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Chapter 22

Kai wandered into the dojo as thunder rumbled overhead. Kai thought of ways to make the annoying Tala suffer being so totally insensitive to Tyson's feelings. Of Course Tyson was going to be distant he had no memories and here he was trying to remember a lifetime.

Kai placed himself in Tyson's situation and came to the realization of what he would have become and that was a very scary thought indeed.

"Awwwww it looks like its going to rain!!!" Shouted Max pointing up at the sky. Kai glanced out the window and saw everyone was heading inside except for Tyson. "Hey" he called without turning around.

"I want the party to be over and everyone can come back tomorrow" he said starring at the sky. "Why Tyson?" asked Max cocking his head to the side.

Slowly Tyson turned around and had a huge smile on his face, "So we can continue this party then".

No one was really willing to argue with Tyson at the present time and there was something strange about the way he was smiling that made Kai's skin crawl.

"Alright Tyson we'll continue this tomorrow" said Kai slowly. "Alright everyone we'll see you later" said Kai leading everyone to the door.

"What's the matter with him Kai?" asked Rei on the way out. Kai shook his head and ushered them out.

As soon as everyone had left, Kai returned to where he had left Tyson. "Kai" said Tyson quietly. "Yeah" Kai replied.

"Do you think they will hate me?" he asked his voice wavering. Kai was shocked, "Why would anyone hate you?".

Tyson bite his lip and turned around, "I don't know what to do, what if I say something rude about a touchy subject or hurt someone's feelings because-" "You didn't know any better?" finished Kai.

Tyson starred at the ground as the wind whipped around them. "How could you blame yourself like that?" asked Kai.

Tyson ran to Kai and threw his arms around him and cried. Kai quietly fought his own tears as he watched Tyson suffer against his own demons.

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