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Waiter! Bring Me Water!

He took me to our favourite spot

A place we go to hang a lot

It was a rather nice place, but it wasn't too fancy or anything. Which was good, because Eiri didn't really like taking Shuichi to places like that since the pink haired brat always managed to do something that caused the people around them to stare.

God, he hated it when people stared at him. Like he was an alien or something just beamed down from outer space. Besides, stares eventually lead to someone recognizing him, which led to mobs of people asking for his autograph or other, stranger requests ("Can you sign my breast, Yuki-sensei? I just got the implants done.")

Then, once he had been recognized, people usually figured out that he was with his lover, and then the hundreds of fans that always show up at these moments, start to mob HIM

Hell, nothing was worth leaving the apartment anymore.

Well, maybe one thing. Having the rare meal out made Shuichi happy (what doesn't?). He enjoyed spending personal time with his boyfriend in a public place. And although nothing would EVER make him admit it, making his brat happy made Eiri happy.

Currently the singer was babbling on about something – what, the novelist didn't know, he wasn't paying attention.

"So, what do you think?"

Huh? What did he think about what?

"Yuki. Weren't you paying attention? I was asking if maybe you wanted to come with me on tour when we leave next month." Shu asked, waving his hand in front of the blonde.

"No." He responded, going back to ignoring him.

Shuichi just sighed, leaned back in his seat and picked up the menu. Eiri stared out the window, looking at the dismal skies, the people walking by sheltered under their umbrellas. After a few moments of an almost tense silence between the two, a waiter came over to take their orders.

Eiri looked up at the waiter. He didn't have a clue what he wanted. He hadn't even looked at the menu.

"I'll have a steak, medium rare – I don't want it bleeding all over the place." Every restaurant like this had steak, didn't they? He sure hoped so. Looking stupid in public was not a thing that made him happy.

"Yes sir." The waiter responded to Eiri's great relief, before turning slightly towards Shuichi. "And for you?"

Something seemed to catch his eye

Over my shoulder

Over my shoulder

Yuki looked up across the table to Shuichi, who was giving his order to the waiter when he was distracted by the sight of a beautiful woman sitting at the bar, her long, dark red hair cascading down over her shoulders. She was turned to the side, laughing at something her equally sexy friend had said. She was practically falling out of her tight black dress, her breasts - obviously fake - spilling over the low-cut top. The golden eyes travelled up her long legs to the short skirt and past it, mentally undoing the laces that held the sides of her dress together.

Shuichi glanced up at the novelist, thinking that he should try to convince him to come with him on the tour next month. He had never come with him before, but he hoped that this time would be different. But something other than him had captured Yuki's attention.

I turned around – to see what's up

A pretty young thing sure enough

She was new – he wanted to

Know her

Know her

Oh – yeah –

Then she flicked her hair

Oh – yeah- he began to stare

The pink haired singer wondered what Eiri was staring at, and turned to follow his line of sight to two sluts sitting at the bar. So, THATwas what he was staring at like that. Figures. He sent his best imitation of Yuki's death glare at the two oblivious whores, and tried to recapture his boyfriend's attention.

"Yuuuukiiii, please come with me next month? Yuki? YUKI!" It was no use. He couldn't get any sort of reaction from him; not even his usual whining brought the blonde out of it.

There's gotta be a way to cool this clown –

He's starting to embarrass me

I may even have to hose him down –

Bring me water

I don't know what he finds so distracting –

What's so hot about her

I really don't like the way he's acting

Bring me water!

The waiter came back with their food, and Shuichi snagged him before he could leave.

"Waiter! Bring me water!"

"Right away sir."

Shuichi sat there glowering at his lover as the blonde continued to ogle the woman at the bar. After a moment of this, the waiter returned with his water. Shu managed to politely thank him before gripping the glass tightly and considering his next move.

Oh – yeah – I ain't gettin' nowhere (yeah!)

Oh – yeah – She's still standing there

He took one last glance at Yuki STILL staring like he had been for the last twenty minutes. He picked up the cool glass and threw the contents. Right into Eiri's face.

Yuki stopped mentally undressing the two women in his mind, and finally turned back towards the vocalist, water dripping down his face.

"What was that for!" He yelled at the furious boy.

Shuichi just stared at him through narrowed eyes, and promptly pushed back his chair. Still giving him that look, he got up and stormed out of the restaurant.

All Yuki could do was stare (he has staring problems) after his departed lover, wondering what had caused this fit.

The red head at the bar got up and sauntered over to the sopping wet author.

"Hey sexy, looks like you lost your date."

"Hm. Guess so." He knew what had happened now. He had been caught.

He stood up and gave some money to the passing waiter and walked out of the restaurant after his brat, leaving the red head blinking in confusion. This was going to take awhile to fix.

Waiter! (Waiter) Bring me water!

I gotta make him keep his cool

(Waiter) Bring me water!

He's acting like a fool

(Waiter) Bring me water!

XXXXX To Be Continued XXXXX

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