Title: Dark Cold Love

Chapter: One

Beta: Plushie Heartless

Completed chapter one: 6/29/05

Disclaimer: I own nothing! I'm telling the truth, nothing! Well, maybe not nothing but not Beyblade. I am not copying Mikin Ishida. It is similar, but I swear I'm not! I was inspired by that story and I recommend you read it its called 'Frozen Love'!

"Tyson, hurry up!" Ray yelled to the normally hyper boy, who was lagging behind.

"What's with him?" asked Max as Tyson walked slowly up to them. Ray shrugged.

"Sorry, guys... I haven't been feeling well today." apologized Tyson.

"Are you going to be okay for the tournament?" asked Max, looking at his best friend with concern.

"Oh yeah, I took some medicine, I'll be fine!" Tyson said, then yawned. "But, it sure made me sleepy..." He yawned again, rubbing his eyes.

"Go ahead, get on the bus and get some sleep - Max and I can load the rest of the bags." Ray said, putting a bag in the bus.

"Yeah!" agreed Max, nodding.

"Okay, thanks!" Tyson said, giving them a weak smile, then headed into the bus.

"What's wrong with him?" asked a voice behind Ray and Max.

"Ahhhh!" both boys yelled in unison, jumping six feet in the air.

Ray swung around to see who had scared him and Max. "Oh, it's only you Kai," sighed Ray in relief.

"Why did you sneak up on us like that?" questioned Max, looking at Kai as he handed Ray another bag.

"Isn't Tyson supposed to be helping you?" asked Kai, glaring at Ray.

"He resting in the bus," answered Ray.

"Lazy as always." sighed Kai, heading towards the entrance to get Tyson.

"No, he's really tried, Kai, let him sleep!" said Max, as Ray loaded the last bag. "Besides, we're finished." Ray closed the trunk. Kai didn't answer, but got on the bus and made his way over to Tyson.

"TY-" Kai stopped himself- Tyson was fast asleep in his chair. 'Ray must have been telling the truth about him being tired...' thought Kai to himself. 'He wouldn't shut up about it yesterday.'

Kai moved away from the sleeping boy and sat towards the front. Max and Ray sat next to each other, playing cards. Kenny and Hilary had already flown ahead to the tournament in Russia so as to register them.

"Cough cough" Kai looked back at Tyson, who was the one coughing.

'I'm not worried... that dork would be complaining if he were sick.' Kai told himself.

"Hey, look, Ray! It's snowing!" shouted Max happily, pressing his nose up against the window.

Ray shook his head. "Max, there was already snow on the ground - lots of it."

"Well, snow already there and snow falling is different!" argued Max back.

Looking amused, Ray asked, "How so?"

Max blinked a couple times, thinking aloud, "Well... think about it, it's much more fun watching snow fall than watching already sitting on the ground... and it's so romantic..." Max said the last past in a really dreamy voice.


"What?" asked Max, turning to the slightly red Ray. Who was covering his mouth with his hand, hiding a giggle.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Ray laughed.

Max frowned.

"That was so cute, Maxie!" laughed Ray, "And kinda true!" Max's face lit up as Ray said that.

"The snow is coming down harder now," said Kai, interrupting their special moment.

Max looked back out the window but couldn't really see out it. Suddenly the bus jolted! The boys yelled in surprise.

"BUCKLE UP!" shouted Kai to everyone looking at him.

"Huh?" Tyson asked rubbing his eyes. Even he had been awoken by the sudden jolt.

When the bus jolted this time, it spun around, throwing Tyson from his seat into the aisle. Kai went to unbuckle but Tyson stopped him.

"I'm fine," he yelled, pulling himself into a seat and buckling himself in.

"What's going on?" asked Tyson as the bus started swaying forward and backward. Kai unbuckled, stood and slowly walked over to look out the window. His eyes widened in shock as he hurried back to his seat buckling in again.

"Listen, when the bus leans forward, lean back! Got it?" he asked. They all nodded. The bus leaned forward and Kai shouted "BACK!" All the boys leaned back.

It seemed as though they had it down when the bus slid forward and rolled down the hill.

The windows shattered and the boys were jostled around.

Finally the bus came to a stop. Kai opened his eyes and looked around - it was kinda dark, but the lights flickered on. Suddenly, he realized -

He was hanging upside down.

"Guys, is everyone alright?" Kai called as the lights flickered out again.

"Yeah, Max and I are!" called Ray back.

Kai pulled at his buckle, which was jammed; finally it came loose and Kai fell to the floor with a thud.

"Kai, can you help me with Max's buckle? It's stuck!" shouted Ray, pulling on Max's seatbelt.

"Can you hurry? All the blood is rushing to my head!" giggled Max.

"Why is he giggling?" asked Kai to Ray, who merely shrugged.

"Who knows?" came a voice from behind them. All three boys turned and saw Tyson with a smile on his face.

"Lets get Maxie down!" he said and they pulled Max down.

"I am going to check on the driver." said Kai, moving towards the front.

"I'll go too," said Tyson, his face slightly red with a blush and something else.

"No, wait here," Kai told him firmly. Tyson nodded.

Kai struggled to open the door, and one look at the driver told Kai he was dead. His head had been smashed into the glass, and Kai had to look away before examining it any further. Kai walked back to his friends, who had recovered a few jackets. Ray tossed him one. Kai nodded in thanks.

"So, what's with the driver?" asked Tyson, coughing into his hand lightly.

"He's... well, dead." said Kai, not knowing how the others would take it. They sat in silence for a few minutes. Only Tyson's coughing was heard.

"So, where are we, Kai?" Ray asked, looking towards Kai.

"Somewhere in the mountains. We're way off the road and the driver took some short cut... He told me so before we left," replied Kai.

Silence once again enclosed them, only Tyson's coughs had become more frequent and worse. The cold air was getting to him, but the others were too lost in thought to notice. Tyson was happy to know that, as he didn't want them to worry and hold back.

"Well, we have to get moving. It sounds like the storm died down." said Kai, standing. The others followed suit and they exited the bus.

Once outside in the cold air, they all turned to Kai, who had been elected leader whether he wanted to be or not.

"Wow, we fell a long way!" whistled Max, staring up at the steep cliff they had fallen from.

Trees had been knocked down and the snow had been scraped off in certain places where the bus crashed through. "We're lucky we survived!" said Rei in awe of the condition of the bus.

It had landed upside down. It was torn open on one side, and all the windows were busted and broken. It was truly a miracle they had lived.

Tyson leaned against a near by tree.

"My medicine wore off... This isn't good." Tyson thought to himself. He coughed into his hand, making a decision to ignore his sickness and act normal no matter what.

"So, Kai, what now?" Tyson asked.

"We go up." he pointed.

"You mean we have to climb that!" pointed Max at the steep trail (or soon to be trail) Kai had pointed to. Kai nodded and began his ascent.

The others followed: Kai leading, behind him Max, then Ray, and lastly Tyson.

The boys climbed along, talking and trying to lighten the mood.

Tyson was in pain. His chest felt tight, making it hard to breathe. He couldn't stop coughing and he knew he had a fever, which was starting to make him dizzy.

"Damn it," thought Tyson as they crossed a particularly small path against the edge. Tyson was half way across a wave of dizziness crashed over him.

He held the ledge tightly - he had been going for so long without resting... he felt so dizzy... Ray and Max were looking down the rest of the path, and gauging how much more they had to go.

"I- I can't hold on...anymore." whispered Tyson as he felt darkness claim him. Kai looked back to see what was taking Tyson so long just in time to see his hands slip from the stones and fall back.

"TYSON!" yelled Kai as he jumped after the younger boy.

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