Disclaimer to the FFnet staff and those who might report this to them: I humbly submit that, while this is not a work of fiction in and of itself, I am offering it for readers of my crossover series who may not be familiar with one or more of the involved titles, so that hopefully they may still enjoy my fan fictions rather than skip them over. If there is a serious problem with this or you have a suggestion for how better to handle this, please let me know! I am a very open-minded person and eager to work things out when/if there is conflict. Thank you. DD

Hey, everyone! How many of you have skipped reading a series because you were not familiar with one or more of the involved anime titles? ((DD raises her hand)) Oh, come on, now, people! I can't be the only one!

Well, at any rate, this first "volume" of the saga is numbered "Zero" because it technically isn't a fic. I repeat – DON'T REPORT ME FOR PLAGERISM CUZ I'M NOT CLAIMING THE FOLLOWING FILES AS ORIGINAL. ((phew)) Was that loud enough? LOL The three files following this one are summaries of the three titles involved in my saga: Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Ronin Warriors (aka, Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers). I want people to read my stories even if they are not familiar with one (or any) of these titles. Obviously, of course, the down side to this is that there are SPOILERS for different parts of the three series as I give you information on what has happened for each cast up to the start of the saga. For instance, you get a brief overview of the whole Ronin Warriors series as well as a glimpse at the OVA, "Gaiden," while Yu-Gi-Oh! takes you up to the very beginning of Battle City, which is smack in the middle of the series. Yusuke and company only weeks ago survived the Dark Martial Arts Tournament but Sensui's activities have not yet begun. On the other hand, Yakumo HAS made his attempt on the Human Realm, a la the movie "Poltergeist Report: Bonds of Fire."

Even if you are familiar with one or more of these titles, I encourage you at least to glance over the following files. Besides having taken me forever to write ((grin)), I have also included information of how/where the Spellfire Saga diverges from the canon (like why Shuten did not perish completely when he freed Lady Kayura) or how the original Japanese canon is different from the information as we're given it in the dubs (like how Atsuko knows the truth of her son Yusuke's real occupation and why Kaiba is not quite the infernal ass 4Kids made him out to be in the dub script ((grrr)).) My original details are very clear from the canon material in these following files so, again, there is nowhere in here that I am claiming anything I don't own! If there is a question!please! ask me before you flame me or (FFnet staff) remove me from your system.

After these, however, if you can't tell canon from original in the body of my stories themselves, I've done my job well. I've been working very hard to blend everything as seamlessly as possible so I hope you enjoy! Again, give all of the following files at least a once-over and I'll talk to you again at the beginning of "The Spellfire Saga – Volume One: Shards."

Jaa, ato de!