"WESLEY!" Cordelia screamed, causing the ex-watcher to stumble and crash against the wall. She ran out of Angel's room, hardly able to hold everything in as she pointed to the room. "Angel's gone! Just like Darla… and look… he left his clothes a mess…"

"Cordelia, slow down… we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Maybe he is just out…" Wesley started, standing up as he stepped into the room. They hadn't seen Angel in some time, after he went dark and fired them, Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia all left the hotel. And then Lindsey showed up, desperate to find Darla.

At first they were all relieved, Darla was gone. But then Lindsey said there was a big magic aura coming from the hotel, the shamans at Wolfram and Hart all sensed it. Which left them all with one conclusion. Angel and Darla had sex and lost his soul. As they searched through the now abandoned hotel, they were coming to that conclusion.

"I will call Willow." Cordelia said, stepping into the room as she picked up the phone, dialing a number. Wesley walked around the room, examining everything. To somehow find a clue, that it was true, that Angel lost his soul.

"Willow? W…What…WHAT!" Cordelia shouted, causing Wesley to wince. "Okay… yeah, Darla is alive again, long story. We will be there as soon as we can. Just stay safe, go somewhere where they can't find you, and don't have an invite. Okay Willow, we are leaving now." Cordelia hung up the phone, looking to Wesley.

"Angelus and Darla are in Sunnydale. Xander just ran into them both, and they are there to do some serious damage. And Buffy is missing." Cordelia said as Wesley stood up, nodding. "Call Gunn, tell him to grab the best weapons, if the fanged four have once again returned… we are in serious trouble."

Spike drank from the body until it was dry. He slowly looked up to Drusilla, staring at her, breathing fast. "Dru, love, unchain me." He said firmly as Dru gave Buffy a confident smile.

"Is my puppy going to be a good boy? You are going to play nice, grrumph…" Dru said, making a dog growling noise as she put her hands to the chains, considering letting him free. Spike watched her, his breath coming out as growls as Dru came close. She ran her finger down his cheek, running the tip along his lip gently as Spike opened his mouth, prickling with her skin with his teeth, tasting his sire's cold blood on his mouth.

"Mmm... Dru…" Spike started as Dru let out a low giggle, leaning closer to Spike as she kissed his lips gently, giving him a taste of her lips once more. "Untie me love, I will be a good vampire…" He cooed to her as she thought about it a moment, glancing back at Angelus and Darla.

Angelus had Darla pushed against the wall and he was slamming into her hard, causing her to let out cries of pleasure and pain, making it one noise. Buffy stared at the wall, as if there was nothing going on around her. Like she had lost all will. Dru smiled at the scene, hoping her Spike was back to the same so they could have fun as well.

Buffy droned them all out. She lost all will, everything felt to pointless. Darla took Angel's soul, gave him perfect happiness. And now Angelus was taunting her, by being inside Darla. And Darla loved it. Now Spike was gone, he had human blood in his veins, he was a demon. Spike, her only hope to get out here alive, was gone.

Angelus rested his forehead on her shoulder as he took a deep breath. Darla slid her hands up his chest, her nails leaving thin lines on his pale skin as her face reverted back into its human form. "Oh Angelus." Was all Darla could say, the only way she could express how much she had missed her darling boy.

"Next time in front of the Slayer… at her feet." Angelus decided, causing Darla to giggle. He kissed down her throat, his fingers passing over the top of her breasts, suddenly pulling back and turning around. He walked over to Drusilla, looking at Spike with disgust. Darla tried to regain her composure, putting a hand to her hair.

"Puppy wants out. Grr… We have a leash? Puppy can go on a leash… spank the puppy, spank, and spank." Dru said putting her hands against the chains as Angelus put a hand on hers, stopping her.

"Put a chain around his neck. Willie's been a bad boy; he needs to pay for what he has done." Angelus said as Dru nodded, leaning onto the ground and picking up a chain. She wrapped it around his neck, tightening it since he didn't need to breathe. She then unchained him, freeing him from the column he was constrained to. She put her hands against his chest, ripping his shirt so she could touch his bare skin.

"Puppy is free, but don't go running puppy. Or Daddy will punish you. And Daddy doesn't like to spank… he likes to hit. But I will spank the puppy for you, spank, spank." Dru said as Spike stepped back up against the column, letting out a moan as Dru kissed his cold chest. "Did puppy miss me? Did puppy cry when mummy went away? You smell like the other vampire… I don' like that… I'm goin' to fix you up nicely puppy." She scratched her nails down his chest, causing him to let out a cry. She set her nails to her mouth, tasting her childe's blood.

Spike felt a pain course through his body as he was thrown to the ground. He put his hand to the chain, feeling blood coursing from the wound. He looked up to see Angelus, holding onto the end of the chain, chuckling. "Efficient, isn't it? Just like old times, isn't it William?" Angelus said as Dru giggled, finding that whole scene amusing.

"Angelus, be nice to him, he's coming back to the world. You can play with him later, but now leave him alone. He's full of pig's blood and dirty vampire, I've got to clean him up." Dru scolded, going down on her knees as she leaned over Spike, running her fingers gently down his chest over the scars she had left.

"I'm still full of pig's blood. I just can't seem to wash away Angel, can I? Despite the bodies, despite all the human blood I have taken." Angelus said to Drusilla, dropping the chains down, bored as he paced over to Buffy. "And how are you? Hope you didn't miss our little show. Don't worry, I have a feeling it will have an encore." Angelus knew he was taunting Buffy, her cheek was still wet, and her whole face was pale. She was scared. But mostly, alone.