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Ginevra was furious.

She had practically flown up to her room in a quiet rage, flung herself upon her bed, and immediately begun to scrawl out a long letter.

Errol, her family's old owl, hooted excitedly and tried his best to flap onto her bed. Ginny (as she preferred (demanded) to be called) glanced at him and sighed.

"Silly bird. You're too old to take this letter! I'll have to take Pig, the hyped-up idiot."

Errol looked downcast, and she ruffled his head-feathers. "Don't be sad, Errol. It's just…well, maybe you should retire. We'll put you in a nice, nice home, were you can—er, eat all sorts of wild things!"

Errol hooted and stuck out his chest feathers, and Ginny laughed.

"No, Errol, you're way too old!"

"Yes, but he's not as old as you, Gin, so he should be thankful."

Ginny turned to see her twin brothers, Fred and George, standing in the doorway. Besides her mother, she was the only person who could tell them apart, but she didn't tell them that. Mostly she called them Gred and Forge, so that they would go on believing they could trick her whenever they wanted to.

Fred was the one who had spoke, and he leaned in the doorway as George walked over to her bed. She was a little to slow to realize what they were doing, until George grabbed the letter she had been writing, and held her down with one hand as he read it aloud.

" 'Dear Colin!' Oh, he's dear to you, Ginny?" George read teasingly.

"Give it back, you slimy, slothful, hateful thing!" she shouted. "Ooh, if I had my wand with me—"

"You mean this wand?" Fred produced her twin rowan wand from his jean pockets, and she scowled irritably. "Continue, Gred, I think I'd rather like to know what our dearest sister is saying."

" 'I'm running away from home! If you've gotten your Hogwarts letter, you'll know why, but if you haven't, I'll explain later. I'm coming by Floo, so be ready, and from your house I'm going to go into Muggle London, and live as a magician.'"

George had to stop reading there, as he began to laugh. Ginny managed to snatch the letter from his hands, and ripped it up.

"I hate you both! You don't have to go back to Hogwarts, you wouldn't know! I'm going to be in emotional pain and I'll be traumatized for the rest of my life, and it'll be all your fault!"

Fred snorted. "It's all our fault that you're a genius? I think you should be thanking us for that, then."

"No I shouldn't!" Ginny seemed absolutely livid now. "If you hadn't asked me to help you with all your stupid tricks, I wouldn't have learned so much, and liked it, and done so well!"

"Done so well?" George looked shocked, but Ginny knew he was joking. "My dear girl, you're head of your class in every subject! You take even more classes than Hermione—"

"—Even though we told you we'd throw you out the window if you did—," Fred added.

"—And you managed to keep your wits about you, too! It only makes sense that Snape—"

"—The greasy, loathsome git—"

"—Would ask you to join his advanced potions classes!" George finished. "And even though he has only Slytherins in that class, we'll give you a discount and then there'll be hell to pay if they dare touch you."

"There would be hell to pay even if we didn't give her a discount, Gred." Fred observed. "And besides, Ginny, you said Colin's just as good as you, and so is your other friend, the evil girl—"

"Tessa?" Ginny interrupted, smiling widely. "Please, you guys are just upset because of the time she put that impotent charm on you the night you went on that date with Angelina and Alicia. I understand you weren't very—happy, with the results?"

"For God's sake, we weren't affected by them at all!" Fred cried. "We almost lost our girlfriends!"

"And that's why Tessa is my best friend." Ginny deadpanned.

With her wide, almond shaped eyes and long, wavy black hair, Tessa Reeve was considered an exotic beauty at Hogwarts. She had only met Ginny in their fourth year, but she, Ginny and Colin Creevey had become good friends, rivaled only by the Golden Trio.

"Yes, well," George said, smiling bitterly, "It's only the day before school starts, so you couldn't exactly have left for Colin's house anyways. You could, however, drown yourself in the lake tomorrow."

"We'll help!" Fred said brightly. Ginny stuck her tongue out at them and slid out of bed, causing Errol to topple over and get lost in the sheets.

"I'm going down to lunch. And I'm also telling Mum you suggested I kill myself."

Fred blanched. "Oh, no, Gin, you wouldn't do that to us! We're your favorite brothers!"

"And how do you know that?" She replied indignantly.

"Well," began George. "You know ickle Ronniekens, and how overprotective he is. Think about it, Gin, you hate it when he goes crazy. And Charlie—"

"—Charlie has been a bit preoccupied if you ask me, what with the whole dragon's revolt and all. Besides, Charlie's a good bloke, but the best thing he's ever done is let us ride those dragons. Bill—"

"—Bill is awesome, but you know him."

"Always on the go—"

"—Especially since—"

"—That Delacouer girl—"

"—Admitted she liked him." George made an airy motion. "I bet you they get married in June, Fleur'll want a summer wedding."

"Bet taken." Fred said.

Ginny shook her head in exasperation. "Ok, so you guys are the only brothers I can stand for long. Happy?"

"Very." They chorused, and let her out of the room laughing like mad. Ginny wandered down the stairs and into the kitchen, where her mother was busy cooking something and setting down dishes on the table.

The fact that she was doing all that with her wand and at the same time reading the Daily Prophet did not escape Ginny.

"Mum?" she asked.

Molly Weasley looked up and smiled at her only daughter. "Something wrong, Ginevra?"

"Ginny, Mum." Ginny replied. "No, but I just wanted to know, do I absolutely, positively, definitely have to tale the Advanced Potions course?"

"Yes." Mrs. Weasley didn't miss a beat. "You know you want to be an Auror, dear, and although I'm not sure if you'll make it, you could at least work in the Ministry's lab."

"But Mum!" Ginny began to protest, but Ron, Harry and Hermione chose to enter at that exact same moment. Harry was clutching his trunk, as he had just arrived from Privet Drive.

Ron turned towards her and nodded shortly. "Ginny."

"Are you still upset at the spider I put in your bed, Ronald? It was just an experiment! I wanted to see how high you could jump. And five feet is a very good number!"

Hermione laughed, and Harry turned so he could see her. He was suddenly stunned, and stared.

Ginny didn't notice, however. Instead, she brushed back some of her hair (which always seemed to be falling in her face) and turned back to her mother. "Mum, I refuse to take Advanced Potions. No one in their right mind would!"

"Advanced Potions?" Hermione looked incredulously at her. "You've gotten in? Oh, but Ginny, that's wonderful! I've been trying for ages, but Snape keeps saying my grades are mediocre. You must be really smart!"

Molly gave her daughter a look, and Ginny turned red. "But Mum, we can't be sure Hermione's in her right mind, I mean, did you SEE her schedule in her third year?"

Ron had taken a sip from a glass of lemonade on the table, and now he snorted it out onto the floor. Hermione turned a brilliant shade of red, and Harry grinned.

"Ginny," Mrs. Weasley said sternly, "That's enough. You are taking the class, and you are going to behave for Professor Snape."

"Isn't Malfoy in that class?" Ron said after a moment.

Ginny suddenly put her hands over her face, let out a groan, and ran upstairs.

"HEY!" Fred and George suddenly stumbled down the stairs, both of their legs locked with a curse.

There was the sound of a door slamming, something else opening, and a loud, rage-filled scream before all was quiet again.

Harry waved his wand absently and performed the counter-curse on the twins, before turning to Ron.

"She's changed." He meant her new figure, the almost-filled one, curves and all.

"Tell me about it. She scares me. Spends a bit too much time with Tessa, if you ask me." Ron meant her attitude."

"Tessa?" Harry looked confused.

Ron pulled out a chair and sat in it. "That's right, you haven't seen her yet. You'll meet her at Hogwarts. You probably just don't know her all that great, what with last year being the war and all, and the same year everyone else noticed her."

The twins joined them at the table, and after much joking, they all sat down. Everyone that is, save Ginny.

A half-hour later, she came downstairs with her hair damp and an unhappy look on her face. Fred and George exchanged glances, before Fred worked up the nerve to talk to her.

"We were just joking when we told you to jump in the lake."

"Yeah," George agreed. "You didn't have to practice."

"Burn in hell—heaven." Ginny said, as her mother shot her a look. "I was sending a letter to Colin and Tessa, and Ron's stupid bird flew into the bathroom and tripped me. Who left the bathtub running?"

She didn't miss the whistling Fred and George started, but she decided to let it all alone and sat down at the only available seat, next to Harry. She didn't notice his flustered look, although the twins did.

The rest of the day was uneventful, so when Ginny was walking to her bedroom for a good night's rest, she wasn't expecting Ron's owl, Pigwidgeon, to fly right into her face.

She shrieked, and all the doors in the hall opened. Pig had latched himself onto her face and was flapping frantically, and she tumbled backwards.

"I'll save you, Gin-Gin!" George attempted (somewhat valiantly) to save his sister by grabbing Ron and throwing him behind her.

Ginny stumbled over her brother and fell back, landing rather painfully on her rear end. She let out a muffled groan, and Fred ran into the fray.

"You've hurt Gin-Gin!" He yelled at George, then stopped, and looked at the chaos. "Actually, I think I'll compliment you."

All this before Ginny finally managed to grab her wand and hex everyone within three feet of her. Fred and George sprouted jelly-like ears, Ron was stuck with a cat's tail, and Hermione looked like Mickey Mouse on crack. Harry was half submerged through the floor, and Pig, poor, poor Pig, was turned into a weird canary-owl hybrid with tusks.

When the noise died down (Mr. Weasley had come home from work in the middle of it all, and ended up almost suffocating from laughter) Mrs. Weasley and Ginny spent most of the night un-hexing everyone.

Ginny didn't collapse in bed until around two o' clock in the morning. Before she could sleep, however, Fred and George crept into her room. Fred crouched down by her bed and scrutinized her.

"We believe you're socially and emotionally inept, you know."

"I am not!" She protested.

George shrugged. "Yeah, well once you get around to hexing your friends and family for the smallest things, and with a temper like that—"

"—You can only be called inept." Fred finished. They crept out without another word. Ginny lay in bed, trying her best to fall asleep. Sometime around four o' clock, she screamed into her pillow and turned over to glare at her ceiling, and hiss an irritable sentence at it.

"What the bloody hell does inept mean, anyway!"