chapter six

The next day everyone was awoken by a strangled scream coming from the room most of the boys shared together followed by rolls of uncontrollable laughter and then their door slamming open as Krys barged into the room from the one she was made to share with Tamao with a camera, she took several pictures of Ryu who had bright pink hair. As soon as Ryu spotted Krys he tried to lunge at her but she easily batted him aside and continued her phtography of her latest handiwork.

"My perfect hair ruined." cried Ryu with every one still laughing at his hair, until Tamao came carrying several packages, when they all queitened down to see what she wanted, she handed them out to Akiri, Hiro, Daichi and Krys.

"Ugh" expressed Krys looking at the blouse and small skirt she had been given "I forgot that was today!" the boys also revealed uniforms simalar to that of Yohs and the other sk boys who had began to shoo Krys out of the room so they could get ready for the day ahead. Stareing blankly at the doorwhich had just been slid shut in her face Krys shrugged to herself and went to get changed herself.


Walking slowly to school, no one was keen but lagging behind was Krys who had folded her arms across herself a black sachel simalar to Yoh and Manta's but with a strap over her shoulder, Krys's blood red waist length hair had been pulled tightly back into a bun at the top of her head with even fringe dangling in frount of her eyes. Hao was a little in front of her with a disgusted look on his face as all long hair throughout the school had to be tied back so his also had to be tied back and so he wore a ponytail. And behind the fiery red head there floated two spirits almost nervously following the team of shaman. Ren turned back and scowled at Hao and Krys,

"Hey if we're gonna get there you had better hurry up or i'll drag you." Hao began to open his mouth but was interrupted by the female even more reluctant than himself

"i'd like to see you try!" the two stopped walking for a moment to glare at each other, before Krys's short attention span caused her to get bored and she pushed past the angry Tao with a smug look on her face, causing the tongeri to grow a couple more inches. After a second of standing on the same spot, Ren turned and joined the large group of pupils outside of the school gates.

When they had been introduced the four newcomers took seats at the back with the others and sat for a while whilst the teacher took the register, but the poor man stopped when it came to Krys's name on the register and as he tried to pronounce the complicated surname Krys gained an angry tick on her forehead. Akiri, Hiro and the others seemed to find the teachers dilema very amusing, this only made Krys even more mad though and so after twisting Daichi's wrist so that he was in intense pain she corrected her new registration tutor.

"Ahh yes thank you, Krystil."leaning forward Akiri decided to risk his life

"You know i've just had the strangest feeling of dejavous!" he said smiling at the obvious frown on his friends face. but resisting the urge to punch in Akiri's face Krys turned back towards the front where the teacher had just finished the register and ad given permision to talk for the last 5 minates of registration.

Hiro yawned and noticed out of the corner of his eye a lot of girls aproaching Ren and gigling and blushing when he said something, but he couldn't hear anything that was being said because Krys was seperating him from Ren. everyone except the spiked boy found the girls scene hilarious, even the great Hao Asakura himself was making jokes at him.

"Shut up you bastards!!" yelled Ren going rather red from embaressment "Besides, Hao gets just as much attention, why don't you make fun of him?" they all thought for a moment whilst Krys looked curiously at the metioned Asakura who nodded at her to confirm.

"Actually Hao gets more attention than you Ren cause he has an official fanclub." Hao grinned

"Jelous much Ren?" he said making the Tao more angry "Anyways i don't make so much fuss about it or blush or anything which is why no one gives it a second thought." everyone but Ren and Hao nodded in agreement.

"So what have you guys got first then?" asked Yoh looking at his own timetable that they had all been given that morning. Anna was the first to reply as she had also been looking at her timetable

"I have sports."

"Hey me too!" exclaimed Krys in complete surprise, as a muttered affirmative for Horo, Manta, Daichi and Hao followed. "and then . . . maths, guh, i hate maths."

"Really? I don't find it so bad." said Manta adding "The whole year has maths at the same time."

"Huh? apparently i'm in M81?" continued Krys as if Manta had not spoken, this was followed by a loud.

"Ha! you're in the bottom group, heh that's the worst of the worst." jeered Horo but from a quick survey of his timetable Hao said

"You and I are both in the same group as Krys you idiot."

"Moron," added Krys, Horo had waterfall tears. "By the way what group are you guys in?" she asked turning to Daichi, Hiro and Akiri all replied at the same time.

"M86!" they smirked when the realised they were in the same group and Anna and Chocolove nodded along with them.

"Awesome." came the reply

"Ren's in the same group as Manta, and Yoh's in the same one as us." said Horo looking at everyones' timetables.

"Well this is our stop." stated Anna sternly turning a corner into what had to be the girls changing rooms, Krys waved and followed and some of the boys entered the room next door, the others left for various different lessons.


"Hurrry up you lazy ass." ordered Anna as Krys followed slowly out of the changing rooms in the small shorts and loose t-shirt, she hadn't liked the sight of the uniform on first sight, now she dispised it, she hated being defined as a girl. As she walked onto the netball/tennis court, she saw some of the guys who where also doing PE and waved enthusiastically, Hao was the only one to see her and wave back but was soon engaged in conversation with anouther boy who Krys didn't know his name but recognised him from their tutor class. Fingering her long red braid nervously, she had redone her hair because she hated it up tight. She answered to her name on the register again before looking back at the pyromaniac, still deep in conversation with the brown haired stranger.

"Right chose partners for the warm up exercise." the teacher clapped her hands together and Anna chose Krys obviously as she didn't know anyone else. Krys rolled her eyes but went along with the stupid netball exercises that her new teacher made them do, before loosing interest and begining to play by the rules of basketball to purposfully piss off the teacher and her classmates.

"Hey! Newbe this isn't basketball, don't you know the rules."

"Of course, i just hate netball." came the reply

"You idiot you wasted a whole fourty minates of play time for us."

"Like i care."

"Shut up the boys are coming in." said one of the lackeys who had light brown haired pulled into a high ponytail on top of her head, Krys grimaced at the shallow girls as they immediatly began to try to make themselves look good in their worn out condition. A minate or so after the girl had said this the group of boys walked in, Horo, Daichi, Manta, Hao and the boy who had spoke to Hao at the begining of the hour lesson tagging along slowly at the end because Manta and Daichi were obviously tired, dragging their feet tongues hanging out with hot sweaty faces. Most of the girls ran to meet Hao and cooed at him another excuse for Krys to practise her ultimate eye rolling technique.

Streaching as they came out of the Maths classroom, Horo rejoiced

"I'm glad thats over." he said then looking sidelong at Krys he added "you know your not that dumb, i think you even confused our teacher!" he laughed, Krys smiled back, before pulling out her hair tie and untangling her braid.

"You know you're not s'posed to do that on school grounds." pointed out Hao who too freed his hari from his bounds making some nearby fangirls swoon. Krys ignored the comment.

"So what are we gonna do for the next... 20 minates." they thought

"well we could meet with the others." suggested Horo shrugging, Hao shook his head

"Why don't we just walk around aimlessly?" he said it was Krys's turn to shrug as they thought about and discussed their options before dicding to go with Hao's suggestion as Krys wanted to see all of the school although she didn't say why.


"And the Art rooms..." introduced Horo in a bored tone as he opened the door into the large hall filled with what must have been students work and several door going off into the seperate art rooms themselves, everyone but krys being bored of the tour by this point yawned and sighed as she walked around the corridor like she had done the others places they had been to almost as if inspecting every single speck on the walls and paintings. after a minate or so a bell went somewhere above their heads and they all sighed in releif except the red head who looked up suddenly from looking at an air vent and then shrugged her shoulders and followed Hao and Horo to their next lesson, which the whole gang had together luckily because other wise there was no doubt that someone would get lost along the way.


"Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh" came male scream as froth began to over flow in the beaker in front of Horo and Krys as they had been put as lab partners, the two them selves trying not to laugh with the rest of the class at the teacher who seemed to be having some sort of reaction himself. his face had gone a bright tomato red as he was trying furiously to stop the rapidly increasing foam bubbling over the edge of the table, krys stepped back as the substance got close to her feet. it had stopped over flowing from the chemicals that it had originally been but spread outways still. The whole class laughing around him the science teacher walked almost calmly out of the roombut only for his class to hear a scream from out in the hallway for a mop and bucket, when he re-entered he ordered the whole class outside the classroom, which they did still laughing the disruption in the classroom.

And so the chaos continued for the rest of the week resulting in several headteacher visits for most of them, and very few pranks at the Onsen which was a releif for most who lived there.


A sleepy saturday morning, when usually people would get to stay in bed until at least 8 o clock unless Anna would stay in bed longer and not get the others up. However this morning every member but three were woken by a shreik from the bathroom, Krys was sleeping with a pillow over her head so she didn't hear it, Yoh had his headphones as he had fallen asleep listening to music and Ryu was already awake. Everyone else went to the bathroom where the scream had been heard from and tryed so hard not to laugh, including Ren, at Anna who was looking dumbfounded in the mirror at her reflection. After the initial shock wore off her expression contorted into one of extreme anger and she shoved everyone standing at the door away with one hand as they all fell to the floor ontop of Manta, Anna 'knocked' on Krys's door nearly 'knocking' it off it's hinges.

"Ahh, the prime suspect." muttered Daichi just as Anna entered the room without invitation.

"You think she did it?" asked Manta finally able to breathe as the heavy weight was lifted from his chest.

"I dunno, you?" he asked the others generally.

"Well she did make the toilet explode whenever i went in there..." said Horo.

"She put a bucket of water above my door so when i opened it i'd get wet!" Ren

"She dyed my hair pink once." reminised Akiri, he continued, "I had to go through a whole day of school with pink hair!"

"It was wash in wash out dye..." pionted out Hiro

"SHUDDUP!!" shouted Akiri as he turned bright red at that fact. Hao snickered in the background. Anna was shouting in the background and there also came strangly horrible sounds, a bit like 'thmp' 'thmp' contiuasly they all looked towards the sound with slightly symapthetic looks on their faces.

"But..." began Daichi "I don't know if she would have pranked Anna." they all looked at him confused for a minate before he explained "i really don't think she's that stupid..." he tried to finish but Krys ran out of the room and past them forgetting the stairs and jumping down to the first floor. Anna tried to follow blue hair streaming behind her.

Two hours later when they had finally gotten Anna to stop trying to kill Krys, who had completly denied doing anything to Anna's hair, although her hands were the same blue as Anna's hair, she also had streaks of the colour where she had moved around in her sleep.

"I swear it wasn't me!!" Yelled Krys as Anna got worked up again

"Then how do you explain all the blue in your hair and on your hands?!" Anna yelled back most of the others nodded.

"It is very suspicious, Krys." agreed Akiri

"Ah, Come on you guys, I'm stupid not suicidal!" she retorted and folded her arms "Besides.." she added in after thought "when have i ever denied doing a prank?" the three boys all thought for a few miinates with all the other eyes on them, then Hiro muttered.

"I guess..."

"... and i would never permeantly dye someone's hair, and the evidence is too incriminating." relucantly everyone agreed nodding mutteringin afirmence.

"So... Krys was framed?" asked Akiri.

"Wow, this acctually looks pretty cool!" exclaimed Krys looking in the mirror. everyone did an anime drop in the background except Anna who just looked more infuriated.

( )( happy fish

"Ooww!" moaned Krys as she sported a black eye carrying a gocery bag with one hand as she rubbed the sore spot with the other. Manta was walking a little way ahead carrying a bag of his own, "Man how do you put up with that she-devil?" she asked, Manta laughed nervously and then replied very carefully after seeing some movement,

"She's not a she-devil, but i do have to admit the only reason i hang around her is because Yoh is my friend." Krys rolled her eyes exaggeratedly and said in a long dragging voice

"Hoooww can yo'u not call her a she-devil, i mean she's so mean..." Manta laughed nervously at that but said nothing.

They were nearing the graveyard, and both stopped by the gate

"Shortcut!" they both said at exactly the same piont, then laughed and entered, at that piont Krys stopped ded in her tracks, Manta stopped when he realised she wasn't following and turned to look at her. She was staring at a piont at the top of the hill, Manta followe her gaze but he wasn't able to see what she was looking at with such intensisity.

"What are you lo...?" He fell as Krys dropped her groceries on top of him, and ran to the piont she was staring at.

"Wait here." Manta watched her leave running at top speed to the hill, where the small shrine was, and then stopped dead looking around as if she had lost something.

"Her shaman senses are heighting." Manta jumped (literally) into the air dropping the groceries before turning to the voice.

"Ren, what're you doing here?"

"Anna sensed a strange spirit aound here." he replied "She and Yoh are on their way, she said she had to do reaserch first."

"Oh, okay" Manta said still recovering from his heart attack "Krys just stopped suddenly and ran up Funbari hill to the shrine, she seems to have found something she lost." and with that the two followed krys up the hill soon joined by Anna and Yoh.

"Where is it?" asked Yoh upon reaching the top.


"Huh?" the other three said in unision.

"She. It is a she, standing right in front of us."

"You can see it?" asked Anna as they all strained their eyes.

"No, i can sense her." said Krys calmly, "Also, she doesn't seem human..."


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