Title: The Descent

Author: xiaou-xijiang

Rating: T

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Chapter six: Beneath the Desert Sand

Aladdin buried his toes beneath the sand, staring at the moon. The moonlight painted the sand silver and for miles, as far as he could see, the hills and dunes sparkled like jewels in a desert sea. The night was humid and Aladdin sighed as the breeze blew sand and heat against his face and bare chest.

The sky was filled with stars, and he couldn't help wondering wistfully, what star Jasmine was looking at right now. Carpet floated in the night, twisting and curling in the air around him, silently asking if he was okay. Aladdin sighed and scratched the back of his head, doing nothing to straighten the tangled mat of hair.

"I'm fine Carpet, but…" Aladdin shivered as he placed a hand on his chest, just above his heart. "I can't help feeling that something bad is going to happen." I wish Genie were here. He added silently, feeling a surge of loneliness well up inside his chest. Carpet and Abu were good companions and even better friends but they didn't give him the confidence and comfort that Genie did. And he really needed some kind of comfort right about now.

But Genie is gone now with Sora. I have a feeling that boy is the only one who can bring her back to me.

With that in mind Aladdin forcefully directed his attention back to his companion and away from Jasmine. "Carpet, let's go ho― what is it?" Carpet twisted in the air, pointing towards a dark figure stumbling against silver painted sands.

Aladdin unsheathed his sword and leapt on Carpet's back. Together they raced through the heat of the night towards the potential enemy.

Another creature? That's the third time this week. I think they're multiplying. Dread rose inside of Aladdin. As self-appointed protector of Agrabah he would do what he had to, to keep the city safe. But with the frequencies of the attacks…
I don't think I can do it by myself…Aladdin gripped Carpet's fabric tighter in his fingers and bared his teeth in determination. But I have to try.

The heartless stumbled down a particular nasty dune and rolled down the sand, stopping at the bottom and lying still. Carpet jerked to a halt two meter away from the figure and waited patiently for Aladdin to jump off. Aladdin tightened his grip on his sword, fighting a moment of indecision.

A heartless doesn't stumble…maybe it's someone who needs help? But who would be foolish enough to cross the desert with no steed?
The person moaned and coughed against the sand. Aladdin ignored Carpet's protests and sheathed his sword, moving quickly to the injured person's side. He gently placed his hands underneath the person's shoulders (realizing the person was female when his hand brushed something soft and rounded). Aladdin blushed a bright scarlet, the blood illuminating his face in the moonlight, before turning the girl to rest on her back.

She coughed sand as Aladdin gently pushed her dark hood away from her face. The girl whimpered as the wind churned the sand.

"Hey, easy there, easy…" Aladdin crooned softly, brushing sand from pale cheeks. A thick brush of eyelashes lifted to show startling blue eyes. She peered at him before her eyes closed in another coughing fit.

"Al…lad…?" she stuttered trying to work around the hacking coughs that shook the small body. She hacked sharply, making Aladdin hurriedly reach for the water keg tied to his waist.

"Don't talk, drink this." He brought the keg to her lips and coaxed her to drink, while pulling her up to sit up. She drank deeply, downing the whole keg before smiling at him haltingly. Aladdin smiled back reassuringly before tying the empty keg back to his belt.

"Aladdin?" the girl asked, her voice hoarse.

"How do you know my name?" he asked arching an eyebrow inquiringly at the girl. She smiled at him secretly. "A beautiful princess with long flowing hair said you'd help us. She said you were a great hero who protected Agrabah…" She cleared her throat nervously.

Aladdin's heart beat faster as hope raced through his blood. "Did she tell you here name?" Could it be? The girl's blue eyes stared at him with old eyes that saw through his act of vague interest, to the desperation that he tried to hide.

"Jasmine…" her voice carried in the wind around him, through his ears to his very soul. Joy filled him, then came the panic."What happened? Where is she? Is she okay?" Aladdin's voice was hysterical but he couldn't find it in him to care. Jasmine…

The girl shook her head and coughed some more, gripping the torn fabric of his pants in her small hands. "Hear…Heartless…" she coughed some more. Aladdin gripped her tighter, ignoring her whimper of protest as he leaned closer to ask, "Heartless? What happened?"

The girl's eyes were impossibly wide. "I don't know." Aladdin's breath excluded from between his teeth in a long hiss. "Take me there."

The girl stared at him for a long time, before nodding. "Jasmine isn't the only one in trouble. All of the Princesses are…I was the only one who could escape." She closed her eyes for a moment to take a deep breath. When she opened them they were identical flints of steel determination. She nodded resolutely and stood on shaky legs.

Carpet wrapped himself around Aladdin before hovering inches above the ground to help her mount. She followed Aladdin's example and mounted the magic carpet, wrapping arms swallowed in dark fabric around his waist.

"Fly Carpet!" Aladdin yelled, holding on tightly as the Carpet sped across the desert sand. "Hey," he yelled to his passenger over the roar of the wind. "I didn't get your name!" Small but strong arms tightened around his waist and he barely heard over the rush of night and sand:

"It's Kairi."

The night was beginning to break into dawn, pale rays of sunlight streaking against a rapidly lightening sky. Carpet touched against dry earth and sand, the endless hills long ago melting into a flat, level desert.

Aladdin leapt off Carpet and held his weapon ready, frantically searching this way and that for any sign of his love.

Nothing but sand came to his urgent gaze.

"Kairi?" he asked, hearing the small girl dismount behind him. "Are you sure this is the place?" Aladdin realized from his fighting position letting his blade dip low almost brushing the sand.

"Kairi, nothing's―" The sword fell to the sand. Aladdin gasped andfranticallyreached forhis chest, only to find five fingers blocking his way.

Kairi's hand was impaling his chest.

Aladdin felt the shock, then the pain. And he screamed as her hand drew back, searching for between his ribs. Kairi smiled between the boy's shoulder blades, her fingers searching for the soul that powered this pure warrior. Carpet's screech of alarm covered Aladdin's musical gasps of pain, and she glared at the interruption, her blue eyes slitting evilly as the Heartless were awakened by her call. The clouds darkened over the dawn, the heartless restlessly writhed beneath the sand.

A single thread of power lifted from beneath the earth to strike the magical carpet, sending him flying through thesky back to Agrabah. The darkness flooded the earth beneath them, hovering like fog between their legs.

Kairi turned her attention back on the struggling warrior, feeling his lungs frantically trying to inhale air around her fingers. His screams and cries were music above the roar of the heartless and she closed her eyes to savor it. The darkness rose from the ground to surround them both in a tunnel of oblivion and black sand. She whispered in his ear over the screams of the heartless. "Alad-din…" her voice was a sweet croon, a lullabylaced with malice and dark joy. The power was throbbing inside her; the air was deadly cold around them both.

"Before you die, I wish to tell you something. Do you want to hear?" she gripped a rib with strong vicious fingers and snapped it in two. Aladdin's scream of pain was all the answer she needed. She pressed cold lips against his ear, biting to draw blood that she eagerly licked away.

A true hero's blood…She smiled against his skin. "You'll die here, Aladdin; all alone with no one to save you. Take comfort in this, at least." Her voice dropped lower as her power crackled and shimmered from her skin, her eyes glowing in the maelstrom of power.

"You won't be alone for long." For just one breath of a moment everything stopped. The scream of the Heartless were quieted and the roar of the funnel around them was silent. Kairi chuckled dryly in his ear, the sound echoing in Aladdin's head.

She ripped her arm loose from his back; her blood coated fingers closed tightly around a pulsing, swirling heart. Aladdin's scream ended half way out his throat before he fell forward, his blood tainting the sand red; his eyes wide and unseeing.

Kairi's laughter escalated into hysterics as the funnel pulsed with crackling energy and the Heartless worked themselves into a frenzy with the smell of blood. The funnel disappeared into Kairi's left palm, leaving only soft crackles of black lightening wrapping around her fingers.

She stared at Aladdin's corpse, her eyes softening for a moment. "A fine warrior you are. A fine spirit you have." She smiled at his heart, still pulsing in her hand. With every beat purple and pink swirled brighter. "A hero's heart. Your sacrifice will not be wasted."

She carefully placed the heart into her clean palm and let her bloody hand hang by her side. A soft whisper from her lips had the darkness rising from the ground to greedily lick the blood of the hero from her fingers.

"Taste it darlings," she stroked the single tendril of energy that curled around her wrist. "This is only a piece of the glory that will come." She smiled before shaking the heartless free and turning back to the corpse.

Kairi took a deep breath and cradled the heart close to her chest with both of her hands. Dark lashes closed over glowing slit eyes, before opening to empty black orbs. The dark clouds from above rumbled with black lightening and crashing thunder. Kairi began to chant, and she felt the heartless beneath the sand bubble to the surface, staining the ground black.

The earth beneath Aladdin's corpse parted and bubbled with sweet oblivion. The darkness swallowed the corpse and dragged it beneath the earth to devour and change.

Kairi's voice reached a crescendo, twisting around the darkness, tempering the ever-present hunger, and forcing it to complete this task. Aladdin's heartless body absorbed the power, mutating and changing with the Kairi's guidance.

Kairi stopped chanting and stared motionless at the spot where Aladdin's body fell. She quieted the heartless' screams and listened. Silence reigned over the desert morning, the dark clouds parted to show sun. The black sand fled under the rays of sunlight leaving golden shining sand behind.

A hot breeze brushed over Kairi's motionless face, slapping her with the desert's morning heat and dry sand. She waited anxiously, her hands clenching over the pulsing heart in her hand tighter.

She felt Ansem inside her, a shadow in her mind. He brushed against her skin like the desert breeze; a thousand kisses of dark power rushing into her blood stream. Kairi closed her eyes and lifted her head silently thanking the sorcerer.

A rumble of power erupted from the earth, shaking the sand; moving the surface. A call erupted into the desert sky, a shriek of power and hunger. Kairi smiled. The plan was in motion.

"Welcome, Kurt Zisa: Lord of the Desert."

Sora's rhythmic tapping against the Gummi Ship's helm echoed in the silence. Tap, tap, tap, tap, taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptap… Silence. Tap, tap, tap, tap…taptaptaptaptaptaptapTAPTAPTAPTAPTAP―

"Would you STOPRA!" Donald screeched aiming his wand at the Keybearer, or more accurately, Sora's right hand. His fingers froze mid-tap. The expletives that poured from Sora's mouth singed the wizard's feathers and had Goofy's ears shooting straight up in shock.

Donald just snorted at the boy and set his wand down by his feet and turning back to the controls of the ship. "Much better," Donald crowed his beak tilting up in a smug smile. Goofy just shook his head at the two. His friends had been at each other's throat ever since Sora lost the battle with that Sephiroth fellow. If he even tried to interfere they would pounce on him with a vengeance, so he choose (right-fully so) to stay out of the battlefield.

The next five minutes passed with Sora's insults and Donald's wayward spells. Goofy gulped and ducked away from another poorly aimed fireball, hitting the controls with his elbow as he did, and turning the ship upside down. This didn't stop his warring teammates; they didn't even seem to notice that they were hanging upside down by their seat belts. Sora and Donald just screamed andapat insults ateach other louder, small cracks of lightening meeting between their electric gaze.

Goofy sighed as he righted the ship again. Gwarsh, traveling with them is never dull! After another five minutes of yells, spells, and curses, the cockpit was silent. Donald was fuming beside him silently; his feathers puffed up twice their natural size in his ire. Goofy glanced discretely at Sora behind him. The boy was sullenly glaring out the window.

The boy sighed loudly making sparks of electricity hit the helm from Donald's agitated fingers. "I'm sooooooo bored!" Sora groaned, slouching deep into the chair to prove his point. Donald growled. "Who cares?"

Sora jumped forward in his chair, straining against his seat belt. "Shut up, Donald!" Donald flippantly dismissed the boy with a superior toss of his head. Sora made a sound between a snarl and a curse before turning towards Goofy with a sweet smile. "So, Goofy. Any hotspots yet?"

"NO, so stop asking!"

"If you haven't noticed yet, Donald, I wasn't talking to YOU!"

This started yet another battle between the two. Goofy shook his head turned his attention back to the attacking Heartless' ships. About ten minutes and three Fira spells later, Goofy's attention was drawn to the helm where a beeping was heard over the ruckus. He pulled up a video comm. message from Chip and Dale, and smiled at the two mechanics on the screen.

"Hey, Sora! …Donald?" Goofy trailed off as he saw the odd position his two teammates were in. One of Donald's hands were tangled in Sora's spikes viscously pulling the hair from his scalp, the other was pulling the boy's cheek in a very painful way. Sora's right hand was clamping Donald's beak closed and pulling it every which way while the other was plucking the wizard's feathers cruelly.

The fighting pair froze under Goofy's stare and both turned to look at him. The King's Guard pondered how they could have possibly gotten all the way to the opposite side of the cockpit with out him noticing, before just shaking his head and letting it go. I probably don't even wanna know…

"Seems to be some kind of heartless activity in Agr-a-bah," he informed the two, pointing to the video comm. where Chip and Dale were observing the two silently. Sora blushed at their scrutinizing gazes and flung Donald to the other side of the cockpit.

The key bearer leapt to his feet and clenched his fists self righteously, standing tall like a leader trying to restore his good rep. "On to Agrabah, Aladdin might need our help!" he cried, pounding his fist in the air.

Goofy decided not to ruin Sora's thunder by telling him that he looked pretty ridiculous trying to give orders with Donald's feathers tangled in his hair and hanging from his bottom lip. Chip and Dale shared an amused look before nodding at the crewand cutting the connection with the Gummi Ship.

Donald grumbled his way back into his seat before snapping at Sora. "Sit down, dummy, we're going to warp to Agrabah!"

"Shut up, Donald!"

Sora pulled him self onto Aladdin's ledge with a huff, clawing at the brick to find some purchase in the heat of the sun. Man, Sora thought feeling sweat roll down his brow. It's not even noon and I'm dying!

"Move it, Sora!" Donald cried behind him poking the boy's butt with the pointy side of his wand. Sora turned to glare down at the wizard, his frayed temper spiking severely. "Shut it, bird brain!" he retorted, pulling himself up and over the ledge to touch the dirt floor of Aladdin's house.

Even though he had evil thoughts swirling in his head towards Donald at the moment he turned and gave his hand to the wizard, pulling his friend over the ledge to rest on his feet beside him. As Sora helped Goofy over, Donald cast a simple blizzard spell to the ceiling, filling the open apartment with an over hanging burst of cool air.

Sora nodded to Donald in silent thanks before turning to Carpet with a worried frown. The magic Carpet was jumping and twisting frantically trying to gain their attention. Sora bent on one knee to study the Carpet, before turning back towards his teammates.

"I think he wants us to go somewhere. Should we go?"

Donald huffed at him as if to say, well that was a stupid question, and began to sort out potions among all three of them. Goofy equipped his Horn of Ifrit and gratefully accepted the six potions Donald offered.

Sora shook his head and stood rubbing the back of his head with a reassuring smile aimed at the frantic carpet. "I guess that answers my question, huh?"

The desert sand whipped past them as they flew, the sun beating down against their backs as they raced on. Donald squawked as more of his feathers flew away. "Do we have to go so fast? Do something Sora!" he cried tightening his hold on Sora's waist.

Sora winced at the strength of the wizard's grip. "I can't. Carpet won't listen to me." He heard Donald grumble something like "Stupid piece of junk…" but decided not to comment on it. Goofy gripped Carpet's fabric as it curled sharply in the air. "How much longer Sora?" he yelled over the rush of wind.

Sora didn't answer the knight, gripping Carpet tighter in his fist. You're pretty spooked aren't you, Carpet? Whatever happened, it must have been bad. Sora clenched his teeth, leaning forward, silently urging the Carpet faster. I hope Aladdin's okay…

A feminine scream shot through the desert, startling him out of his musings. Carpet made a sharp turn brushing against a pillar that sprouted out of the ground. Sora gripped Carpet tighter, straining against the rain of sand to see the woman.

A heartless shot out of the ground in front of the woman creating a whirlwind of metal and blades. She screamed again, the wind pushing her black hood away from her face, revealing a shock of burgundy hair and a pair of frightened blue eyes.

Sora's eyes widened. Could it really be? That's…she's― "Kairi!" he yelled reaching for her. Carpet circled around the monster dodging his blades, trying to find a safe place to land. "Kairi, run!" Sora yelled as Carpet twisted too fast, overturning his passengers.

Sora hit the sand hard, feeling his cheek burn againstthehot sand.He lifted himself half way with shaky arms,feeling his enemy drawing closer as the ground shook with every step. Sora spat hot sand from his throat as he stood, feeling his shoes sink deeper into the sand.From the corner of his eye he saw Kairi run to the far end of the battlefield to crouch against a column, pressing against the stone to avoid detection. She'll be safe there…Kurt Zisashowed an impressive set of blades

Donald and Goofy flanked his sides as he readied himself for battle.

Yuffie watched Squall go through his strokes, his blade sparkling from the water's reflection. She leaned against the damp rock, stretching her legs and crossing them at the ankles. Sure she understood the need for a hideout, but did they have to get one that reeked of sewer water? Phew, it stinks! Yuffie wrinkled her nose in distaste. "You done yet Squall?" she asked plugging her nose daintily.

"Don't call me that," the swordsman quipped back automatically, never stopping in his strokes. Yuffie sighed heavily. "Fine, Mr. Grouchy-Pants. Leon, are you finished yet?" Her voice was dripping with acid sweetness.


"Ugh!" she groaned, throwing her hands up in frustration. Stupid, leather wearing, cranky MORON! I'm bored out of my mind! She slouched further against the wall, glaring sullenly at Squall's—excuse me, LEON, she thought acidly― back. Aeris giggled from her side of the cavern, leafing through one of Merlin's Tomes.

"If you're that bored, Yuffie, you're welcome to help me," she suggested gesturing to the piles of books and scrolls littered around her. Yuffie sucked in a breath. You mean read all those boring books? No thank you! Yuffie shook her head at the gentle girl and slouched deeper, closing her eyes.

Why can't there be some kind of disaster or distraction? Like―

"Oh, my goodness, Sora!"

Like that. Yuffie opened her eyes and leaped to her feet, ready for action. Sora stumbled into the cavern with a slumped girl swamped in a dark cloak on his back. He had a bleeding gash on his forehead above his eyebrow, and numerous scratches that peeked through the tears on his clothing. He splashed through the water towards the stones; his companions limping close behind.

Leon stopped his strokes and sheathed his sword, steeping into the water to remove the girl from Sora's back. Before Leon's hand could touch the sleeping girl, Sora brushed it away, tightening his left hand protectively aroundher thigh. The boy stepped onto land, letting the girl slide down his back.

"We're here Kairi," he whispered stumbling a bit in his disorientation. Goofy and Donald slid to the ground in relief, leaning against each other as they gasped for breath. "What happened?" Leon demanded watching Aeris tend to the injured warriors.

Sora gripped Kairi's pale wrist and regarded the swordsman with one good eye. "Kurt Zisa," he whispered and winced. Kairi turned clutched her heart with a gaspbefore stepping away from Soraas Aeris cast curaga on the warrior.

Sora sighed as the wounds on his body closed and the bruises faded away to nothing, leaving only a tired ache behind. Aeris turned towards the small girl. "Are you hurt?" she asked, her green eyes sweeping over Kairi,taking note of the way the girl's shoulders were slouched andher hands clutched her chest tightly.Kairi shook her head and wiped the sweat from her pale face.

Leon crossed his arms across his chest and glowered at the three. "Who is 'Kurt Zisa?'" He demanded as Yuffie crossed behind Aeris to stand by his side. Sora sighed and ran a hand through his spiky hair. "He was a heartless in Agrabah. We beat him…barely. We found Kairi there," he said gesturing to the girl swamped in dark cloth. Yuffie peered at the girl.

"So this is the girl you were going crazy over," she teased, making a blush bloom on Sora's cheeks. Sora looked at his feet. "Hey, quit it…" Yuffie grinned at the girl only to feel it fade as Kairi failed to smile back.

Aeris clasped her hands together and pressed them into the fabric of her pink dress. "You three look dead on your feet!" she observed like a mother hen. Rebuking green eyes turned towards Leon. "You should be ashamed of yourself; look how tired they are. Everything can wait until tomorrow, don't you think?"

Leon looked away silently, glaring at the stones. Aeris sighed and placed a soft hand on Sora's shoulder. "There's some rooms in the Hotel waiting for you." Sora nodded gratefully and led the party towards the entrance to the Alley.

The door closed behind her silently and the lock clicked in place.Kairi rested her head against the door and panted heavily, her legs giving in from the strain. She slid down the door and clutched her chest feeling the heartless writhing inside her, burning her blood.

"Look what you've done to yourself." A dark whisper brought the shadows, and the room darkened. A graceful, pale hand brushed against her sweat-dampened forehead. "Didn't I tell you to feed before going to Agrabah?"

Ansem stepped forward, parting the shadow with an impatient wave of his hand. Kairi lifted her head and pleaded with enormous blue eyes. Ansem lifted her gracefully, gliding towards the bed. The darkness bloomed and spread beneath every step he made, and he smiled as the heartless whispered to him.

He placed the small girl onto the sheets and effortless stripped away the black robe. Golden eye's darkened when he saw how clammy her skin was. "He…fights me. Such a strong heart…" she whisper lifting the pulsing heart of the warrior, gripped between weakening fingers. Ansem scowled at the light it emitted, lifting one beautiful hand to grip the heart tightly, sending the shadows to curtain it. The heart's light flickered and dimmed.

"I'm sorry," Kairi whispered placing a cold hand over his. Ansem closed his eyes at her touch and willed the burning of his blood away. He fixed a stern glower onto his handsome face as he turned towards the weak girl. "I don't respond well to disobedience, little raven." She looked so fragile lying there with her heart shaped face surrounded by damp burgundy hair, and blue eyes too wide for her face. He brushed gentle fingers against her sweaty brow softly and smiled when she purred from the sweet power that action brought.

A pale, cold hand trailed down her thigh slowly, making her gasp at the power he sent to her. Ansem's chilly smile should have frozen her, instead it inflamed her, heating the blood that pounded in her veins.

Ansem could feel the puppet in his head, moving restlessly, and he sent a shock wave of power into the girl, smiling as she gasped with pleasure. Kairi's eyes slid closed as she felt wave after wave of Ansem's dark power seep into her blood. It was merciless and cold. She loved it.

"You won't get away with this," the puppet swore, radiating with anger as he watched Kairi writhe beneaththesorcerer'shands in ecstasy. Ansem sent another wave of power to Kairi just to hear her moan louder.

Just try and stop me, puppet. The worlds and Kairi are mine, you'd do well to remember your place, he whispered back removing his hands from Kairi. Riku retreated into his mind, leaving only a single vow behind.

"Sora will figure out what you doing, and when he does, you'll be begging for Hell to save you."

Kairi opened her eyes and smiled coyly at him tracing a small pattern on the emerald sheets. Her skin was a normal complexion and her body was humming from the energy Ansem gave. She could feel Ansem's annoyance and placed the smallest kiss to his bare chest to placate him.

Ansem stood from the bed and faded into the shadows. "Do you remember what you must do? The darkness grows restless." Kairi cuddled deeper into the pillows, burying her face in the soft fabric. Yes. But I still don't get it…She felt Ansem's power brush against her cheek.

"We need the girl to capture Strife, or do you fancy tracking him down through all the worlds?" Kairi lifted her head and blew a piece of burgundy hair away from her face. Yeah, Yeah…She threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood, stretching sensuously, feeling the fabric of her skirt ride up on her thighs. I'll get the girl, where do you want to meet?

"Hallow Bastion." Ansem brushed phantom fingers to make small circles on her bare midriff and leaving a slow burn in her blood. "Be there before sunrise."

Aeris smiled tiredly at Yuffie and declined the invitation politely. "Tell Cid, I'll be a little late; I need to get these books back to Merlin before I go home." Yuffie crossed her arms and pouted for a bit before her exhaustion forced her to yawn. "Be careful," the ninja warned giving Aeris a half-hearted wave as she left.

Aeris sighed and glanced down at the faded books scattered on the ground beside her. The only thing I've gotten out of these books is how to cast curaga and grow man-eating plants. She closed the large tome in her lap loudly; coughing on the dust that blew into her face. I've found everything but Ansem. If only I could get my hands on his notes…

Aeris squared her shoulders and stood. I'll just have to ask Sora if he found anything tomorrow, she thought, dusting her pink dress neatly before hauling the large pile of tomes into her arms. She turned towards the elevator leading to Merlin's house, blissfully ignorant to the shadows gathering behind her.

The tongues of darkness reached for the happily humming girl, brushing against the sweet fabric of her dress. Glowing blue eyes appeared in the shadows first, before a pale hand parted the shadows that covered her body. Silent as the night around her Kairi crept behind Aeris.

Aeris stopped feeling the hairs on the back of her neck curl in warning before a strong arm gripped her waist and a pale hand with nails as sharp as daggers slapped against her lips, muffling her scream.

A dark whisper kissed her ear. "A hero's heart yearns for yours." The darkness crept around them both swallowing them in a void. "You'll be very useful to us." Aeris could feel the heartless stifling her as they closed around them both.

When the shadows cleared Aeris was gone.

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Burning inside,
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Burning inside,
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Burning inside,
with violent anger.
Burning inside,
with violent anger.

Fate is monstrous,
and empty.
Fate is monstrous,
and empty.

Burning inside,
with violent anger.
Burning inside,
with violent anger.

Come, come, you should come!
Please don't let me die!
Come, come, you should come!
Please don't let me die!

One Winged Angel of the Lower Depths!

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