Fallen From Grace

Hikari pulled her shirt over her head just as the doorbell started ringing. It was impossible that Megumi was here already for the movie.

With a puzzled look, she opened the door to find Sara standing there with a large box. The blonde thrust it into her hands.

"Here's the bear you got for me back."

With that, she spun on her heels and left. The brunette stared at her disappearing back before shutting the door with a soft sigh.

She and her crush had been on bad terms since the party three weeks ago. She didn't know why Sara was so upset with her. Her hands lifted the lid of the box and placed it on the side.

Instead of the black bear with the violet ribbon she'd been expecting nestled in it, it was a coffee brown bear with a gray ribbon. Her jaw dropped as she looked into the mirror by the door, where a pair of gray eyes stared back at her.

Holy shit.

Hikari raced out the room and pressed the down button of the elevator furiously. The number six was highlighted above the doors. She cursed under her breath and pulled open the door to the stairs and ran down all fourteen flights. When she arrived in the lobby, she found it empty and half threw herself out of the building, scaring the security guards.

Her gray eyes searched the crowded street both ways for a hint of a golden mane. She found it just as the bobbing head turned the corner.

The brunette sped down the street, running faster than she ever had before. For the first time, she wished she was the captain of the track team rather than the captain of the chess club.

She closed in on Sara as the blonde was in the middle of the street. Her hand reached out and grabbed her arm. She saw brown eyes widen with shock as she pulled the shorter girl to sweaty body. The shocked college student opened her mouth to question her friend before Hikari pressed their lips together.

Sara stilled for a second, then wrapped her arms around her friend's neck, lips fighting back to express all that she felt for the taller girl.

The two didn't hear the cars honking at them as the traffic light turned green.


Rei sighed softly as she massaged her temples and moved the phone away from her ear for a second. She took a deep breath and braced herself for the conversation that would follow.

"And what am I going to wear? I mean, it's one thing to go clubbing, I know what to wear for that. But a casual date? Help me, I mean I have so much clothes but they're either too formal or really not appropriate and none of it seems to fit the occass-"

"Utena, stop."

The older woman did as the miko shifted into a more comfortable position.

"You're going to be fine. You can wear rags and Kenji will still think you look amazing. It's not like anything you have on will stay on."

"Rei Hino! I'm going to kill you! I don't know what you're implyin-"

"Oh, come on Utena, you've liked him for ages."

"He was always too infatuated with you."

The lavender-eyed woman felt a pang of guilt when she heard the whisper.

"I'm sorry, Utena."

The older woman sighed softly and then chuckled.

"It's not your fault."

"Yes, yes it is."

There was a slight pause.

"Hino, I thought you were supposed to calm my nerves, not send both of us into a guilt trip."

Rei chuckled softly; glad to have Utena as a friend and confidant for the millionth time that month.

"Yes, I'm sorry. Where should I begin?"

"You can try with, 'don't worry, whatever you wear will look stunning since you're so beautiful.'"

"Don't worry, whatever you wear will look stunning since you're so beautiful. What next?"

"How about, 'Kenji was the one that asked you out, so don't panic. He's probably as nervous as you are, knowing him.'"

"Kenji was the one that asked you out, so don't panic. He's probably as nervous as you are, knowing him."

"Okay, guess I'll go and get ready now."

"Hey," Rei said with a pout. "Don't I get a thank you?"

"Why? I did everything for you!"

"Yes, but you'd never have believed any if it if you said it yourself."

Utena made a growling noise that she always did when she was exasperated and annoyed but relented anyway.

"Thank you," she grumbled.

Rei grinned. "No problem. My pleasure."

"You ass."

Both women laughed softly before Utena sighed softly, relieved and more relaxed than she was when she called the miko half an hour ago.

"I really should go get ready now."

"Okay. Have a good time."


Rei hung up and grinned, shaking her head.


Hotaru sighed softly as she fixed her dress. The neckline was cut too low and there was a danger she'd flash the entire room every time she moved. It's the last time she wore one of Setsuna's designs. They were all meant for women with bosoms like her adoptive mother's favorite model, aka Minako Aino.

"Quit fussing with it, will you? We'll be late."

The annoyed young woman turned to her lover, who was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, a black dress clinging to her.

"Not my fault my boobs aren't big enough for this thing."

Rei laughed as she glided over to the pouting girl, hands reaching out to fix the dress. Within seconds, the folds of the violet colored fabric clung to the woman's chest. The miko smirked while her girlfriend glared at her.

"All right, all right, quit glaring and let's go."

Hotaru didn't stop.

"If it makes you feel better, I think your boobs are great."

With a deep blush, the shorter girl turned and opened her jewelry box, taking out a bracelet and a watch that looked great with the dress she wore. The fiery-tempered girlfriend couldn't help but lean over and kiss her neck.

"Where's the necklace I gave you?"

Hotaru pulled back, doe eyes sad and somewhat scared.

"I threw it away after you whispered Minako's name."

Rei laughed at the sorrowful and guilty expression on the shorter woman's face and took a box out from a jacket that was hanging close by.

"I know. Here."

The younger woman took the box, the excitement and surprising on her face making her seem adorably innocent. Her lover laughed again and motioned for her to open it.

Hotaru gasped when she did, staring in shock at the necklace that lay within. It was the very same one she had thrown away.


"I dug through the junkyard."

The short girl's jaw dropped as she snapped to look at her lover. The look of disgust on the miko's lovely face was enough to tell her it was true.

"Oh, Rei!"

"It was rather nasty, as you may have guessed. Fortunately, Megumi told me pretty quickly so they knew which area it was in."

At the pitying, shocked and guilty look on Hotaru's face, the businesswoman burst into giggles.

"No, I didn't dig through the junkyard. Megumi snatched it when you weren't looking from the trash."

There was an indignant scream followed by a punch, a couple of slaps and a few curses thrown in here and there. Rei laughed at the anger her girlfriend was displaying, as well as the temper. She vaguely wonder how Megumi and her boyfriend were enjoying that all-inclusive cruise. She did owe the girl big.

"All right, I'm sorry!"

Hotaru stopped, huffing in indignation before stalking out of the room. The miko grinned and ran after her. Hopefully they won't be late for Usagi and Mamoru's engagement party. She did not want to have their Princess mad at them.

As the two stepped into the elevator, Rei pulled a still angry Hotaru into her arms. She relaxed almost immediately, smiling softly. The miko grinned and buried her face in her lover's jet-black locks.

The impossible had been accomplished because of Hotaru Tomoe's love.

Rei Hino had returned to grace.


Ladies and gentlemen, that's the end of "Fallen From Grace."

I was really annoyed when this was taken off the first time. This was the first piece of shoujo-ai that I completed. For them to take it off seemed like a bad omen.

But it did give me a chance to reread everything and edit it. While I can't say this is my proudest piece, I am extremely proud of it.

Thanks for reading. You guys have been amazing. Thanks for all the support and reminders to get off my ass. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed this.