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Ch. 10

Previously ~ ~

Her muddle mind vaguely took note, then she crawled to the blankets spreading one out as close to the center where she woke up, gentle rolling first Tara, then Willow upon the blanket leaving enough room for her to snuggle between them. She grabs the second blanket and places it over all of them, wiggling her arms under both witches to pull them close to keep them warm with her own body, all the while fighting to stay awake as her vision fuzzes in and out. Barely completing her task as the darkness drags her back under.

. . . .

The sound of birds and woodland creatures foraging for food in the brush reached Tara's ears first. Feeling warmth to her side she snuggles closer its source. Curling her arm tighter around the woman next to her only to feel another body brush against the back of her hand, also the feel of someone else s arm under hers forming a cross over the chest upon which her hand was squeezing and cupping a breast . Her mind a bit muddled with sleep she slowly begins to release the hold her hand had of the breast which seems bigger then Willows.. . . bigger then Willow's breast runs through her mind and she begins to understand just whose breast it was she had been feeling up. Just then she hears a mumbled from Willow close by, who then squeaked and jerked further away shifting her hand slight from Faith who seemed to still be sleeping. Removing her hand more slowly as to not wake up the dark slayer, while lifting her head up to find her gaze locked upon Willows startled eyes, then dropped her gaze lower watching as a blush slowly begins to cover most of Willows upper body nearly reaching her belly button as Willow takes in her position next to Faith. Watching Willow also bring her hand up away from Faiths other breast which the red head hand been fondling akin to Tara.

" Hmmm . . remind me to holler for you two if I am in need of having my chest to be warm and toasty. You two both sure have some nice grips and both tend to tease with your nails in just the right way. " Faith chuckles as both witches are now furiously blushing, are looking up from their places upon her shoulders. "What time is it anyway?" she looks around, " How are you two feeling? Hope it was warm enough, you both were shivering when I came to, barely had enough time to cover us up before passing out again myself."

" Willow do you remember if the spell worked or not? " Tara asked trying to remember last nights events past the beginning of the second spell. Her memories feeling hazy and fragmented. She feels vaguely uneasy but not sure why.

Willow runs her hand through her hair as she also tried to piece together what had happened before passing out last night. Scenes flash and blur as though she wasn't really the one who experienced casting that spell after a certain point. Then it fades out as she sleeps. "Its strange I feel that we completed the spell, yet I don't really remember most of the casting once we began," she frowns softly. " Its almost as if I was seeing it from afar, Faith do you remember anything?"

Faith describes what she remembers of what happened, all the way up to the bright flash of light. Even how she noticed feeling power gathered around them inside the circle getting stronger as the spell was progressed. As if a great weight had slowly be sifted on top of them all yet she didn't feel smothered or crushed.

"Wait did you say all three of us had our blood dripping into the coals at the same time from the blade?" Willow eyes widen. " Uhm, . . . I don't think that was supposed to happen." Willow start rambling to herself and she rethinks over the spell in her head. "I wonder if this changes the spell or not? Its not like we changed any of the words and our blood was already used , just not sure if it will effect anything with a second helping as it were."

Tara shakes her head at how cute her girlfriend kept rambling on to herself and looks over to Faith with concern," Are you feeling any different?"

"Not really, my cut was healed last night when I was gathering the blankets for us, that I do vaguely recall, but other then that nope, I feel fine, but lets find out if it worked shall we?" With that she quickly pulls the dagger out of the cold coals and slices her palm down the middle rapidly blood pooled from the cut.

"FAITH!" Willow tries to stop her.

Both witches watch as the cut bleeds for a few seconds before it begins to close and the blood seems to be reabsorbed into Faiths skin.

"Wicked!" was all Faith could say," Though it could feel the blade cut still it just only ached a little before that faded also. Was there any draw backs from the spell besides the stated long life? Anything you didn't tell me about?" Willow shakes her head no.

After that all three got dressed and gather their belongings up to leave. As Faith gets near the witches she pulls both in to a tight hug. "Thanks T! Thanks Red!" she mumbles softly. " Least now I am not so scared of what's to some with the Counsel." Just as fast as the hug began she pulls away quickly. " Okay enough with the sappy stuff, I got to motor, cloths to pack, planes to catch, Brits to tease. If either of you ever need help, ever, just give me a call and I am so there!" Turning away Faith clears her suddenly dry throat. Then looks up to the rising sun, trying to get her emotions under control.

"Faith I think I can speak for both Willow and myself when I say that we are truly Happy to have been able to have helped you. Just remember friendship goes both ways. Should you ever need help or just someone to talk to, just give us . . " looking at Willow, who nods, " a call and as you said we are so there!"

. . . . .

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