AN: Well this is how I imagine me going to Spira, be warned you may not know what you've got yourself in for. It is a rather random fic so be prepared for random things.

Chapter 1

Okay here we go question 10 a

I sat at my desk staring at the exam question in front of me. I read it through once twice and again. The question was incomprehensible as was any question in maths to me. I then gave up and lay my head on my hands just a five-minute daydream wouldn't do any harm. Daydreaming was a thing I often did I mean come on sometimes in this world it's so boring. Okay people did think I was a bit weird and I was a bit old. I mean I know I'm 15, but daydreaming of Spira was sometimes got me through the school day. Anyway I laid my head on my hands and daydreamed of Spira. It was the normal deal. The Bahamut Fayth appeared and said I was going to Spira. He was there standing in front of my desk. Hmm normally he floated in the air what was with that? I looked round everyone was frozen. Huh that wasn't right either.

"You're daydreaming again aren't you?" The boy spoke

"Huh wha? You never normally say that. Hey you've been spying on me."

"For once you aren't dreaming."

"I'm not? Prove it then."

Time started moving again. Pupils were writing and turning over exam paper pages. The fayth was still there but even the teachers and the invigilator couldn't see him. The fayth went up and nudged one of the pupils so they dropped their pencil. The clattering noise rang throughout the silent exam hall. I just raised my eyebrows and smiled at the fayth as if that didn't prove anything. He then came up and poked me in the ribs.

"Ow!" I exclaimed

Everyone looked at me and hid my face trying to look innocent by doing the rest of my exam. Time then froze again

"Believe me now?" the fayth asked

"Well I spose I don't have a choice do I?"

"Do you want to come to Spira or not?"

"Is that a question?" I then asked grinning

"I take that as a yes then."

"No I think I'll just stay in this stuffy exam hall all day." I said sarcastically, "Of course I want to go!"

"Okay then."

"Will I be in Zanarkand?"

"Of course."

"I don't really see the point of that but oh well beggars can't be choosers. Wait can't I take some stuff?"

"If you wish."

"Well iPod for starters, laptop defo. Oh wait they don't have the same electric outlet power supply as us do they? Don't suppose you have an adaptor do you?" The fayth chuckled

"Don't worry you can take as much machina as you carry."

"Oh good, well then mobile check." I said feeling the brick shape in my pocket. Cameras gotta get pics of this. Video too. And finally a portable DVD player. Think you could get me stuff I don't have?"

"Well no one's really going to notice are they?"

"Oh and finally a different top please I don't really want to wear my school uniform do I?"

"I know you I suppose I can make a selection." The fayth then said

"And one more thing." I told him and he looked a bit dubious but nodded.

"Only in times of great need." He instructed

"No sweat anywayI suppose you've been reading my mind the whole time or something?"

"You're good at guessing."

"Yeah I rock." I grinned again.

Then a backpack appeared at the side of my desk. I picked it up and slung it over my shoulder.

"I assume that my things won't get wet while I'm there will they?"

"I'll make sure they don't."

"Thanks." I then checked through everything. It was all there. "I'm ready."

Everything then went fuzzy and a bright light appeared. I had to close my eyes. I then felt a thump. I opened my eyes and was lying on my side in a puddle on the Zanarkand streets. I got up groaned and rubbed my side. The ends of my hair were dripping and one side of my bandana was wet also.

He could have put me in a nicer place. Ohh that's gonna leave a bruise

I then looked around. I didn't have a clue where I was.

Oh crap this bit isn't on the game.

"Where do I go!" I shouted hoping the fayth would hear me. No such luck. I now had to do all that was left for me to do. Improvise. I walked a little way. Then I thought. If I could find Sinspawn Ammes I'd be on the right track to find Tidus and Auron. I mean I didn't want to die five seconds into the game. I mean adventure. This was more than a game now. I saw the creature wedged into the building. I started to run towards it. My luck however must be greater than I'd originally thought after about 10 minutes. After which I had a stitch and was panting I might add. I suddenly found myself at a crossroads. To my left and straight-ahead walkways and to my left the entrance to the Blitzball stadium. I was hoping that Tidus and Auron hadn't gone without me. I soon found out. A man in a red coat was standing there with Tidus. They seemed to be waiting for something.

"Auron!" I exclaimed then realising that that might have been a bad move. Tidus looked at me as if to say 'how do you know him?' Auron however nodded towards me.

"Was waiting for you." He said to me in that serious emotionless voice of his. Hmm that voice but may turn on Brie but not me. I mean I don't think he's a minger or anything but anyway.

Tidus then looked confused as Auron ran off in the direction of which should be Sinspawn Ammes and our ride to Spira. He looked me up and down as if Auron had a lot better people to wait for than a 15-year-old girl in ripped jeans, a rugby style shirt with her school logo on and wearing a bandana. I just looked at him frowning with a hand on my hip and pulled off my wet bandana. Then his expression changed and he seemed to smile continuing to look me up and down. Was he checking me out? God I hope not. I then grabbed him by the hand and yanked him in the direction Auron had run in.

"Come on!"

I then stopped half way down the walkway to get my breath. I had another stitch. God I am such a bad runner. Tidus looked around. Auron had seemed to have disappeared. The fayth boy then appeared and looked at Tidus.

"It begins."

Tidus just looked blank at him

"Don't cry." He then turned to me, "Having fun?"

"Yeah brilliant." I panted sarcastically.

"Good." He smirked and then disappeared.

"Hey wait!" Tidus called seeing Auron and running over. I followed. "Hey not this way."


Tidus and I looked up to see a big sphere of water sucking up every bit of matter in its range.

"Sin." I said and then muttered under my breath. "Jecht."

"Sin is correct." Auron stated, "But how did you know?" I ignored him

"Why were you waiting for me?" I asked to him in a hushed tone as Tidus went ahead.

"I was told by a fayth that I would be waiting for someone other than Tidus and that I would know when I saw them."

"Huh? Whatever." I then laughed seeing Tidus 'bravely' trying to fend off some sinscales.

"Take it." Auron instructed giving Tidus a pink blade: Longsword. "A gift from Jecht."Tidus held high above his head. I discreetly got out my video camera. I knew what was going to happen. I sniggered and started filming.

"Macho man he he." I muttered Tidus then gracefully toppled under its weight. I had to chuckle at that. It was even more amusing watching it for myself rather than playing the game. "And that was Tidus' ever amusing display of trying to look macho." "Hey you squirt least I have a weapon." "Squirt! I'm 5'6'' least I'm taller than most girls in my year." I shouted angrily before turning the camera. "There's no time for this." Auron then pointed out. Tidus and me seemed to have completely forgotten about the sinscales.

"These ones don't matter we cut through."

Aw crap I don't have a weapon. Hey wait.

I felt something like a holster on the side of my jeans. I opened it and pulled out. A microphone. Tidus almost wet himself when he saw it. I inspected it oh come on there had to be something better than this. I also found I was wearing a belt with several daggers and grenades. Some fingerlessblue and black cycling type gloves also appeared on my hands with two vicious looking spikes came out of them when I clenched my hand into a fist. I also had some on my knees and my converse seemed to have turned into running spike converse.

"Oh nifty." I commented. I put the mic away God knows what that was for. I then ran up to the sinscales

"These'll pack a punch." I said giving one sinscale two heavy punches after Auron had decapitated one. I then kicked and kneed the dirty creature and it exploded into pyreflies.

"Beat that." I grinned at Tidus my brace flashing.

"Heh brace face." He mocked.

"And proud of it wanna see it?" I asked jokily I acted as if I was gonna take it out. Tidus then made a girly eww noise and moved away hurriedly from me.

"Only jokin you wuss." I laughed

"Wuss I'll show you." He growled at me. He went over and slashed his sinscale. I expected him to defeat it sinscales are a poor excuse for a sinspawn if you ask me. We ran through till we were blocked again by some more.

"Don't bother going after all of them cut the ones that matter and run."

Er Auron I know I've completed the game. I couldn't help thinking that. I knew that was going to plague me through out the whole time I was here. After punching, kicking and slashing all the sinscales we continued up a hill and there it was. Sinspawn Ammes. Come on Auron please have your overdrive gauge full.

"Auron use Dragon Fang!" I called to him. He nodded and looked as if I shouldn't know his overdrive gauge was full.Oh well whether I was supposed to or not it was the only way we would defeat this thing. I decided now it was time to check out my mic. Ammes was too big for mere punches. I found a button on the mic, which I had never noticed before. I pushed it. The mic disconnected from its pole thing and a curved blade like a scimitar came out.

"Dude." I marvelled Tidus looked at it wide eyed and even Auron raised his eyebrows at it.

"Isn't that blade a bit big for a little girl like you?" Tidus goaded.

"You want me to try it out on you?" I asked. Tidus then decided to drop it. Auron then used his overdrive, which destroyed all the sinscales and did damage to Ammes. It retaliated with Demi. I looked at how much HP I had. About the same as Tidus. At least I was better off than Yuna I thought. We all then had a slash at Ammes. I'd taken to holding my scimitar spear thing with my right hand the blade pointing to the floor and then turning it right way up for a slash. At one point the curved blade got lodged in its side and when I finally tugged it out it left a bloody gauge in Ammes body. Blood flowed out of it making Ammes HP even lower. It still continued to use Demi though we had potions. Well Auron did at least. We continued to hit it until it finally exploded.

"Whew." I breathed We again followed Auron and he stopped at the billboard with Jecht on.

"Yo Jecht." I waved well not really waved just put a hand up in the air at him. Tidus was not amused.

"What are you laughing at old man? Auron let's get outta here!"

"Were expected."

Indeed we are

Even more sinscales were around us. I could tell these little buggers were gonna end up annoying me a lot. Good thing the only thing good enough for them was for them to be decapitated. Tidus then killed a sinscale. I however went and smashed then generator lying on the side of the walkway with my scimitar.

"What are you doing?" Tidus shouted at me.

"Humph this could be bad." Auron said to himself. "She's right Tidus knock it down."

"What!" Tidus exclaimed in disbelief

"Trust me you'll see." I smiled taking over Aurons line. Auron then looked at me suspiciously I think he could now tell that there was something different about me.

It didn't take long for us three to destroy the generator. I fell down the side of the walkway and then exploded. I ducked to avoid flying debris but still got a nasty clunk on the head with some anyway. It didn't hurt as much as it should have done though. I suppose getting hit on the head with footballs or soccer balls whatever the Americans call them and netballs and rounders ball turned out to be an advantage after all. I then picked myself up and began to run blindly after Tidus and Auron, tripping over my own feet in the process. I had to stay close to Tidus or I wouldn't make the bridge. Me heart was racing. I had a stitch again and it hurt to breathe but it was either endure the pain or get blown up on the walkway, which was going down in a chain reaction. I then jumped after Tidus. Tidus grabbed on to the bridge. I because of jumping a few seconds after him couldn't make it and ended up grabbing Tidus' leg. I felt Tidus clinging desperately. Well I suppose having a nine stone actually almost nine and a half stonegirl clinging on to your leg musn't be the nicest thing in the world. I tried to reach for the edge of the bridgeand called to Tidus to help me. I reached for the edge and pulled myself up on to the bridge just in time to hear Auron say.

"This is it. This is your story. It all begins here."

He then pulled Tidus up by the collar of his shirt and Tidus was thrown on top of me. My head hit the floor hard and I blacked out.

In my mind I knew it was not just Tidus' story or Yuna's but mine as well. I was now part of it. It was now becoming my story. My Final Fantasy.

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