Love and Lose

Description: Less then three after Clark graduate, he loses his dad and his mom gives birth to his little Jon.

Disclaimer I own baby Jon. Also, adopt. Ryan. Ryan is fourteen.

Summary This my first tragic fanfic. Clark is about graduate high when is life change forever. He loses the only dad he known and his mom about to have his baby brother. Martha moves to Chicago after losing her husband. Clark asks Lana to marry him.

Part One

Jon's Death

Clark had just arrivedhome graduation ceremony were his parents taking picture so they show the newest member of Kent family comes. Hey, Ryan were mom and dad.

They inside waiting for us, as Ryan and Clark walk in the house. Ryan asked their mom what is wrong.

Well boys I just get phone with dad doctor have to heart surgery and she ran into the bedroom. She hears a knock on the door.

"Martha, can I please come in."

"Sure, Jon you can come in. Need to talk you in private in anyway."

The boys have known about the surgery for long time. They want with me to doctor last month.

Than why did you not tell me about it.

Sweetheart, I didn't wantn't you to worry about me may not making through the surgery. One thing for sure is that is I birth to our first child.

The family rode in Metropolis together. As soon, they get to the hospital they check in Jonathan. During, Jon was in having surgery heart Martha and the boys waiting in waiting room. They see the doctor walk towards them.



Can please borrow your notes.

How did you know I will give back.

I like to have faith in people.

End of flashback

Mrs. Kent can you and boys come in my office for second.The doctor asks her if Jon had heart attack in the past three months.

Clark replied yes in fact he did. "He had one last month in fact doctor." He started crying after he said that.

Oh my no wonder heart so weak.

So, doctor how is my husband. Is he going to be able to see are baby born.

Maybe Mrs. Kent maybe he will.

They walked into Jon room and saw him hook up to machine. Martha said to her sons while she was crying boys I am letting you go first Ryan. I need to talk to Clark.

"Hey, there dad how are you feeling?"

"Hi, son I feel fine, the doctor told me that I could go home tomorrow."

Before, Ryan open his mom entered the room. She said to Ryan go down to the lobby and Clark for me

"Why did you send Ryan out to get Clark, Martha?"

"Jon the doctor told us that your heart is too weak."

"Martha you are telling me that I may die."

"Yes, I am Jonathan. Do you remember first you asked me marry you."



Hi, Martha I have something to ask you.

Hi, Jon what is it you have to ask me.

Martha, will you of the pleasure of wife.

Yes, I will Jon.

End of Flashback

When, Martha asked him that with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Yes, Martha I remember. I am happy that you said yes and that we adopt Clark and Ryan.

Clark walks in the hospital room where his dad. Hey, dad how are you?

"Hi, Clark so what were you and Lana talking about?"

"She asked if I co-sign loan for the Talon. I said yes."

"Clark I have favor to ask you. I want you to be you mom's birthing coach."

"Sure, dad I will. Dad I know you will be here see mom have the baby."

Martha, and boys were leaving the hospital after been in there for two days. When Martha hears the code, blue call over loud the speaker? She turn to the boys and nodded her head yes.

After, the doctor came out and told them that Jonathan had died. Clark sat his mom down and told her what he and Jon were talking about he before he die.

She gives Clark a big hug.