Daughter of Eve

the Tale of the High Queen of Narnia

Prologue - Another

Peter and his siblings, along with the Beavers, could all see that the White Witch's magic was weakening. Spring was showing everywhere and the snow was melting into the glassy puddles. Another hour into their trek and they came upon a great procession of animals and creatures of every kind, all heralding the coming of Aslan. The four Pevensies and the Beavers came to a halt, as did the procession, and Aslan approached them, making even Peter quaver under his fiery gaze.

"There is another," he said simply, watching the children. He turned his shaggy head to face a pair of nymphs flanking a girl. "Come," he said to the girl. She hesitantly stepped forward, free of her nymph bodyguards, and walked to Aslan's side, looking for all the world like she had crossed out of reality.

The girl was quiet before realizing that Aslan meant for her to introduce herself. She blinked her pale green eyes quickly, composing herself, "I'm Natasha," she said finally. "Natasha Boregard," she murmured as an afterthought. Her accent was clearly American.

"Peter Pevensie," the eldest Pevensie answered, feeling it his duty to introduce the rest of the clan, "These are my sisters, Susan and Lucy," he added. Peter thought it unwise to go into detail concerning Edmund at the moment. Natasha smiled slightly and nodded her head, happy to have found some actual people in this new world.

The group was quiet for sometime and the Pevensies surveyed Natasha. The Beavers had warned them of the enemy's spies, and the wanted to be on their guard. Peter couldn't help notice that the girl was quite pretty in a...different kind of way. She wasn't a blonde bombshell or anything like that, but she had her good features. Her eyes were the color of sunkissed sea foam and a dusting of freckles finished off her facial features. Her hair was plain, to say the most, a mousy brown cut in a straight line just below her shoulders. Natasha seemed to be of Peter or Susan's age, but was shorter then the siblings. Unlike Susan, she wasn't delicate or frail, but had the look of a tomboy.

"You're American," Susan said after a moment of awkward silence.

Natasha raised an eyebrow, "And you're British." Peter grinned and brushed his hair from his eyes. This girl wasn't one to be taken lightly, he could tell. Aslan had known right away that the two were exact opposites. Where Peter was calm and level-headed, Natasha was a slave to her temper and her recklessness. But they were the two sides of the same coin, and, inevitably, perfect for one another, if they could overcome her stubborness and his exaggerated propriety. The Great Lion still didn't know how Natasha had come into Narnia. All he knew was that the years ahead would be very, very rough.

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