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A discussion with brother

The borrow was dark, damp, and cold for Logan's taste for the time being. He was sitting at a table in his kitchen when an older gentleman came up to him with a brow furrowed. He was distinguished, with his thin mustache and trimmed hair that was balding. He had a straight posture, correct in every way.

"Yes Jarvis?" replied Logan Wayne. He was not in the mood to have a discussion with the man whom had raised him and his younger brother Bruce. Logan still couldn't get the image of Ororo's face out of his head. She truly looked as though he had ripped her heart out, taking it harder than he would have expected.

"You have a phone call from Bruce." Jarvis Pennyworth replied as he gave Logan the cordless.

"Great." Logan huffed. Bruce and he hardly ever spoke. The only thing that they had in common was their obsession to destroy the man truly responsible for the death's of their parents….The Green Skull. True it was James "The Dog" Chill that had pulled the trigger, and the mob boss Wilson Francissia that had ordered the hit, it was the Green Skull that Wilson was a partner of and knew of the hit. The Green Skull wanted to bankrupt New Gotham so he could sink his teeth into it. It was mostly due to the efforts of their father, Thomas that the plan did not succeed. This caused the wraith of the Green Skull. He knew that Bruce would only call on the secured line that they had installed in their ancestral home when Logan returned and Bruce became head of SHIELD.

"Hello Bruce. What can I do for you?" Logan asked gruffly.

"You are a piece of work Logan. It's times like these that I know we are brothers." The voice responds over the phone.

"Who called you whining?" Logan asked not amused.

"Who do you think?" answers Bruce.

"He's a boy scout."

"He is also the leader of the JLA. You remember them, the group you once belonged to."

"Yeah." Logan replies as he begins to think of Amazon once more.

"You surprised me on how long you stayed with them you know Logan."

"They had honorable goals."

"You sure it wasn't something else Logan, like a certain Meta-Mutant?"

"Don't know what your talking bout Bruce." His voice sounded uneasy but he tried to hide the fact.

"You know.."Bruce paused.." Super-Partiot."

Logan's eyes widened. Did Bruce just make a joke? A joke at his expense? Was this Bruce? "Excuse me Bruce?"

"Just kidding Logan. I know you have feelings for a certain Amazon."

"And how do you know that?"

"I remember that whole business with she and you when the Green Skull attacked her sister Diana. Normally you would have been as obsessed as I to get him. You allowed him to get away when Amazon was unconscious. She was safe but you allowed him to get away."

"Are you talking about when Hyena, Lady Ivy, and Scarecrow bonded with those deranged "gods" and it turned out the Skull was there to get the Crimson Cube that was created by them?"


"She was hurt and she was…is a friend."

"The only time I ever saw you turn away from the obsession was when Sparrow was hurt. She is your child after all. But Amazon, I have seen you leave your wounded lovers behind to go after your target . So don't give me crap about not knowing what I mean."

"What do you want me to do Bruce? Go tell her. Then what? Get married have kids?"

"I never suggested it Logan. You just said it."

"Look I have to go. As always nice to hear from you."

"Yeah right."

Logan hangs up the phone and looks at his butler…he then realizes…

"You called him."

Javis just takes the phone out of the room with a smirk.