Chapter 1:

It was just a month after Itachi entered the Shinobi Academy. He was the number one person in all of his classes.

His skills with shurikens and kunai's exceeded those of the others. His Taijutsu was very high and basically he exceeded all others.

It was therefore that the teachers of the academy decided to put Itachi in a higher grade to see how he'd fare there. Itachi was again top of theclass in no time and surpassed all others.

Finally, after days of counsel, the teachers decided to put Itachi in the final grade.

Most of the kids there were older then him exept for one girl. She was a genius of the Uchiha clan as well, even though Itachi hadn't seen her before the day he entered this class.

"Hey you're an Uchiha as well, right?" The girl asked.

Itachi turned towards the girl and looked into her bright happy eyes.

"Yeah I am, You looker younger then the rest of everyone here..." Itachi replied.

"Yeah I'm only 8 while most of the others here are 9 or 10...By the way my name is Kayoko, what's yours?" Kayoko asked.

"My name is Itachi and 7 years old, glad to meet you Kayoko." Itachi said as he bowed slightly.

"Itachi-kun, Want to come and sit next to me?" Kayoko asked.

"Ofcourse, thank you for asking." Itachi said as he bowed again.

"Hihi, you certainly are cute Itachi-kun." Kayoko said smiling.

Itachi didn't reply and sat down next to her as he smiled politely towards her.

"Oh look! There's the other Uchiha of our class! Shisui-kun is the number student of our class and already has the sharingan!" Kayoko said excited.

"I do it of that great inportance then?" Itachi asked.

"You do? Could you show me! I'm really interested in our bloodline limit!" Kayoko said even more excited.

"Um...well...ok." Itachi said as he closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes you could see one dot in each of them and the iris was red.

"Woow...That's amazing for your age. However you still need to progress a few stages before you reach Shisui-kun's stage." Kayoko said nodding.

"Hey can I sit down next to you?" Kayoko and Itachi then heard from their side.

Kayoko turned around to see Shisui standing there with his carefree look.

"Bu-But ofcourse! Please sit down Shisui-kun." Kayoko said with a slight blush on her face as she stood up.

"Kayoko... I wasn't asking you...I was asking our new classmate here." Shisui said as he pointed with his head towards Itachi.

"What?" Kayoko asked surprised as Shisui walked past her and sat down next to Itachi.

"So you have the Sharingan partly as well...You look young though...How old are you?" Shisui asked.

"Seven..." Itachi said as he looked towards Shisui.

"Seven huh? That is young...Both for having the sharingan and being at this level already." Shisui said as he looked to the ceiling.

"Hmph...I heard great things about you so far as well...Think you can keep up with someone like me." Itachi said with a smile.

"Confident are we huh? Then let's see if you can become a genin within one year...I think I'll pass the exams this year." Shisui said.

"You will huh? Well you are great Shisui-kun!" Kayoko said cheerful.

"Heh...I'd become genin in half a year if the teachers would be able to keep me updated with the things I need to know." Itachi said as he looked confident in his eyes.

Shisui looked back at Itachi's eyes and then they both started laughing. Kayoko looked confused at the two as they continued laughing.

"Sometimes I really don't understand boys..." Kayoko said to herself as she looked at the two.

Ever since then Shisui,Kayoko and Itachi always were together and trained together. Two months later Itachi and Shisui were at Itachi's house to train a bit together outside of school.

"Itachi! Will you and Shisui-kun look out after little baby Sasuke as I go do the groceries?" Itachi's mom yelled.

"Ok mom!" Itachi replied as he and Shisui ran inside.

"Well then you two be good now while I'm away." Itachi's mom said and she then kissed Itachi's forehead before she left to do the groceries.

"You know...Your little brother looks a lot like your mom." Shisui said.

"Yeah he does...Mom and Dad have been busy most of the time with my little brother. They haven't even commented my report card yet." Itachi said with a smile on his face.

"Well we just had them yesterday so don't worry about that...You know that later your little brother will most likely be looking up towards you and want to beomce just like his big bro." Shisui said.

"You think? I'm not as great as you are Shisui-oniisan." Itachi replied.

"You kiddin' me Itachi? You're the youngest person in the clan with the sharingan and you are smarter then Kayoko and me together. I bet your parents are really proud of you." Shisui said as he smiled at Itachi.

"Maybe for my age, but that doesn't count you surpass me by far in all other things." Itachi said.

"Itachi, you never stop surprising me...Don't worry lil bro...In time you shall surpass me in every way. I'm sure of it." Shisui said.

Just then the door opened.

"Ohio, shouldn't you two be training?" Kayoko asked as she walked inside.

"Kayoko-chan, what are you doing here?" Itachi asked surprised to see Kayoko.

"I thought you guys could use something to motivate your training so I decided to drop by." Kayoko said as she gave Itachi a wink.

"Isn't that so, Shisui-kun?" Kayoko asked smiling after she closed the door and sat down.

"...Not really, we need to babysit Itachi's baby bro." Shisui said as he pointed towards Sasuke who was lying in his crib.

Kayoko stood up and walked towards the crib.

"Well he's just as cute as his big brother." Kayoko said smiling as she put her hand into the crib.

Shisui looked at Itachi who was slightly blushing right now.

"Only Itachi-kun doesn't play with my fingers..or puts them in his mouth." Kayoko said smiling as Sasuke started sucking on one of Kayko's fingers.

Shisui stood up and walked towards Kayoko.

"Kayoko...Can you do us a favor?" Shisui asked.

Kayoko turned around and looked with a slight blush into Shisui's eyes.

"Could you watch Sasuke for us? We really need to train." Shisui said.

"Ow ofcourse...I'll make him watch you if he's alowed to get out of his crib." Kayoko said then smiling politely.

"Well as long as you're careful with him I guess it's okay." Itachi said as he now also stood up.

"Well then...Let's go watch your big brother and Shisui-kun train, shall we?" Kayoko said to Sasuke who was looking a bit confused at her.

Itachi and Shisui were already outside by the time Kayoko picked Sasuke up from his crib.

"Hey Itachi! Let's start with training our combination of Henge no Jutsu and Bunshin no jutsu like we did before." Shishui said.

"Yeah but in who are we going to transform? After doing Sandaime-sama and Yondaime-sama so many times...We should pick a new form." Itachi said.

"Hmm...How about we Henge into each other?" Shisui asked.

"Great idea! Alright then let's do this!" Itachi said as he formed the handseal.

Kayoko sat down with Sasuke in her arms, looking towards Itachi and Shisui.

"Henge no jutsu!" Both Itachi and Shisui said and tranformed into each other.

"You know, your Henge is pretty good but you still miss out on a few things." Shisui said who was now looking like Itachi.

"Well you screwed up worse Shisui-oniisan. You forgot the lines I have near my eyes." Itachi replied.

"Well that doesn't matter right now, now does it." Shisui replied.

"Not really, let's just focus on combining it with Bunshin no jutsu." Itachi suggested.

Shisui nodded and formed the Bunshin no Jutsu handseal.

Itachi did the same and each of them did the technique, creating 10 Bunshins each.

"Let's try it again." Shisui said as he made his bunshins disappear.

Kayoko was watching the boys train their technique as suddenly Sasuke began to make loud happy noises. Kayoko looked down and all of a sudden she saw two Sasuke's sitting on her lap.

"What the?" Kayoko whispered as she blinked.

"Hey guys!" Kayoko then yelled towards Itachi and Shisui.

"What is it Kayoko-chan?" Shisui asked.

"Look..." Kayoko as she picked Sasuke up from her lap.

The eyes of both boys widened as they now saw a Sasuke still sitting on Kayoko's lap and one in her hands.

"What the hell?" Shisui said surprised.

Itachi was just as surprised as Shisui but he instantly ran towards Kayoko instead of replying.

"Did he?" Itachi said as he poked the Sasuke on Kayoko's lap.

The Sasuke that sat on Kayoko's lap began fizzle and fade then and the real Sasuke started to laugh and clap his hands.

"Wow I guess he did." Shisui said.

"That's one talented young man...Using Bunshin no jutsu at such a young age." Kayoko said as she smiled towards Sasuke, who she was holding in front of her face now.

"My little brother...It looks like you have a lot of pottential within you." Itachi thought as he looked towards his little brother with a smile.