It was a dark and stormy night. The blood red moon could be glimpsed through the ripped clouds and lightning split the sky as a cloaked rabbit hurriedly stalked up to the war tavern. The tavern was quiet, but lights could be seen inside. So quietly did the rabbit slip inside that the few occupants of the bar did not notice him or glance at him. Violet, Salamander, and Firesword sat in front of the blazing fireplace, drinking and chatting loudly as the cloaked rabbit order a mug of carrot ale and sat down at a table in the corner.

"I wonder were everyone is tonight," Sal said after slugging ale.

"Obviously at home. No ones except us foo's would go out in a night like this," Violet said scornfully.

"I wish we could have some excitement," Said Sal. "I wish there could be a riot. or perhaps a mysterious stranger in a dark corner. That's always fun."

"Hey, who's that," Firesword asked, pointing to the rabbit in the corner.

"Dunno, but you better check FS," Violet said. "We can't just let any noob in our ol' tavern."

"Its probably one of those annoying no-names," Firesword said as he walked up to the cloaked rabbit. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

The rabbit said nothing, just set his mug down and turned away.

Firesword drew his blaster. "Answer me or Ill shoot!"

"I've been watching you," said the stranger in a rough, dark voice. "You don't know me, but I've known you all for a long time."

A queer expression on his face, Firesword lowered his blaster, allowing the stranger to talk. The mysterious rabbit looked up at Firesword.

"You three make a great team, don't you? You are a wonderful fighter, extremely skilled, fast and learned. Violet, though he has a very feminine name is wise and logical. And Salamander…well, Sal is just Sal."

From his table Sal nodded. "Yup, we all need some Sal in this world."

The stranger removed his hood, revealing a rugged face that none had remembered seeing, though each felt was familiar.

Firesword was mad now. Again he lifted his blaster and pointed it right at the rabbits face. "Now listen here you…you stalker! You're gonna tell me who you are, how you know us and what your doing here."

Fast as a bullet and cunning as a cat, the rabbit slipped around FS, drew his blaster, and held it so that it was touching the back of Fireswords head. "And you are going to do exactly as I say or I will fire."