Summary: What does Faith know of her past, where did she come from, and what would she do move on to her future. Take a walk with her as she discovers who and what she is. Will she ever find out where she can call home?

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Uncertain Past, Unknown Future

Chapter 1

The night was young. Nothing stirred in the last two cemeteries. She was crusing for a good slay.

Man, where are all the baddies when a girl needs'em. I'm hitting the Bronze if this one doesn't put out.

As she moved between the gravestones listening foe anything, moving silently, as if she was death waiting to happen, which she was. Least for any unlucky Vamps. Out of the darkness voices could be heard. Too low to be understood.

Well Faith, here maybe the trouble you wanted. Showtime!

She eased over by a crypt as the voices grew louder. She waited to see if she could get any info of what they were up to before she ashed them. "Why is this taking so ling Boss?" said a muffled high pitched voice f some guy. "She always was a slacker," whined the high pitched voice.

"Yah, I thought as soon as the sun was gone she would be up and about," said a second voice, much deeper then the first guy.

"Knock it off both of you!" A female voice snarled.

"Boss, but I'm hungry," whined the first guy, his voice irritatingly high.

"Soon . . . . when she's up, we'll all feed," soothed the female to both guys.

Faith had heard enough and was getting bored fast. She got up on top of the crypt and looked down at the vamps. When they were no looking she dropped down by them. "Well look at what I've found." Faith's voice carries clearly over the area. She appeared to be leaning against the crypt as though she was always there. "Mind if I join you?" smirking at the shocked expression on the vamps faces.

"Slayer!" Hissed the female, "Get her boys!" She growled to her minions.

"Aww, well I guess that means no. Well, like I always Say. Want! Take! Have! So let's rumble," Faith said while moving with blinding speed. Stake in hand and the guy with the deep voice made a swing at her. His fist sweeping over as Faith ducked under and came up with a right hook. Snapping his head back, also lifting his body up and back with the power of the blow. She did a spinning back kick to the guys buddy followed by a stake through the heart. "No fair!" whined the vamp as he crumbled to dust.

"No!"Screamed the female vamp as the stake went through the whiner.

By this time his buddy had gotten back up. His growl gave prove of his anger, while his game face was one and snarling. He charged Faith like a bull after spotting a red cape. As he grew close, she spun away and around him letting him go past her, doing a full 360, whipping her stake around stabbing him through the back before he even know what hit him. His ashes floated on the night breeze.

"Awwww, did I take away all of your boy toys," Faith said with a wicked smile playing on her lips. "Looks like it's just you to play with, too bad your dead, you sure were a hottie."

The femvamp circled Faith looking for an opening. "Sorry you're not my type. One your alive, two you're a girl, and three, which by the way is the most important one, you're a bloody slayer!"

"Well seeing as I'm not going to be changing any of that any time soon . . . bring it!" Faith threw a fast combination of punches, then kicks, which the vamp surprisingly blocked or dodged.

Faith finally did a leg sweep taking her down. The stunned and down vampire thought it was over. Unknown to both of them though was the late arrival who had finally dug herself out of the grave. Faith's slayer senses kicked in just in time to duck under the grab the newbie vamp was trying to put her in.

"Grrrowl!" was the only sound coming from the newly risen vamp. Her thought on only one thing, her need to feed. Lucky for her there was a fresh supply just waiting for her to eat. Unlucky for her it was Faith. Lunging again, her mind clouding any thought but to feed. The hunger gnawed at her gut as though glass was slicing her open from the inside out. Instead of a meal she got a pissed off slayer.

"Well lookie at who wants to play." Faith said after she recovered from the surprise actions of the other vamp. She looks at the first vamp and says, "I'll be right back with you to finish our little dance."

She then dives at the new vamp, taking her down quickly. In a blink of an eye Faith stake punches down, leaving only dust. As she whirls around to finish the femvamp, she finds that she is gone.

"Well shit!" Dusting off her clothes she gets up. "Enough for tonight, dance time."

Music pulsed, with the bass throbbing through to your very bones. Making one want to sway along with it. Bodies grinding together. Faith danced as she moves through to crowd of people. Soon she lost herself to the music. Guys and some girls circled her, all trying to get close to her. Their eyes showed their lust, their faces showed their want. She was lost to it all; there was only the beat of the music. As the song changes she opens her eyes and see the eyes watching her.

Looks as though I will be going home with some hottie tonight

She could feel the heat of her own passion began to flow. She just kept dancing along with the music using whichever body closest to grind with. Pushing her lust factor up ever higher. After what seemed forever but really was only a few hours of dancing she moved to the bar. Winking at a cute red head as she past. Once at the bar she orders a drink. While waiting she scanned the room. When her drink was place down she turned back to the bar.

"$4.50," said the bartender.

"I've got it," a low sexy voice said behind Faith. Glancing over her shoulder, she sees the cute redhead she had inked at from earlier. "My name is Victoria. And you are?"

Faith, thanks for the drink," smiled, then downed the shot. Pointed to her glass when she catches the bartender's eye. He nods.

"You should take it slow, maybe dance . . . . with me." This was said in a very low unsure voice, with Victoria glancing down unable to make eye contact.

Faith moves in front of "T" looking her up and down, and then says, "Slow and me don't mix." She downs her second shot just as fast as the first. "As for dancing, hope you are not tired. I like my partners with lots of stamina!" She gives a wicked laugh, and grabs "T's" hand leading her to the dance floor. After a straight hour of dancing Victoria begged for a break.

"Don't beg yet," Faith said with a smirk. "You'll know when later." Victoria blushed. Faith just pulled her closer. They were close in height. "My saying in life is . . . WANT!" She brings her hand up behind Victoria's head. "TAKE!" Using Victoria's hair to get a strong grip which brings their faces close enough that their breath mingled. "HAVE!" Then kissed her hard, moving her mouth over the other girl's lips. Then she slowly caresses her tongue over Victoria's lips seeking entrance. Which she quickly gets, a moan rose up Victoria's throat as she duels with Faith's tongue. The kiss leaves them both breathless.

"Your place or mine?" Growled Faith.

"I live on campus, but my roommate is out of town." Victoria whispered.

"Good, not interruption. Let's motor," With that said she pulls Victoria out the club.

As they got to the campus, Victoria pointed to Stevenson Hall. She was on the second floor right next to the stairwell. At the door to the room Faith slammed Victoria up against it, grinding her hips into hers as her hands moved up and over Victoria's body. Lighting a fire everywhere she touched. Faith nipped and licked at Victoria's neck. As she saw Victoria fumbles with the keys to open the door she took them and did it herself. Faith then pushed her inside kicking the door closed. Reaching for the other girls shirt, she yanked it up and off in seconds.

At the sight that greets Faith's eye she smiles and licks her lips. "What naughty girl you are, no bra." She then smiles evilly. "Let's see if you went commando too!" She made short work with the rest of Victoria's clothes. Pushing the girl onto the bed. She then kicks off her boots. Looks at Victoria and says, "Stay." With the other girls eyes glued to her every movement, leaving her panting. She did a slow stripe tease. Caressing her own chest before lifting up her tank-top up and over her head. It drops behind her onto the floor. Slowly she unclasps her bra, letting it slip down her arms. With her luscious breast now free to see, Victoria starts to pant even heavier. Then she eases her tight pants open. Pushing the leather down her hips ever so slowly, she rolled her hips while doing this. Running her hands up her own legs and she stands in nothing but a black thong on. She then hooks her thumbs on the thong bring it down to join her pants. Stepping out of the pile of her clothes she moves closer to the bed. She then kneels over Victoria, pushing her flat onto the bed. "Like what you see here Vic?" Dragging her body up the other girl's legs. Letting her breasts caress her skin, "like how it feels?"

By the time Faith dragged her body even with Victoria's her nipples were rock hard. Shooting pleasure straight to her groin. "Hmmm . . ."

Faith watched Victoria fall asleep. When she hears the deep even breathing of someone in a deep sleep, she gets up, gets dressed, and quietly leaves the dorm. Once off campus she starts an easy jog to get back to her place.

It sure was a good thing that the Mayor paid a 10 year lease, or I'd be out of luck. Then again, maybe not, my luck seems to have turned. Things seem to be working out for me. Hmmmmm. Just wish I could get rid of the feeling like this won't last.

As she got to her place, she went up to the roof instead of going inside. She looked to the place where things all came to an end. Only after did it begin anew. The place where B stuck her. The place her run with the dark side finally came to a painful end.

Not like I didn't deserve it. B, man, she was the only one who could have stopped me, which she did

Looking out into the sky, her thoughts tumbling around in her head, the past flashing through her mind. She could still feel the steel as it sliced into her gut. The sucking noises as it came out. Her blood pouring over her hands. The copper scent or it in the air.

Faith shakes away the memories. She looks out into the night breathes in the cold air trying to ground her in the present.

Lucky B really didn't give up on me. Least not for long. She really came through for me, even when I didn't deserve it. That's really why she is "The Slayer" she is the real thing, nothing like me.

Finally feeling tired she goes inside. Once in her bedroom she stripes off her clothes and drops onto the bed like a stone, not even bothering with the blankets. She drifts into sleep hoping no dreams find her.