Title: Where He Is

Author: Viola Coye

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers except for a stuffed MMPR yellow doll my best friend bought for me. Please don't sue me, I barely have enough for college now, much less any to pay legal fees.

Challenge: Inspired by a challenge at quillandink (see link in profile)

Summary: SPDHe's never sure where he is when he wakes up.

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He's never sure where he is when he wakes up. Sometimes he dreams he is back behind the dumpster where he used to sleep before meeting Z, where he had to hide from those older and meaner who also inhabited the streets of Newtech City. He learned quickly to eat whatever food he found immediately, so it was not stolen by others. He no longer worries about finding enough food to stay alive, but in his sleep he still feels the pain of a stomach that has not seen food in three days. He still feels the cold metal of the dumpster in the last few moments before he awakes.

Sometimes he dreams he is lying underneath his bed. He was unable to control his powers, an in his sleep he phased through his bed. He remembers the cries of his parents when they walked in and discovered his bed empty. He remembers their relief when he crawled from under the bed, and he remembers his mother's tears when he told her of his newfound powers. He didn't understand then why, but now he does; now-after living with the prejudice for over fifteen years-he understands his mother's tears.

Sometimes he dreams he's in the old warehouse that became his home after he met Z. The day Z ran up to him and said she had found a place to stay that was dry and warmer than the blanket they sat under on the street. The joy of finding a home, even if home was just an old warehouse, was unmatched by any other experience he had until then. The warehouse was noisy and dirty, but they loved it, and slowly made it home. He swears he can hear the babies crying downstairs in the last moments of sleep.

Sometimes he dreams he's in the jail cell where Commander Cruger threw him and Z after their arrest. He and Z shared the small cot, crowded together, and he was reminded of the cold winters when they crowded together in much the same manner to keep away the cold. He worried about what would happen, he could escape the cell, but he would not leave Z behind. Shortly thereafter, though, she left him for the dream of something bigger. Only in his sleep can he admit he still hates that she left him, when he

But his favorite place to wake up is in his mother's arms, knowing she held him through the nightmares that plagued his youth. He smells her perfume, and feels the soft warmth of her arms surrounding them. He can almost taste the bacon she would make after they awoke, and the sweet smell of waffles and syrup is so strong he would swear he was back in the little house. He loves to wake up in his mother's arms, but he also hates to wake up there, only to turn over and discover he is in his room at SPD Academy, that he must awake to fight another day, and where he must deal with his growing resentment of SPD and the ever increasing distance between Z and himself. Jack is never sure where he is when he wakes up, but he wishes it was not at SPD.