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The doors burst open and the beautiful young girl ran out into the parking lot. The night air was crisp and cold.

"Stupid Inuyasha!" she yelled as she started running. She never felt more infuriated in all her life. He lied to her. He deceived her. Most importantly, he tricked her. "How could he?" she screamed, still running.

Suddenly, she tripped and fell, spilling out her purse's contents. She slowly sat up and started crying. She felt horrible. She didn't know anyone could feel this horrible. What was happening to her? No one ever had this kind of effect on her -- absolutely no one.

She started picking up her things, but paused as she came upon a small purple book. She grabbed the pen that had fallen out of her purse and picked up the book. It wasn't just a book though, it was a diary.

It was her diary.

She flipped open the diary to the next open spot and started writing.

"Thursday, January 29th

Dear Diary,

you have no idea how crushed I feel. I really thought he could change. Yes, I know. Only knowing him for a mere month and I think he could change? Ha... It's all just so confusing. I'm having all these mixed feelings right now, but I didn't think that hurt would be one of them. But it's over now. It's over. I'm going to stop being this fake girl that he has created me into. I'm going to be real from now on. I'm going to be me. I'm going to be the real Kagome Higurashi. Not 'Kags', as the girls like to call me. Not 'his girl' as his stupid friends think.

Kagome... Kagome Higurashi."

Kagome looked around the dark parking lot. No one was out. They were probably still inside the apartment having their stupid little party. She placed the pen back inside her purse and closed her diary. She was about to put the diary back into her purse, but paused. She looked at her diary one more time.

"All of these pages have him in it, don't they..." she asked softly as she flipped through the pages one last time. She sighed. "Good bye..." she told her diary as she ripped all of the pages out and let the wind carry off the pages of her life for the past two months.

The wind carried them off, but stayed focus on one page in particular...

The very first page.


(-) (-) (-)

The First Page: Mistakes

(-) (-) (-)


"Monday, December 8th

Dear Diary,

two words: High School. Yes, High School. Or the other two words I like to call it: Hell Hole. Why 'Hell Hole'? Because in hell, nothing is fair. You ask for water, they give you sand. You ask for a second chance, they laugh in your face and beat you up for asking. That is precisely why I have given school that title. I just got you yesterday at that one book store across the street from the Coffee House. Not really bad, but I did find a bug in my cinna-roll one time. (Yuck!) Anyways, I figure if I ever want to become a writer, I should start practicing. What better way than to bring a diary around school, right? Right..."

"Hey, Kagome!" came a voice from across the hall.

It was 7:10am. 'Hell' would be officially starting in five minutes, but no one liked going to class until the bell rang. Until then, everyone hung out in the halls by their lockers. That was where Kagome was writing; In her diary, inside her locker. Geek, right?

"Oh, hey, Sango!" Kagome said as she closed her diary and gathered her other books into her hands.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Sango asked cheerfully as she skipped over to her friend.

Her name was Sango Yoshihama. She was pretty, athletic, sweet, and popular. Often, Kagome would wonder why in the world Sango was ever friends with someone like her... But she was and that's all that mattered.

"Nothin' much. Did you hear what happened to Hojou, though?" Kagome asked as she closed her locker and started to head to her first class.

"Ooh. Yeah. He ate some poisonous herbs and won't be back for a while..." Sango stated as she started walking beside Kagome.

"Yeah, I just feel bad for him," Kagome said while looking at Sango. "I mean, why w-"

She was cut off as someone bumped into her, which caused all of her books to fall out of her hands and her glasses to be knocked off. Not to mention that she, herself, was knocked to the floor.

"You bumped into Inuyasha and Kikyou! Watch where you're going!" a high female voice came from the group.

"Yeah, ya geek! You got four eyes! Start using them!" a male voice came this time.

Kagome looked up to see Inuyasha with Kikyou's hand tucked under his with several boys and girls surrounding them the two as if they were Gods. Neither Kikyou nor Inuyasha were saying a word to Kagome; Their minions were already giving her the verbal bashing.

"You're such a freak! Get out of their way!" came more voices from the group. Kagome wasn't listening though. She was looking at Inuyasha. She was looking at his eyes... Those big golden eyes.

That was the first time they ever had eye contact with each other in over a year. But that was just an accident though.

Suddenly, he looked away as he felt Kikyou tug at his arm, saying something about going to her locker. He nodded his head then looked back at Kagome.

"Sorry," he murmured, causing all the taunting coming from the group to stop. He then looked back to Kikyou and started making his way to Kikyou's locker. Their group slowly started to follow them and Kagome started picking up her books.

"Jerks!" Kagome said to her self, but only loud enough to have Sango hear her, who was helping her with her books.

"Well, he said he was sorry..." Sango said softly.

"Doesn't matter!" she told Sango as she placed her glasses on her face.

"Here, let me help you," offered the deep voice of a boy. Sango looked up and came face to face with two deep violet eyes.

"Uh, thank you, but they're her books," Sango blushed as she nodded towards Kagome.

"Oh, all right," he said as he turned to Kagome, handing her the books he had picked up. "Here you go," he told her as he started to rise. "My name's Miroku, by the way," he directed to Sango. "We're going to have to get together sometime," he winked, causing Sango's blush to grow deeper.

"Well, thanks for your help!" Kagome said irritably as she stood up and started to march to class.

Miroku and Sango looked at the strange girl as she stomped off.

"Is she always like that?" Miroku asked Sango once she stood up.

"Only when she runs into those kinds of people. Then she's just pissy all day."


"Welcome back from the weekend, students. Was it good...?" the teacher pressed, seeming eager to hear their replies.

"Ye-" the class began, but was interrupted by the teacher.

"Yeah, I don't care..." he said quickly."Anyways, class..."

Kagome wasn't listening. She didn't really like science. To her, science sucked. Along with math, she didn't exactly like math either. She enjoyed English and her writing class… Which is what she was doing...


"Monday, December 8th (6th Hour/AP Science)

Dear Diary,

I had a little run-in with the losers of the school. Yep. That's right... 'Them'. I hate 'Them'. They think they run everything, but that's not true! They don't. It's all right though. Today's almost over, anyway."

She stopped writing for a short while to look at Inuyasha and Kikyou who were passing notes to each other in the front of the room. She scoffed and went back to writing.

"This class is with Inuyasha and Kikyou, the leaders of 'Them'. They're passing notes to each other right now. I hope they're talking about how much they REALLY hate each other. But they're probably not. They're probably fighting, no, not the good fighting where I hope they KILL each other, but probably about who's prettier or who's cooler. Ugh. They make me sick..."


"Inuyasha..." Kikyou whispered as she tried to get the sleeping boy's attention. "Inuyasha!" she whispered again as she threw a small hair clip at his face.

It did the job.

Inuyasha's eyes shot open once the clip hit his face.

"Here..." she said handing him a note. He reached over, took it, and opened it.


I really need to talk to you. It's very important. I need to speak with you after school. Meet me by your car once school lets out.


Inuyasha looked at the note curiously then took out a pen and started writing on the note.

'What is it about? Can't you just tell me now?'

He leaned over and tossed the note on her desk and looked at her. She read the note then looked back to him, shaking her head.

Inuyasha got the point, nodded, and decided to get back to sleep.

"Well, class. I hope you all know how much I hate you!" the teacher said happily. "But not that much obviously because I'm going to give you a project!"

The class suddenly started groaning and whining.

"Oh, good! You're in pain! Anyways, this is a project where you get a partner-"

Suddenly, the class started cheering.

"But I get to pick who it is!" he finished.

Abruptly, the class starting groaning again.

"Yes, beautiful, right? Anyways, just give me some lame report on the atom... Who discovered it... Blah blah blah and just make me model of one. Do that and I'll give you and your partner an 'A'.

Once again, the class started cheering.

"You have two days..." he smirked.

The class groaned once again.

"Now, to distribute your fate!" he said happily as he pulled out a stack of papers from his desk. He went down the rows and handed the papers to the students. "Just look for your last name and the name next to it is your partner! Have fun!" he laughed devilishly.

Kagome started skimming through the paper to look for her name. All there were on the list were last names.

'Higurashi... Higurashi...' she said in her mind. 'Ah! Here we are!' she thought as she pointed her finger on her name and skimmed across the paper to see who fate had partnered her with. 'Fuku...' She looked up. 'Who is Fuku?' Suddenly, it hit her like a ton of bricks. 'Oh no... Inuyasha Fuku...' she thought as she looked in his direction.

Meanwhile, on the other part of the room, Inuyasha searched for his partner. "Who is Higurashi?" he asked the person seated behind him.

"Ummm..." the boy turned around and pointed his pencil at Kagome.

Inuyasha's jaw dropped once he saw who he was partnered with. He slowly turned around in his seat and brought his hand to his forehead. He slowly started massaging in small circles.


"Kidding me..." Kagome said as she started massaging her temples with her palms. "Great... Just-"

"Great," Inuyasha said sarcastically to himself as he slumped down in his seat and faced the front of the room. "I've got partnered up with the geekiest-"

"Most arrogant person in the whole school! GREAT!"

The teacher started to smile. "I can see that everyone is happy with who they were partnered with!" he said cheerfully.


The bell rang. Science was over, meaning school was over and every student tore out from their classes to get out of the 'Hell Hole'.

"Hey!" Kagome called as she tried to catch up with Inuyasha who was going at a quickened pace. "Hey! Fuku!" Kagome called to him again.

"WHAT?" he yelled, stopping abruptly in the middle of the hall, almost causing Kagome to bump right into him.

"Jeez!" Kagome said as she pushed up her glasses and rearranged the books in her arms. "I was just going to tell you that I'll write the report if you just do the model!"

Inuyasha gave her an annoyed look. "Why don't you just do the whole thing?"

Kagome returned the look. "Excuse me?"

Inuyasha sighed. "I said why don't you just do the whole thing?"

Kagome scoffed. "If you really believe that I'm going to do the whole project by myself, when he said that you and I were partners, you've got it so wrong."

Inuyasha sighed again and looked down at the watch on his wrist. "You know what; I don't have time to talk right now. So fine, just come to my house or something tomorrow night and help me with the stupid model, all right?"

'Better than nothing,' Kagome thought. "All right. Fine."

"Great! Later, Karen!" he shouted as he took off down the halls.

"It's Kagome, you jackass!" she yelled after him.

"Higurashi!" a teacher yelled. "Watch your mouth!"

"Oops..." she said embarrassed."Sorry..."


Once Inuyasha got outside, he saw Kikyou leaning against his red sports car.

"What did you want to talk about, sweetie?" he asked as he leaned in for a kiss. Surprisingly, Kikyou put her hand in his way, blocking the kiss.

"Us," she told him as she tried to move away from him.

"What?" he asked puzzled. "What's wrong with us?"

"Well, Inuyasha... There's someone else..."

"What? Who are you leaving me for?" he yelled.

"Please, Inuyasha. Don't yell," she said as she ran over and hugged him.

Inuyasha shook his head. He couldn't understand this! He thought that she loved him! He was infuriated! But he hugged her back, none the less.

"Who are you leaving me for?" he asked again, but his voice was calm this time.


"That loser in the math club!" Inuyasha roared.

"Inuyasha! Please! Stay calm!" she said to him.

"No! I can't stay calm! Why would you do this to me, Kikyou? I love you," he told her as he released her and was now holding her hands.

"I know... But you just can't excite me anymore... I don't feel anything anymore. But with Naraku, I feel something. I'm sorry..." she said as she removed her hands from his and started to walk away. "I'm sorry..."


It was over. He lost her. He lost Kikyou Naichi... His dream girl.

"Damn it!" he yelled as he kicked his front tire. Several students who were passing by at the time were now looking strangely at him. Inuyasha glared at them. "What? You wanna know what's up? I'll tell you! It's over!" he yelled at the students, making them run away. "It's finished!"


"It's finished!" Kagome said excitedly as she printed out the last page of her report. It was the second night of the project and she was supposed to go to Inuyasha's house that night. But he didn't really seem normal today. He seemed really gloomy in class. Even Kikyou seemed a bit gloomy. Not only that, they weren't even seen together.

But whatever. She didn't care about them and their issues with each other.

She reached over and picked up her phone, dialing Inuyasha's cell number. But she didn't know how she was even going to get to Inuyasha's house. Her mother wasn't home and she didn't have a car.

Though, she did have her bike...


Today was the worst day of his life. He had just got dumped the previous day and tonight was the new moon, meaning that he was human.

No one knew that he was a half-demon; Not even Kikyou knew.

"Inuyasha? Honey?" his mother called from the other side of the door. When no answer came, she entered the dark and gloomy room. She walked over to her son's figure that was in the huge bed, buried under all of the blankets. "Honey, you can't let Kikyou get to you... You need to get over her," she told him as she sat on the edge of his bed.

"I know, mom... I know..." Inuyasha's voice muttered from underneath the blankets.

"You missed dinner too. You are usually at the table before the food is even finished cooking. Weren't you hungry?"

"I'm human tonight, mom. I don't have my usual senses..." he told her.

"Oh, all right. But don't worry about Kikyou. You'll find another girl who is even better..."

"No one's better than Kikyou..." he protested.

His mother couldn't help but chuckle. "Oh, don't say that. There is always someone better..." She rose off of the bed and left the room.

"Yeah right... No one's better than she is..." Suddenly, his phone started playing a little melody, indicating that it was an unknown caller.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hello? Inuyasha? Are you done with the model?" asked the voice.

"Yeah, I'm done with Kikyou, but I don't think she was a model..."

"What? No, not Kikyou... Are you done with our project?"

"Project?" he questioned. "What project?"

"I'm guessing you haven't even started..." He heard the caller sigh. "Well, I'm going to come over then so we can finish it before tomorrow. You live on 251 Dogwood, right?"

Inuyasha looked at the phone confused. "Yeah, but who is this?"

"You forgot me already?" the caller yelled.

"Umm... I guess so."

"Ugh. Whatever... I'm coming over now!"

That caught his attention. He sat up in his bed immediately. He was in his human state. No one other than his family members have seen him like this. "What? You can't come over!"

"You told me to two days ago! So I'm coming over!"

"No! You can't! You-"

Just then, the dial tone came up.

"Crap..." he said as he plopped down on his bed."What am I going to do? I don't even know who's coming over!"



"Never ride your bike in the middle of December!" she told her self as she set her bike to the side of the extremely large house.

"Hi, may I help you?" the woman asked once she opened the door.

"Hi!" Kagome said politely. "I need to see Inuyasha. We have a project we're working on together and I really need to see him."

"Umm... All right..." the woman said as she let Kagome in. "Just go to the second door on the right upstairs."

"All right. Thank you!" Kagome said as she took off up the stairs.



"Inuyasha! Open up! It's Kagome! Your science partner? Let me in!" Kagome said through the door. "Inuyasha!" she continued to say as she banged on the door. "Inuyasha let me in!"

Suddenly, the door burst open and Kagome came face to face with two red eyes.

"Ahh!" she screamed.

"Chill out!" Inuyasha's voice yelled. "It's only me!"

Once Kagome stopped screaming, she looked and saw that it really was Inuyasha... With a freaky devil mask on... And a blanket covering up his body.

"Oh, my goodness! Were you trying to give me a heart attack!" she said to him as she put a hand over her heart.

"No. I was trying to kill you, but that didn't seem to work, now did it?" came his voice from behind the mask.

"Why are you wearing that thing anyway?" Kagome asked, pointing to the devil mask and the large grey blanket.

"Well, I... Uh... I have a huge zit on my nose and I don't want you to see it! Yeah! And, uh... I'm cold... very cold!" Inuyasha lied.

"Yeah, whatever. Just let me in, okay? We've got to finish the project that you should have been finished with already!"

"Sure... Just come in. And don't touch the mask..." he warned her as she stepped inside his large room.


The night pressed on and the two were able to finish their poorly done model of an atom.

Man, how they hated science...

"Whew!" Kagome yawned. "We're finally finished!" she said as she admired the crappy-looking model.

"Yeah, I guess it's not that bad..." Inuyasha said from behind his mask.

"You know, I really wish that you would take that thing off!" she told him.

"No! I told you that I have a huge... disgusting... zit on my nose and I don't want you to see it, okay?"

Kagome scoffed. 'Them' and their appearances...

"Yeah, whatever..." She glanced over to the clock that was on his desk. The clock read 10:49pm. "Holy snaps! I need to go!"

"Yes! Leave! Get out!" Inuyasha told her.

"Geez, you're nice. But it's your fault that I'm even here! If you would have just done your job like you were supposed to, then I wouldn't have had to come over, now would I?" Kagome asked as she started to rise from her seat.

"Sure... Whatever, just get out, ya geek!" Inuyasha said as he handed her her coat, his mask and blanket still on.

"Fine! I will!" she yelled at him then marched out of his room, slamming his door behind her. She was about to leave until realization dawned upon her. It was in the middle of the night of winter and her transportation was just a bike.

She slowly turned back around and knocked on his door very softly. "Inuyasha?" she said.

"What is it now?" he bellowed as he opened the door, his mask and blanket still on him.

"Umm... can I have a ride home?" she asked sweetly.

"You were just yelling at me, and now you want a ride home from me?" he yelled at her.

His father was passing by at the time and overheard their conversation. "Give the girl a ride home, Inuyasha," he said as she passed by and went to his room.

Inuyasha sighed. "All right. Let me go get my keys."

Suddenly, he heard Kagome giggling. He turned around to look at her.

"What is it? What's so funny?"

"It's just that... You look like you're going to a Halloween party!" she continued to giggle. "You're not going to wear that when you take me home, are you?"

"Well, sure I am. Why wouldn't I?" Inuyasha asked as he went to go look for his keys.

Kagome looked at him suspiciously. Why would anyone get so worked up about a pimple? Plus, it wasn't even that cold in the house. Why was he wearing that blanket?

Now, she was curious. Now she had to see what was underneath that mask.

"You ready to go?" he asked as he headed out the door.

"Wha..?" she asked, losing her previous thoughts. "Oh, yeah... I'm ready... But what about my bike?"

"Just pick it up tomorrow or something..." he told her.


During the whole car ride, the two of them neither said a word. It was just an awkward silence the whole time.

'What is behind that mask?' she asked her self as she looked at the creepy mask with horns.

Inuyasha could feel her looking at him so he slowly looked back at her... The mask making it appear as if he were a killer.

Kagome shuddered and looked back out her window.

Soon, Inuyasha pulled up into her driveway of the small one-story house.

Once he put the car in 'park', he looked over to Kagome. "You've been staring at my mask a lot. What's up with you?"

"Umm... well, it's just that I'm really attracted to your mask," she lied as she opened the car door.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure all of you geeks are..." he said as he adjusted his mask.

'A geek, huh?' she thought as she unbuckled her seat belt.

"Yeah, well, since we geeks are so attracted to your mask, I guess you can't really blame us for... taking your mask!" she yelled as she reached over and ripped his mask from his face. As soon as she took it off, she jumped out of the car.

'If it really is a zit, I want to remember it!' she laughed in her mind as she turned around to see the giant puss-monster.

As she turned around, she was shocked to see clear skin... Not only that, but Inuyasha wasn't Inuyasha! His eyes were brown, not gold! His hair was black, not silver!

Inuyasha was just as shocked as she was! He sat there, looking at her for the longest time.

"Inuyasha..." she said slowly."You're a... a-"

Once he understood what just happened, he reached over, shut her door, and took off down the road.

Kagome stood there watching his car until it was out of sight. "A hanyou..."

She looked down at the mask that was in her hands. Suddenly, she smirked to her self, and then looked up.

She started laughing evilly. "Ha ha... Dear Diary... What a story I've got to tell you..."



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