Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. Nor is the song.

Warning: Implied slash, Sparrington.

Author's Notes: Inspired by the song of the same title by the Only Ones. And it's a drabble, it's supposed to be this short. So don't complain about the length, or lack thereof.

No Peace For the Wicked

They say there's no peace for the wicked, and I can attest to the truth of this. I am surely wicked in the eyes of the law, although my conscience does not trouble me. It is wicked for any man, especially a Commodore in His Majesty's Navy, to lie with another man, especially a pirate. I used to think that this same man deserved nothing better than a short drop and a sudden stop, but that was before he kissed me. Now I can think of far better things to do to him…

Jack interrupts my thoughts to impatiently drag me back to bed, and I sigh and smile ruefully. There is truly no peace for the wicked.