Title: The Descent

Author: xiaou-xijiang

Rating: T

Summery: What if Sora lost the battle in Hollow Bastion with Riku over Kairi's heart? Riku begins Kairi's descent into darkness, but can Sora really fight Kairi to save the worlds?

Disclaimer: What are you kidding me?

Chapter one: the beginning of the end

The bleeding wouldn't stop, and the crimson splotches stained his jacket, soaking through to his shirt. His knees were raw from hitting the ground, and they scratched against the cold carpet.

His muscles were torn, he could feel it. And still…I can't let it end this way…So with blood pouring from the many cuts and wounds on his body he stood, using the legendary blade to lean on as he did.

The darkness was increasing, the unholy door was widening and with each frantic heartbeat it slowly opened. Still he stood. On unsteady legs he held his ground squatting in a defense position, his blade pulsing with his determination.

"And still you stand…battered and beaten, are you really so foolish?" a voice asked mockingly. Familiar and foreign, the voice incited his anger. The boy's eyes were clouded and pain pulsed in his veins. Yet still he stood.

"I find your insolence most annoying. You cannot win. This world and all others shall be mine, and the darkness shall rule; all your piteous efforts shall be in vain. Is this the way you want to die?"

The speaker shifted, dark power radiating from every movement, silver hair shone with cackling energy. The blade in his hand shivered and pulsed, quivering with the need to sever flesh and release the purest essence of life.

The boy, shivered at the biting cold, the loneliness and the fear of losing every thing weighing in his mind. But…I can't lose. I can't.

Swiftly he charged. Blades clashed as his attack was blocked. And still the boy valiantly fought, sweat and blood falling in his eyes, using every attack he had ever learned. The boy's combos were fast, his were faster. His strikes were strong, his were stronger.

Deep, darkened green eyes met with startling blue.

Why are you doing this?

The boy landed a hit.

What happened to us?

"Is that the best you can do?" The voice was mocking as the speaker spun and countered the valiant boy's weak attempt at a block.

Is this real?

Sora floated before hitting the ground, rolling, and moving quickly to a standing position. He was panting, he was shivering. Burning and freezing at the same time, he felt his heart give a lurch. His hand brushed against his chest briefly, before rolling away from Riku's mad dash.

Don't worry, everything will be okay Kairi.

Riku stood to the side, beckoning him as he held his defense. Sora backed away before lunging.

I'll find a way to get you back safe and sound…

Riku throw him off and lunged.

Because I promised I would and…

The blade in Riku's hand pulsed as the he drew nearer to the key wielder.

And because…

Sora rolled away and turned swiftly before stopping. Riku smirked. He lunged forward.

You're my best friend Kairi and I…

Pain erupted inside Sora's chest, but he couldn't find the strength in him to even scream. The Keyblade slipped through numb fingers to fall to the cold stone of the floor. He silence in the Great Hall made it's descent even more pronounced as it fell with a loud clap to the stone.

I wish I had the time to say…

Riku's blade was still in his hand, away from Sora. Dazed, weakening, dying he looked down.

I wish I could have protected you better.

Riku's hand was embedded wrist deep in his chest. Sora felt his fingers moving, searching…for what? Dark energy swirled and twisted around the blonde's wrist, pulsing and twisting, sinking into the blood that fell in rivers down his arm.

I wanted to save you.

Riku's grinned in victory and his fingers closed tightly cradling something warm, something important. Sora gagged and choked, his lifeblood flowing freely from his lips. "Is this the way you want to die?"

I wanted…

Riku's arm ripped from his chest in a violent jerk. Sora felt enormous, unimaginable pain before his body went numb and he fell to the ground. Riku's fingers were holding the heart of the one person who could have saved us all from the darkness. The heart swirled with colors of gold and pink, pulsing with grief and sadness from being ripped from its shelter.

Sora rested on the floor his body cold and pale, his fingers reached for her, the little girl that had rested so closely to his heart. He heard Riku's laughter, he couldn't care. But oblivion was so very near…

I wanted----

Author's Note- Kay, people. I started another story, and this one came to me in the shower. Do you know how weird that was? I was singing Lady Marmalade in my shower and this friggin' plot bunny came and practically bit me in the ass. ((shakes head sadly)) I'm pretty weird huh? Oh, and please don't hate me…things are never what they seem.

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