Title: Original Girl II
Author: Trillian42

Additional Disclaimer: Okay, you all know KP doesn't belong to me. In addition, the song "Best Friend" is preformed by Weezer. Please don't sue, I really thought it fit well.
Author's Notes: I honestly didn't think you would like chapter four as much as most of you did. I'm really proud of this chapter. I love the symbolism. See how much you can catch. This chapter in particular is littered with it. I can't believe I wrote a song fic… Just so you know, I think I'll take some time off OG, maybe write a third part later, but I have a new idea I want to work with, so keep an eye out. Thanks to anyone and everyone who reviewed or read this story. Love you with all my heart.

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Okay, this final one is for my best guy friend, who is so Ron, in almost every way.

Ron looked through the fence, realizing why Kim chose this place for their talk. Carefully squeezing through the opening between the fence and the post it was latched to, Ron found himself in the small playground behind the pre-school where they'd met. If this is where it started and this is where the fate of their friendship would be decided.

Ron watched Kim, who seemed to be lost in memory, looking around this sacred area. She smiled as she reached the swings, there were two of them, side by side. Gently, Kim's finger brushed over the links in the chain. Ron came up behind her, touching 'his' swing. It'd been years since he'd had a swing ride. Without another thought on the subject, he sat. Kim beside him did the same.

Four-year-old Ron was alone in an endless stretch of blacktop and browning grass. When his parents has left earlier, they'd promised he would have a good day. Although only an hour had passed, to the only solitary child on the playground, it seemed like a lifetime. Ron sat quietly, watching the other children, playing joyously and ignoring him. Ron devoted himself to digging a hole to China in the blacktop, absentmindedly digging with his forefinger. Looking up again, his eyes went instantly to meet those of a redheaded girl with ponytails.

Ron could scarcely believe when she loosed a smile and traveled in his direction. As she crossed the vast expanse, Ron felt something different about this girl. She was different, and he wanted to be her friend more than anything. When she reached him, she seemed at a loss for what to do next, digging her foot futilely at the blacktop. Meeting her eyes again, Ron begged her wordlessly to introduce herself.

"Hi" she said, finally taking initiative, "I'm Kim, Kim Possible".

Uneasily, Ron rose to his feet, anxiously offering his hand in a handshake as he'd seen his father do to his new teacher earlier. "Umm… I'm Ron… Stoppable."

His heart nearly stopped at her smile, even then. She smiled sweetly at the Ron, who blushed furiously at Kim's gaze. Underneath all his concern and self-doubt, he was sure that she would be his best friend forever. "Wanna go play on the swing set?" She questioned, with what seemed like sudden confidence.

"Sure" Ron replied instantly grabbing her hand and pulling her excitedly towards the aforementioned equipment. Ron smiled to himself. 'I made a new friend' he thought, 'we'll be best friends forever!'

Looking to his best friend, Ron saw Kim with her brow furrowed in concentration, eyes facing the rocky floor of the swing sets, but not taking it in. Ron remembered what he had asked her right here, so many years before. "Wanna push?"

Kim's eyes met him, "I'd love one". Rising, Ron walked over to Kim, arms on her back, her body trembling at his touch. Letting his hands guide her, Kim's swing squeaked, begging to go higher. Finally deciding she could not go much higher, he moved to his swing, bringing himself up at the same rate as Kim's swing. They were moving as one now, the swings following a steady curve. Kim was laughing; Ron saw this clearly, now that they were flying side by side. The wind rushed past her face and caressed her entire form. Ron was mesmerized.

After a few minutes, the swings had calmed, moving at a relaxed speed. Ron tried, as he often had in his childhood to jump from the moving swing and land upright. Surprisingly, he landed perfectly, quite proud of his childish feat. Kim just sat on her swing, shaking her head in amusement as Ron bowed. Ron returned to his swing, feeling ready to finally say what was on his mind. Instead, it was Kim who started.

"Do you remember when we met?" Kim asked.

Ron realized this was an obtuse question. Of course he remembered, it was one of his best memories. "Sure" he replied simply.

"We went on the swings. I remember we went so high, I thought maybe I could catch a star if we'd tried at night." Ron didn't know what to say. Looking around, he realized how many great memories he had of this place. "And you wanna know a secret Ron?" She didn't wait for an answer, but met his eyes "I still want to catch one."

Ron was unsure how to respond. He was sure they weren't talking about stars anymore. Kim continued "We need to be honest Ron. I don't want to lose you. I need you." Ron's heart caught in his throat. Kim's eyes glistened with tears that Ron hoped would never fall. Moving from his swing, he kneeled in front of her, resting one of his hands over hers. With his other hand, Ron brushed Kim's one fallen tear from her eyes. Kim needed to feel Ron next to her, she needed to feel safe under his touch. Sliding from the swing, she landed next to him. Ron pulled her close.

"Look, KP. Everything'll be okay. We're just nervous." Stroking her hair, Ron felt nothing but love and respect for the girl in his arms; the girl that only he could see, the girl who would always want to catch that falling star. "You want me to be honest?" he questioned.

Kim rose her head and nodded, "I'm so scared of screwing things up with you KP. To be perfectly honest, I'm petrified that getting close to you will make me lose you. But I can't stand to be away from you Kim. You are the other half of my soul. I am not the best guy in the world… I can't give you anything but my love." Taking a breath, Ron could not believe he had said all that. He had been sincere with Kim, now he could only wait for her to continue.

Kim's eyes watered. He had said everything she had needed to hear. Now it was her turn to tell how she really felt. "Ron, my whole life I've had you by my side to guide me. You are my best friend and in spite of everything, I find myself falling for you a little more everyday. I'm so frightened that I'm going to ruin everything that makes us great together." She felt another little tear fall, which Ron wiped away lovingly, gazing longingly into her emerald eyes. As she was about to continue, she felt Ron move slightly, so that now they were closer. She looked into his eyes and found them intense. She was unable to continue, wanting so badly to kiss him and hold him forever.

Sensing her need, Ron reached for her lips with his own. The two met passionately, both wanting so badly to hang on. Pulling apart while they still had some mental reasoning, Ron realized that he had Kim pinned under him. Her hands were playing with the hair at the nap of his neck, begging him to continue, driving him insane.

Resting his weight on his right forearm, Ron released his left hand to stroke her hair gently. Her face nuzzled his hand lightly, craving contact. Dropping another kiss softly on her collarbone, he drew away. Looking disappointed, Kim allowed Ron to pull her upright, his hands lingering on hers.

Spontaneously he asked, "KP, do you want to dance?"

Looking at him as if he had lost his mind Kim questioned, "Now?"

"Yeah," Ron replied innocently, "Call me crazy for wanting to dance with my girlfriend on our first date."

"Our first date?" She questioned.

"Yeah, I was considering calling this our second after Killigan's lair, but that wasn't too romantic. Back to the question at hand. Dance with me?" Ron offered his hand to Kim.

She accepted graciously before frowning slightly. "We don't have any music".

"Hold that thought" Ron replied eagerly, pulling a small MP3 player from one of the pockets in his pants. Cranking the volume and laying the device on one of the swings, the two could barely hear the lyrics. It did not matter anyways; Kim and Ron both knew the song. Moving towards her, he offered her his hand again. Instead of accepting it, she walked up to him, sliding her hands up his chest and finally sliding behind his head. His hands met at her back pulling her close.

When everything is wrong,

I'll come talk to you.

You make things all right

When I'm feeling blue.

Ron was so different then any other guy with whom she had danced. His hands were not too low, trying to grab her, or too high as if trying to get to second. He held her close, his hands softly playing on the fabric of her shirt. It was clear what made Ron different, he respected her.

You are such a blessing

And I won't be messing

With the one thing that brings light

To all my darkness.

Laying her head on his shoulder, she let the words of the song wash over her. Finally came the chorus, she barely felt ready for. Ron whispered the words to her, warm breathe washing over her and he bend to her collarbone again.

You're my best friend

And I love you

And I love you

Yes I do.

Moving to give him better access, she wordlessly thanked Monique for her advice. Ron was the perfect guy for her, and for so long, Kim felt she had been too caught up in herself to notice. She had this great guy beside her all along.

There is no other one

Who can take your place.

I feel happy inside

When I see your face

Kim's hands cupped Ron's cheeks, moving his lips from her collarbone up to he lips. Giving into her casual demand for a kiss, Ron allowed her tongue into his mouth, savouring her taste. Ron knew in that moment all their doubt had been in vain.

I hope you believe me

'cause I speak sincerely

And I mean it when I tell you

That I need you.

Pulling back, Kim rested her forehead against his. Their eyes exchanged the word's that each had whispered so gently to each other. Kim whispered the chorus back to him, in time with the music, feeling each word in her very core.

You're my best friend

And I love you

And I love you

Yes I do.

Ron could scarcely believe his luck. He was so sure he would screw this up when he had decided to ask her to dance. Nevertheless, everything was perfect. This was where they had met, and now where they had evolved their friendship to the next level. This place was theirs and theirs alone.

I'm here right beside you.

I will never leave you

And I feel the pain you feel

When you start crying.

Ron knew he could never leave Kim, no matter how hard things got, they would face them together, side buy side as they always had. Kissing her softly on the tip of her nose, Ron knew they were okay now. They understood each other's fears.

You're my best friend

And I love you

And I love you

Yes I do.

Everything might change in time. The old school house might be torn down, their song might fade from memory but one thing in this world would never change. Kim and Ron; BFF, Best Friends Forever, and growing up could never take that away from them.

You're my best friend

And I love you

And I love you

Yes I do.

Yes I do.

Yes I do.

The End