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-At Central Headquaters-

Roy watched Riza as she quietly set upon her work" She's unusually quiet today"

he thought as he leaned back in his chair, as he was about to fall into a peaceful

sleep Edward burst through the door causing him to fall out of his chair.

Edward came up and slammed his fists on Roy's desk screaming in his face,

" Colonel we need to talk!"

"What do you want Fullmetal?"

"We heard that some psycho girl shot her brother!"

"And when did this happen?"

"Just a moment ago" He said crossing his arms and pacing around the room.

he laid some pictures on his desk," Here's some pictures"

"Do you know the boy's name" Roy asked picking up the pictures and wincing

a bit when he saw the picture.

"The boy's name was Sazuke"

Riza heard the name and stopped dead in her tracks, she thought" Sazuke that's

my brothers name, but he's already dead…because I…"

Roy looked in her direction," Something wrong?" He asked her," You seem kind

of pale, maybe you should take the rest of the day off."

Riza turned and put on a fake smile," You know that sounds like a good idea, I'll

do that" She set down her papers and walked past them," See you tomorrow Colonel,

bye Fullmetal."

"Bye lieutenant Hawkeye!" Ed said waving. He turned to Mustang and glared.

" See she's a good person unlike you!"

Roy turned his chair and put his hands in the air," I know you don't understand my


"What the hell! That's it I'm out of here you starting to scare me!" and with that

Ed was out the door.

Roy smirked," It works every time, hmm…I wonder what's wrong with Hawkeye?"


Riza was walking down the street to her home she had a flashback of what happened

in the orphanage.


A five year old Riza was thrown into the room."Riza-chan!" Her five year old

friend Machika cried. Riza looked up blood pouring from her forehead and blood

gushing from her lip and ear." Onnichan! Help me!" Machika yelled and turned

to her seven year old brother Shikamaru who walked up and helped his sister hold

Riza up.

"You and your brother tried to escape again didn't you?" Shikamaru asked her.

Riza nodded quietly.

Then one of the orphanage people walked in" Machika, Shikamaru ! I need to talk

to you!"

"Here take care of her wounds" Shikamaru said turning to two of their other friends

who were way older than them.

"Don't worry we will." Crystal said picking up Riza and taking her over to her bed.

"Come on help me sis." Crystal said turning to her sister Kimiko.

-Meanwhile in the orphanage room place thing-

"You must never tell her this." The orphanage guy said." But her brother won't be

around for very long."

"And why is that?" Shikamaru asked glaring at him.

"We're turning her brother into a chimera for the war."

"What?" Shikamaru screamed slamming his hands on the table, Machika widened

her eyes in horror." What kind of monsters are you?"

"Take them out!"

-Meanwhile it was late at night Crystal and Kimiko sat on Riza's bed watching her

sleep when Shikamru&Machika walk in.-

"What happened?" Kimiko asked a look of worry on her face.

"Those bastards." Shikamaru said with anger in his voice tightening his fists a little.

" Shikamaru?"

"They're turning her brother into a chimera for war." He said tears flowing down his


"What?" Kimiko and Crystal said at the same time with disbelief in their voices.

-Flashback End-

"I couldn't save any of them." Riza thought," Crystal, Kimiko, Machika,

Shikamaru, And brother." She looked up at the sky," They all died for me, why

did they have to die?" She started crying until a voice startled her.

"Riza are you okay?"

She looked over to see Roy standing there with a worried look on his face.

"Roy?" She questioned," What are you doing here?"

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