rainbow,

"The Poke'mon I saw at the beginning at my journey," said Ash in awe.

Ho-Oh flew over the rainbow and out of sight.

"So I wasn't seeing things?" Gary asked,

"We are so lucky to see such a rare Poke'mon," said Brock.

"Yeah, what a treat," said Ritchie. Everyone looks at the sky, and they never realized that if you take the time to look at the sky, you can see how beautiful and peaceful it can be.

"So, who wants cake?" Lu asked and told them to head a little farther back in the backyard to find a playground for their Poke'mon.

Everyone releases their Poke'mon, except Gary who only released a couple so Ash wouldn't get a sneak peak at his Poke'mon if they battle in the Johto League.

La La La La La (All the Poke'mon go play)

La La La La La

La La La La La

La La La La La

There's a place I know,

It's always jumping

I'm thinking we should go and leave our worries,

You got a friend in me, and I'll tell you something.

This time it could be extraordinary

When Shadows fall you're feeling small (Reena is watching the Poke'mon enjoying themselves and wants to have fun too)

It looks like walls are closing in, (Ritchie comes up to Reena)

Don't be afraid the dark will fade,

Just take my hand and look again (Ritchie takes her hand and leads Reena to the swings like the ones in Destiny Deoxys)

This Side of Paradise, (both are swinging)

Is where I want to be,

This side of Paradise,

For you and me (Sparky and Vulpix jump on the shoulders of their trainers)

This side of Paradise

What you get is what you see and I never thought I'd see a place as nice… (Reena never took her eyes off of Ritchie)

This side of paradise

La La La La La

La La La La La

La La La La La

La La La La La

We're going to take a ride, we're going to catch that train

When you're at my side the world has hope and

As it pass on by, we all look the same (Ash is telling Misty some things that happened to him when she wasn't around but of course exaggerated a bit.)

The clouds are high and the world is open

Forget about the pain and doubt, (Gary looks over at Ritchie and Reena. Music is on so they're dancing)

Your happiness is overdue.

I've been dreaming of


The skies above

Dancing through the stars with you (Gary cuts in and dances with Reena. Apologizes for being mean)

Oh take me to…

This side of paradise,

It's where I want to be

This side of paradise, (next scene: Ash and Reena turns the rope for their Poke'mon to jump rope)

For you and me

This side of paradise

What you get is what you see

And I never thought I'd see a place as nice…

This side of paradise

La La La La La (Everyone lays on the grass looking at the stars and seeing pictures. Went on for the night. Many different Poke'mon. )

La La La La La

'This side of paradise'

La La La La La

'For you and me'

La La La La La

'This side of paradise

La La La La La

La La La La La

'I've been dreaming'

La La La La La

La La La La La

'This side of paradise'

La La La La La

'For you and me'

La La La La La

'I've been dreaming'

La La La La La

La La La La La

'This side of paradise'

La La La La La

La La La La La

'This side of paradise'

La La La La La

'For you and me'

La La La La La

La La La La La

The next day:

"Okay, keep going that way. There will be a cross road over there. Go straight if you want to go to Blackthorn City," said Lu after he dropped them off on the road from his private jet.

"Okay, thanks!" said Ash,

"Yes, thank you," said Misty,

"Thanks for your hospitality," said Brock,

"Yeah, what they said," said Gary,

"Thanks Lu, see you soon!" said Reena,

"Bye," said Ritchie.

"Take care of yourself, Reena… (Death glares at Ritchie)"

Ritchie saw and puts on a fake smile.

They got to the cross.

"We're going this way!" said Ash pointed.

"Well, I'm heading this way," said Gary pointing to the right.

"Reena and I are going this way," said Ritchie pointing to the left.

"I'll see you guys around. You better make it to the Johto League Ash!" said Gary and waved a goodbye.

"You bet I will, Gary!" said Ash with confidence.

"Bye Reena, we'll miss you," said Misty. Then Brock went on one knee and held Reena's hands.

"And I shall miss you the most my fair-ack!" said Brock and Ritchie pulls him by the ear and pulls him back to where he was standing before.

"I'll miss you guys too, and good luck in the Johto League, Ash," said Reena.

"Thanks! And I hope I'll see you two again soon!" said Ash.

"And when we do meet, we can have a battle," said Ritchie.

"Yeah!" said Ash and gave a thumbs up and Ritchie returned it.

"Pika Pi!" said Pikachu


"Vulpix! Vul!" Sparky and Vulpix replied.

"Togi Togi!"

The two groups and Garywent theirseparate ways.

"So um, what does Lu have against me?" Ritchie asked,

"Huh? What do you mean?" Reena asked,

"Oh, never mind," said Ritchie.

"Oh okay…hey, tell me the truth, do you really love me?" Reena asked innocently,

"Of course…do you?" Ritchie asked

"Of course," said Reena and took his arm making Ritchie blush a little.

"Pikachu!" Sparky went and jumped on Ritchie's shoulder.

"Vulpix!" Vulpix cried and jumped onto Reena's shoulder.

The two smiled at each other.

"So Misty, do you really love me?" Ash asked,

"Of course I do Ash…why? Do you?" Misty asked,

"Of course!" Ash answered cheerfully. Then the two noticed that Brock seemed to have fallen behind. They turned around to see Brock whimpering by a tree.

"I don't know how I'm going to get a girlfriend now…."

Ash, Misty, and their Poke'mon got a sweat drop.

"I'm sure you'll find one," said Ash with a fake smile.

"Yeah, you will one day," said Misty.

"You think so?" Brock asked,

"Yes, definitely!" said Misty,

"Yeah, I mean, you have a lot of skills!" said Ash.

"Oh okay then, lets get going! Maybe my special someone is in Blackthorn City!" exclaimed Brock running ahead.

"Well, that was easy," said Ash,

"He's going to be doing more of that later on," Misty pointed out.

"That's right, oh well! Let's go get my 8th badge!" Ash exclaimed.


The adventure ends for now, but they'll meet up again in my one shot: "How much do you love?"

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"Pokémon: A New Adventure"-Amy Ketchum starts her own journey in Kanto. She has to live up to her father's legacy and on the way, new friends and rivals.

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