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Waiter! Bring Me Water!

Chapter 2


Eiri drove through the misty streets of Tokyo. The rain that had been pattering down the whole time they were in the restaurant had let up, yet the air was thick and dank with the promise of more to come.Eiri reluctantly let out a sigh as he pulled into the parking garage of the apartment. Retrieving the keys from the ignition, the romance-novel writer leaned back in his easily reclined chair, rethinking and regretting his actions from earlier. He'd lost control of himself, unleashing the part of his old self – the self that lived before Shuichi was his life.

Dropping his keys onto the table by the door, he shook off his coat and hung it up. Walking into the kitchen, he made a pot of coffee and waited impatiently for it to boil and for Shuichi to come home. Obviously I'm going to need more than just an 'I'm sorry'. He thought. It was so stupid, what he had done before. He never meant to hurt his lover. He just…he didn't have an excuse. It was just something he never should have done. Shuichi was worth so much more to him than any scantily clad woman. What? Since when did he care about whether or not the vocalist was hurt by his arrogant actions, when he came home, or about his well being once he arrived there? He groaned, realizing that this was some new form of himself. One that the pink haired brat had complete control of. Shuichi had taken over his bed, his life, and now his mind.

Bringing himself from his thoughts, Eiri took the kettle from the stove and poured the steaming liquid into two mugs – one for Shuichi in hopes that he would be home soon to drink it; and the other for himself. Heavy eyes stared at the decorated, pink mug that Shuichi was immensely fond of as he cupped his own mug in his shaking hand. Lazily, he turned from his staring and, mug in hand, strode to the cloudy window to stare at the stygian colored sky.

Half an hour later, both mugs remained untouched as he gazed out at the Tokyo skyline.

As the rain's pour strengthened, the slam of the door against the wall coincided with a clap of loud lightning from outside, revealing a sopping wet Shuichi.

Eiri turned slowly towards him, and glanced nervously at him before looking away. The anger, hurt and betrayal still visible in his gorgeous violet eyes, was only dimmed slightly by the hour he'd hadto cool off. Shuichiglared for a moment at the novelist, mentally informing Eiri that he was not pleased, then turned away and slumped onto the couch.

Eiriretrieved the now cooled beverage from the low table and put it into the microwave to reheat, thankful for the irritating sound of the microwave to break the tense silenceHe returned to the living room, finding his lover nowhere in sight. Just as he began to wonder where the vocalist had gone off to, Shuichi reappeared from the bedroom, damp clothes replaced by a pair of shorts and a T-shirt for bed. Silentlyaccepting the hot mug being held out to him, Shuichi turned from his lover and curled up onto the couch,gingerly sipping at his warm drink with the intention of melting away his cold exterior.

"Shuichi,err… I…" Eiri glanced up as he nervously brought himself to speak, looking over at his lover as the usually hyper male calmly satthere as if he wasn't hurt and angry from the novelist's previous actions.

"Yes?" The pink haired boy asked, coldly implying that he wondered if there was anything else to the sentence his lover had started.

"…" Damn! Why was it so hard to apologize, when causing pain was so simple?

"I see." Shuichi paused to glance at him in a hurtful manner. "Well then, good night, Eiri." He said, leaning forward to put his mug back onto the table. Slowly, he stood to his feet and placed his hands into the pockets of his shorts, turning toward the bed-room door.

"Wait-" Eiri spit out, causing Shuichi to turn, looking up expectantly. "I-I'm… I'm sorry, Shuichi. For acting that way when we were at dinner." Shuichi nodded his head and crossed his arms over his chest, expecting more of an apology.

"And?" He tapped his foot against the ground in impatience.

And? And what? Was there more to apologize for? Eiri mentally checked the day's events and let out a reluctant mental sigh.

"And I'm sorry for not listening when you were speaking to me, and for being short-tempered when you had every right to throw water at me." Shuichi smiled softly. Eiri continued beneath his breath: "You could have done a lot worse things to me."

Shuichi was silent for a moment, taking in the weight of the apology, before speaking. "It hurt, you know, to see you lusting after her like that. It was as if I wasn't anything more to you than a passing phase - someone to keep your bed warm until you found another fuck buddy." He curled up on the couch again, gazing at his lover with sad, unsteady eyes that glimmeredwith unshed tears.

Eiri felt his heart soften at the words - and the look. Closing his eyes and taking in a soft breath, Eiri moved to sit next to the small figure on the couch, drawing the lithe body onto his lap and into his arms.

"Someone like her," Shuichi felt it necessary to glare once again at his lover as he spoke, "Wouldn't have meant anything to me. She would've just been another one night stand on a long list of them. No one will ever mean as much as you do to me." Recalling descriptive moments in his romantic novels, Eiri lifted Shuichi's chin so he could examine his lovers face. "I don't want to lose you over something like this."

Shuichi sat quietly, wrapped in the warmth of the blonde's arms, absorbing his lover's words thoughtfully.

"You won't ever lose me. But you sure have strange ways of telling people that you love them." The pink haired boy slipped his arms around Eiri's back, snuggling against the strong chest he was so accustom to.

Eiri chuckled softly, looking away in mild thought on the subject. "I guess that's true."

Silence settled momentarily as the two simply enjoyed each others presence.

"…Yuki?" Shuichiturned his eyes to look up at his lover.

"Hmm…?" Eiri was beginning to lull himselfinto a sleepy-state.

"Will you come with me on tour?" In an amused manner, Eiri's eyebrow twitched as he smirked.

"Yes, Shuichi, I'll come with you."He paused, trying to build the courage that he as Eiri Yuki never quite needed. "I love you, Shuichi." He whispered gently into the ear of his lover.

Shuichilooked up into golden eyes, seeing the truth behind the words.

"I love you too, Yuki."

The blonde leaned down slowly and captured the soft pink lips, reveling in the sweet tenderness of theirchaste, genuine kiss. Sighing against his lover's lips, Shuichi pulled away and rested his head against Eiri's chest, just above the beating heart of his lover.

So they sat entwined in one another's arms, listening to the thunder shake the building, and breathing in the scent of each other, firm in their belief that their love could not be shaken.


And this is where it ends. Thanks to all you readers and reviewers! You're awesome!

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