Chapter one.

"Horo … Horo … HORO!"

"Huh what? The blue haired shaman looked up from his aimless staring at the unfinished maths homework set by his teacher not actually concentrating on it. Horo horo looked up to see a dark brown haired shaman with long hair sitting across the table at him. (a/n I don't actually believe that Hao will turn so easily as this but still.) Hao had a cross look on his face that said 'don't piss me off,' this look made horo chuckle to himself. Hao's frown deepened

"What're you laughing at just cos that human set us work to do at home that he can't answer himself! (a/n well it's true teachers can't answer they're own questions) I should destroy him, give him a piece of my mind"

"Well that wouldn't be much even if you both gave him all of your minds as they turned they saw (guess who) Tao Ren leaning against the door frame, in a flash the spirit of fire appeared and Hao was standing up his neglected chair on it's side on the floor.

"ha ha that is so funny Tao Ren, if you weren't gonna be protected by my brother I would destroy you"

" don't let that stop you fucker"

"at least I'm not a virgin" they seethed as horo took this chance to think about what he was thinking about before interruption and his eyes glazed over.

BOOM! CRASH! SMASH! A hole was burnt through the wall and Anna and Yoh ran into the room, horo was dazed by suddenly being pulled back from his thoughts (that can seriously damage your heath I should know) anyway after punishment for Ren and Hao for exploding the wall Horo got forced to do training with Yoh, who is the shaman king but has still got to do training at every spare minute although not as severe. Pillika was reading a magazine when they got back and Anna was copying Ren's math because she was too lazy to do it herself and Manta was on holiday in the Bahamas so she couldn't force him to do it for her.

"Ohnichan! … … … … … … Ohnichan!"

"Hai what da you want pillika" Horo responded slumped in the chair only his hair visible over the arms cos he was slumped so long.

"if you do 50 extra laps I'll let you go to the fair just you guys on Saturday" lots of ears pricked up at the mention of the words 'fair… just … and guys.'

"No they can't," everyone went back to what they where doing before except Ren who hadn't moved in the first place, "Manta's coming back on Friday so it'll be his first day back.

" but Anna, Manta can come too, souka?" (hope I spelled that right )

" 'sigh' ok fine then but Yoh you have to do another 1000 push ups is that all right for you, Oh and you have to take Faust and Eliza too is that clear." They all started to cheer except Ren, and Faust who knew nothing of the conversation he was in his room with Eliza, if you know what I mean, oh and you can't forget Manta he was on holiday with his family.

" Yoh are you sure that's what Anna said it doesn't sound like your fiancée, Yoh … are you crying?"

" 'sob' Manta you had to remind me that I'm going to be marrying Anna didn't you she's so mean, 5000,000,000 fucking push ups she made me do it's not fair, oh speaking of fairs she said we could go to the one on Saturday, cool huh!"

"Yoh are sure that's what Anna said it doesn't sound like your fiancée, are you crying?" and so the conversation continues until Ren and Horo come along and hear Yoh's side of the telephone conversation and Horo yelled at the top of his voice

"HI MANTA, CAN YOU HEAR ME!" This sudden very loud noise startled Ren who said as calmly as possiblethrough cleanched teeth.

"I'll be glad when you're gone on Saturday,"

" oh no you're coming too you overgrown bag of wind we need to deflate your huge ego and Hao too !" Horo complained in an annoyed and whiny voice.

Yoh carried on his conversation with Manta who heard every word said on Yoh's end of the phone, and found it absolutly hilarious.


"Hurry up guys, we'll be late and I won't get that brilliant ring tone thatdavid promised to show me, yea!" the red head yelled to her 4 companions who were trailing behind slightly laughing at one of the brunette boys and the black haired boy.

"Oh calm down krys we'll take the heat for being late ok so you should still get your deal on the ring tone that you like right, Daichi" wavedakiri referring to the black haired boy on his right.

" Yeah but you guys aren't the ones that're gonna be slaughtered byDave for being late it's krys, huh, huh." On akiri's left was the speaker, aboy with sholder legnth dark brown hair tied back in a rough ponytail at the bottom ofhis head. they walked in silence for a while until krys's mobile rang with a stupid ring tone that always made them all laugh.

"yo, … yeouch … fuck! You don't need to scream at me Daemy phone isn't going dead ya know!" krys yelled, startled at the velocity of shouting from her 'good' friend at the other end of the phone. "yeah I know … yes … yo, dude chill we'll be there, kay … … … … … .. …. Whatever … … … of coarse I'll apolagise to your brother for the water bomb I planted in his locker gives thumbs up to her companions to signal that her devious plan worked … …yeau huh bye!" as she put the phone down she said with a wicked smirk on her face "and also I'll apologise for the water bomb I trow athis brother at school today he he"

"umn don't you think he'll be prepared this time I mean you never play the same prank twice because of that threat huh krys …. …. … umn what the crap are you doing with ballons?"hiro pleaded, "c'mon you can't be planning to put that many water bombs anywhere espetially ben's locker you'll get told on and you know it …" and so went on Hiro's rambles about getting into trouble and punishments until krys shuthim up:

" ha ha I'm not gonna put all these in ben's locker stop whining but he's a senpai trickster it's obvious he's gonna be out for revenge today … umn Akiri do you know if there's a like hosepipe thing at school you know a tap … … oh don't bother I can just fill them up in the girl's bathroom, … will you guy's help out?"

"what make a mess no way if you wan tto settle the score that Dave's bro is gonna try to settle you can count us out, kay" this was backed up by everyone nodding and agreeing with Daichi.

"chill I ment to fill up the ballons!" krys smirked at the way the others weren't gonna get involed into her fights and put on her purple headphones that were like yoh's except purple (obviously!). and skipped ahead to 'Jesus of suburbia'… (a/n gomen nasi to those who don't like green day but very one who knows me will know that they're my faverate band)

Besides they usually help me out anyway and they know i wouldn't let them get in to trouble, boy these skool trousers are sure uncomfortable why'd my mum make me come to these extra lesons anyway just cos i always get into trouble no fair!

"Chyeah we're here!" Hiro cryed, obviously the smart one. looked over joyed at the sight of... school how boring huh. however as soon as they were in the gate the also nerdy Ben attacked with a water bomb, Krys retalieated with a freash batch of her own ballons thismade ben flee to the hall way lobbing bombs all the way with Krys following and repeating his actions.

"Krystil Keraman! what the hell are you doing with those useless peices of equiptment, ALL OF YOU IN MY OFFICE ... ... ... ... NOW!"

"Sir thats Kareieman (Care-ee-man), i've been going to your office around once a month for well since i started coming here, and you still can't say my name, Whats with that!" the principal looked as if he would explode at her not paying attention to the trouble she was but every one else including ; Akiri; Daichi and Hiro.

Because it was a first offence for Ben and Hiro and the fact that they were model students it was only the three of them in the room, or at least until Krys explained that it was all her fault and she would report him to someone of authority if he punished Akiri and Daichi who had only got a bad homework record as opposed to the 'life of crime' Krys had exposed herself to so they waited outside for her.

"Krystil you have a very poor record thoughout your school life not only in this school but others as well, is there some resonable explanation except the fact you have to go home to lots of other parentless children not unlike your self?" He sat behind his desk obviously tired of having to constantly tell her off, but unusually calm compared to his normal shouting trying to get it through her thick skull that she'll have to try harder. Krys merely stared blankly at her feet she wasn't used to this type of punishment making her remember when she got dumped in a childrens home convinced that her parents were gonna come back, but it all ended in false hope.

"now i'm going to let you off this time but only on the condition that you realise that the next abundancy you create will result in your immediate expultion, is that clear miss Kareieman?" he stared stearnly at the child sitting before him, but she saw right through that she always did now she learned how to.

"stop caring sir it's not a good look for you she looked up i gave caring up a long time ago, i don't need your pity i'll survive without if you don't mind." he he, that shut him up the basterd thinks he can get through to me that way, ha not a chance Krys just stood up with an unreadable look on her face and walked out to oblivion ...


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