Back in the apartment, Padme, Jar Jar, Obi-Wan and Anakin were eating the Thanksgiving dinner.

"We should defiantly play Force-ball more often. Maybe there's a like league we could join or something." Padme wondered.

"Isn't there a national Force-ball league?" Jar Jar added between mouthfulls.

"Yes. Yes, there is, they play on Sundays and Monday nights." Obi-Wan remembered, but Padme pulled a face.

"Oh shoot! I work Monday nights."

"Umm, thissa stuffing is amazing. Do youssa think we should take them some?" Jar Jar said, helping himslef to another spoonfull of stuffing.

"When they're hungry enough, they'll come in." Anakin added, piling his plate with turkey.

In the park, the dark had begun to settle in, but Mace and Yoda were still fighting over the ball.

"Let go!" Mace exclaimed.

"No! You let go!" Yoda cried, still trying to wrestle the ball away from him.


"How come always us it is that is left in the field holding the ball?" Yoda suddenly wondered.

Mace stopped struggling for a moment as he thought about it. "I don't know. I guess the other people just don't care enough."

Just then it started to snow, which was unusual, considering Coruscant rarely had any weather apart from a perfect day and a calm night.

Hey! Starting to snow, it is!" Yoda cried in amazement.

They both looked up, and watched as it snowed. Then they both returned to fighting for the ball again.

"Gimme this!"

"Let go!"