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Larry and Ren ?

well if you didnt know ren is the top of her class and has the best gpa at her school she has a great best friend the only problems with her life are her brother louis she thinks that he is the worst person in the world! and he trys to make her life miserable and larry beal hes always TRIED to beat ren but its not possible! and if you didnt know rens ex-boyfriend bobby cheated on her with mandy (ill steal your man) sanchez and they broke up.

5:30 a.m. ren gets up and takes a shower and goes down stairs and gets breakfast from her mother! by the time shes done eating and brushes her teeth and goes over her study cards its time to go to school.

"COME ON LOUIS lets go! i dont wanna be late"

"oh yeah wouldnt want to ruin your perfect record now would we!"
"no we wouldnt!"

"why do you like school so much anyways?"

"school happens to be the fafullment of my day "

they finally got to school and ren went and found ruby then gossiped for only 5 minutes then ren had to go to her locker to get all her books for the big law exam coming up in 1st block! she was nervous but she had stayed up all night and studied so she should be fine.

"come in and sit down class so we can start our final exam!"

"good luck ren... ha ha ha NOT!"

"whatever beal!"

the exam got passed out! i started going through the answers fast i knew all of them, then i got to #84 i had no idea then i looked # 85-100 i had no idea! all i could think of is that when i was sick with influenza that i missed it all! OMG what am i gonna do i have to ace this. then i thought about it well i was 99 certain that i got 1-84 right 100-84 is only 15 wrong, 100-15 is 85 so even if i didnt know all of those answers i would get a 85 WHAT A B! OH NO!
"times up class"

i quickly fill in the paper and turn it in.

"mr. flen do you think you could grade mine right now please for scholorship reasons"

"certainly ren."

"and mine too"

"ok larry"
i saw him grading mine and there were alot of red checks through some of the questions.

"ok done"

"larry i am pleased to say that you recieved a 97 and ren you recieved a 75 not your best work."

"WHAT? BEAL beat ME wait did you say a 75 thats the worse i have ever gottenin my life!"

"ha ha thats right!"

"just can it beal im not in the mood"

"ren i-i-i-mmm im sorry i didnt mean to make you feel bad"
"yeah well you did"

"ill make it up to you somehow im sorry were just so competitive against eachother its crazy!"
"yeah i know"

then i went to my locker and put all my stuff away and threw the exam in the trash for i NEVER wanted to see it again.


Ren was walking in the hall and she saw Larry now Ren thought that she hated Larry, but there was something different about him today maybe that he actually said sorry the other day and that he felt bad because he made me upset. He came up to her and said something nice for once.

well a week went by and so on and so on. it had been almost a month and ren and larry were actually getting along and were friends is it possible that they could get along for that long.

WELL THATS IT FOR NOW! ill write more later.


its my first even stevens story and its really short SORRY!