Running, Always Running- Hermione Granger is not a normal witch; she is not fully human even. Hermione or Anai as she used to be known is a transgenic made by Manticore, a government agency intent on building the perfect solider, a perfect weapon. Now Anai is looking for her love Zan, but what happens if he's already at Hogwarts? And what if Donald Lydecker has infiltrated Hogwarts? (Set in Seventh Year of Hogwarts!) Doesn't follow Order of Phoenix storyline onwards!

Chapter 20

Anai was forced to explain things to Harry and Sirius due to the fact that they had heard too much, Harry and Sirius then were told to look after Eva whilst they did their mission despite the arguments that they would help. Zan had just said he would tie them up and knock them out and by the time they regained consciousness Zan, Anai, Zack and Max would be long gone.

Currently the four super soldiers were stood on the woods around Manticore looking over a map of the facility.

"You guys know your mission?" They all nodded.

"Let's move out." Zack said and the group left Logan at the van.

They moved down to the fence and gazed at the place that made their lives a hell on earth, the place were they would gladly kill themselves to escape again.

They ran swiftly down to the fence and in one smooth movement had cleared it and were heading into the facility. Splitting up with Max and Zack who were heading to the DNA lab the couple headed to the room with the discs in case someone started Manticore up again.

Breaking into the room was easy and they quickly secured the information and checked the computers for information that could be back up, sending a virus to all the directors' computers that was pacifically targeted at Manticore Information, no matter how insignificant the information was, would be wiped out.

They just walked out of the room when they were surrounded by a small group of X5's, getting into fitting stance they blocked a barrage of kicks and punches, it was then that they used their secret weapon.


Hitting them with a stunner they quickly moved on in time to meet Zack and Max just as the alarm went off.

Groaning they ran towards the fence, again clearing it in one jump. Before dashing into the woods. They could hear the pursuers behind them and pushed themselves to the limit. They didn't dare stop; even when they heard the explosives that Max and Zack had placed they knew they couldn't stop until they were at Logan's. Climbing into the van they sped off finally relaxing somewhat but still keeping an eye out of the window for any pursuers.

Luckily there were none.

They had done it.

They had taken down Manticore.

4 Years Later

"Mr and Mrs Malfoy?" Anai and Zan got up, Zan was clutching Eva in his arms, the little girl was now about four.

"Yes Doctor, any news?" Anai said her voice was wavering as she spoke.

"I'm afraid I have bad news, your son Ben has a tumour in his brain and it has progressed so far that we can't remove it. I'm afraid your son has one week at best." The Doctor said his heart breaking at the couple's look of despair. Even the little girl in the man's arms looked devastated.

The couple had come in for their baby's check-up when the found the tumour and now they had to understand that their 7 month baby boy was going to die.

"NOO! You have to save him!" The women began to scream hysterically.

"You have to save him or I'll kill you." She screamed meaning every word.

"Mrs Malfoy I suggest you calm down so you can spend some time with your son." He stated watching as the women advanced on him. She grabbed his neck firmly and threw him about 10 feet back.

"Wha?" He managed to get out before she was suddenly next to him and strangling him.

"Save him!" She yelled through her sobs.

It was then that the young women broke down in sobs and her husband walked over after placing the little girl on the floor and lifted the distraught women into his arms and carrying her over to the seats and placing her down, Eva then climbed into her Mother's arms as she sobbed. The man then got out a guy and pointed it at the man.

"Do all you can, if he dies then so do you." Zan knew he was being unreasonable but he didn't care.

It was in that moment he realised that even without Manticore destiny still had a way for them to suffer.

The End

Short I know but I was beginning to run out of ideas. I wanted to have a fairly sad ending since I've never done one before. Please tell me what you think.