Would You Love Me Even If…?

by Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for slash

Disclaimer: Static Shock isn't mine. Shiv definitely would have had more screen time if I did…

Authors Note: Mou, here I am again, with my fave crack couple in the fandom. This couple is my OTP I've decided. And I'll make more people like it even if it kills me… Okay, so I exaggerate. But I had such nice comments from With a Rope that I had to do more… Anyways, this is short, but hopefully I've kept it in character. Watch out for the blatant PWPness though; there is no plot! Um, let's see, you don't have to read my last fic to get this one, but it might help some. Other than that, just have fun! gives cookies to all

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"Hey, Francis?" Francis glanced over to the other boy, not even bothering to growl his customary "Don't call me Francis." It never seemed to work on his hyperactive lover anyways.

"What is it Shiv?" Said bang baby was playing paddleball with his meta-powered hands and not looking at the redhead.

"Do you love me?" Francis raised an eyebrow in bewilderment. What kind of a question was that?

"Why?" Shiv kept playing his game, not missing a beat. If he hadn't have asked a question, Francis would have never thought he'd even been aware he had company.

"Do you love me?" 'Great, he's being stubborn…' Francis mentally groaned at the realization. Shiv might have normally been easy-going and just a bit more than nutty, but when he was being stubborn, it was best just to let him have his way. Francis had learned the hard way that you just couldn't win.

"Yes, I love you. Happy?" If it wasn't for the small smile that crossed Shiv's face, Francis wouldn't have known he'd been acknowledged.

"Would you love me even if I wasn't a bang baby?" 'What's up with these questions?'

"Sure, why not?" He wasn't sure if his question would actually be answered this time, but he was really curious now…

"Would you love me even if I was a good guy?" Okay, Francis decided that it was high time to evaluate the situation. Shiv kept asking him questions about their relationship; he wouldn't elaborate on anything; he was still playing paddleball and not looking at him. Something was definitely up. Either Shiv was insanely insecure, or this was his twisted idea of some fun new game. The latter seemed more likely at this point.

"Of course." And either way, it was best just to go along with it. Trying to figure out Shiv could be straining on one's mental health…

"Would you love me even if I was a girl?" If any question was worthy of a few blinks in confusion, that would be the one.

"Um, yeah…" Alright, that was just weird. Francis quickly decided to find a hobby for his boyfriend. This game was getting a bit alarming.

"Would you love me even if renounced the ways of the civilized world and ran around naked chanting ancient Hindu ritualistic hymns?"

…Okay, so that was definitely the most blink-worthy question yet. Probably in the entire universe…

"Ah, yeah Shiv, whatever you say…" And then something even odder happened—

The sound of the paddleball stopped. Francis looked over to see Shiv's hands back to normal. The light-wielder leaned in and kissed the redhead on the cheek before running up the hideout's stairs to only God-knew-where.

"Thanks Francis! I knew you'd understand!" Francis watched wide-eyed as his lover ran out of sight. What in the world—

'Oh crap.'

"Shiv, get back here! You know I'm the only one who can see you naked!"

And thus, the chase was on.