Love and Lose

Description: Less then three after Clark graduate, he loses his dad and his mom gives birth to his little Jon.

Disclaimer I own baby Jon. Baby Sister Katrina or Kat Also, adopt. Ryan. Ryan is fourteen.

Summary This is my first tragic fanfic. Clark is about graduate high when is life changes forever. He loses the only dad he known and his mom about to have his baby brother and sister. Clark asks Lana to marry him.

Part Two

Funeral and birth

A/N Ryan in this story is Ryan James.

Clark gets out of the truck first he was surprise to see Lana car pull up at the house. When Clark saw, Lana gets out of her car he just stands there in awe.

Clark's mother tap him on the shoulder she and "asks if she call the arrangements.

"Excuse me what arrangements?"

"Lana my dad died before we left the hospital." He tells his mom no that call for the funeral arrangements.

"I am so sorry to hear that Clark," says Lana. Has she given him a hug and a kiss? She asks him if she could anything for him.

"Hey, Lana would call Pete, your aunt, and Lex and tells Chloe about my dad." He gives Lana kiss good-bye he has in the house.

Martha saw eldest boy come from outside. She started to cry. Her and Clark talk for a while about when was little and he would wait for Jon come in from doing his chores.

Clark ascends the stairs and notice that their bedroom door is close. He said, nice and politely Ryan Matthew James Kent can I came in. "Let me in now."

"Why should I let you in?"

"I need to talk you."

"Ok then you can come in."

Clark goes in the room and notices Ryan cry top bunk, which he and Jon built shortly after they adopt Ryan. What is wrong Ryan?

"Nothing Clark can please go back down stairs get mom for me."

Clark went down the steps to talk his mom about Ryan. Mom, Ryan wants to tell something in private.

Martha wants to up to her son's room. She asks him what he wants to talk to her about in private.

"He crying saying its fair all this stuff happens to me. "

"I know you miss your dad, Ryan. She asked him if would let Clark sleep on couch tonight."

"Mom tell Clark he is welcome sleep up here with me if wants to. "


Few days later at the funeral, Martha father shows up. Ryan has ever met Mr. Clark before. Ryan was happy to meet grandfather for first time. He though to himself be there dad was here. For him when meets his grandfather.

At house the after the funeral, Clark and his grandfather talked for first time in two years.

"Hey, granddad how are you."

"Good, Clark I wish this under better circumstance."

"Me to I wish you came by more. I would like you to meet someone. Plus, think my mom news for you."

"Clark who's this someone you want me meet."

Clark calls Ryan inside the house.

Martha comes along inside with Ryan. "Hi, dad I am really your here. Dad I would like you to meet other grandson Ryan Matthew James Kent. "


Few weeks past went fast the boys woke up early and their chores. Clark realize something was bothering Ryan. "Hey Ryan what is wrong."

"Nothing, Clark it is sure going to be different without here when you leave for school in few days."

" I just want you to know that I am still your brother no matter where I am. Now lets go inside if mom up yet."

The boys walked in the house expecting their mom to in kitchen.

"Boys is that you" Martha says.

"What is wrong mom ask Ryan?"

"Boys its times for this babies to see the world."