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Always Yours

Chapter One – Starting Over

It had been 6 months since Jess had seen House, since she'd felt able to deal with him without falling apart at the thought. It had been 6 months since Jaynie had died, and she had taken on the care and nurturing of her 5 kids and husband.

She had moved in with them to help them adjust; but now she just wanted to go home, back to her own sad little apartment and finally start her own mourning process.

However, it didn't look like it would be today….House needed her help with Abigail Mulholland's illness suddenly coming back for no apparent reason; and Hank was playing the big 'I am' – just when she didn't need it….


Hank bounced out of the pick-up "What do you want? Don't you think you've hurt her enough?"

"If I thought I'd done that do you think I'd be here? I mean I'm sure with a bit of effort on my part I could hurt her much more…"

"Oh, you think you're so funny, but she hasn't needed you for the last 6 months – she has others that are there for her now…."

"Really? So has she been phoning these others in the middle of the night, even if it has been to only hang up the minute they answer?" he turned to Jess "Which, I have to say Monty, was particularly cruel at 3am…and not once, but 5 times in one night."

Jess rolled her eyes and ignored him.

"Well, no" replied Hank, not willing to let it go "but that doesn't mean anything. I've been helping her grieve buddy."

"I suppose the fact that she hasn't grieved then, means you haven't been helping?"


"Anyone looking at her can see she is not grieving, buddy…"

"Look, we have a sick patient to deal with - maybe you two could shelve your point scoring for a while, just until we get this dealt with." Jess was angry, two men being stupidly possessive was not what she needed right now.

"What patient? I thought you might be ready to come back to the CDC now Jess?"

House raised an eyebrow "You've been working for them then?"

"Not really – just the odd bit here and there, I wanted to be there for Mike and the kids….. Plus I had Molly to consider….." She stopped.

"Oh? Why?" House wanted to know, suddenly concerned that the midget had been sick and he didn't know.

"She was being a brat about you!" Hank ground out "Giving a Jess a hard time about you two not being friends anymore….stuff like that."

"Wait a minute – I never said we weren't friends anymore! I just said we'd had a fight!" Jess broke in "In fact it was because we were friends it all kicked off in the first place!"

"The midget gave you a hard time – because of me?" House all but crowed.

"Yeah….but don't get too happy or I will have to hurt you." Jess grimaced, scowling at Hank. She would not have told House that, he'd never let her live it down now.

"I am never happy, let alone too happy….but I admit to major gloating…" There was a pause "How hard a time?"

"Hard enough…."

"Seriously, are we talking just a tantrum - or where you would cheerfully sell her to the highest bidder?"

"Let's just say I was considering letting you adopt her…" She rolled her eyes "Look, let's just see Mrs Mulholland and work out why she's infected again."

"They probably just didn't eradicate the parasite completely from her system, the first time. I mean no bad to them, from what you said she was severely infested so it wasn't their fault if they missed." Hank condescended.

"Missed what?" Jess' face set hard "You can't just 'miss' this sort of parasite Hank. The drug treatment kills it or it doesn't; she had the strongest drug treatments available, which should have eradicated the parasite from her system…..wherever it was." She paused "Plus there is no way House, or any of his team, would have let her leave the hospital with any sign of a lingering infestation….."

"I never meant…."

"I know exactly what you meant – whatever your beef with House, I will not have you imply that he and his team are incompetent doctors!" She stalked past him.

"Ways not to piss off a woman you hope to screw – way one, do not ridicule or put down her friends." House shook his head "Dumb fuck I think you called me? Well it's something you won't be doing – dumb or otherwise.

I hope you got a good hot water bottle in….it's the only thing that'll be warming your bed tonight!" He grinned and limped after Jess who had climbed into his car.


At the hospital they ran into Cuddy who rushed up and hugged Jess. "Jess…Jessica it's so good to see you! How are you? How are they? How is Molly?"

Jess looked so horrified at the uncharacteristic display of affection from her usually annoyed nemesis, that it actually caused House and a few passing nurses to smirk.

"I'm fine, they're fine, and she's fine. I think that about covers it." She stepped back "You? Still diligently pushing those biros and counting those itty bitty little beans?"

Cuddy moved away "Yes, and you know I'm loving every minute of it…"

"Well, good for you…..someone had to…." they nodded at each other and grinned, battle had recommenced and both were grateful for it.

Cuddy leant forward once more "Is he forgiven yet?"


"Good…because I personally found the whole stalking you thing slightly surreal, even by his demented standards…"

"Stalking - he stalked me! You stalked me?" Jess looked at House in surprise.

"No… I merely kept a check that you were alright." He thought for a moment "This of course meant following you around somewhat in my scant free time…."

"And that's not stalking how?"

Cuddy smiled at House as she left "My work here is done…I told you she'd be pissed."

House ignored her as he walked Jess to the elevator "It is not stalking because there was no injunction to say I couldn't do it, you did not hurl abuse at me to stop; and I never believed that we were married in another life and wished you to have my alien babies. Oh, and nor did I send you hate mail."

As they reached their floor he stepped out "So you see there was no stalking….."

"Yeah by your bizarre definition….." she looked at him "Of course a judge could've taken a different view."

"It never got that far….."

"Whatever…" she sighed.


"I have that damn e-mail to open…."

"Monty you've had said 'damn e-mail' for 6 months, why the worry to do it now?"

"I haven't a worry about it – I just know it's there…."

"Look if you want - bring your laptop to my office and I'll let you open it there. I'll even leave you alone to do it."

Jess looked at him "You're still not forgiven – you know that, right?"

"Yes Monty, I understand I am to be tormented for being a fool for some time to come – it's what women do well…..torturing men. I firmly believe that the Spanish Inquisition was actually made up entirely of females."

"I need a coffee, I'll catch you up - and don't tell them I'm back…"

"I wouldn't dream of it – I told them I wouldn't bug you and I did; they'll probably lynch me."

"But Mike asked you….anyway, you have a lot of well-wishers House. The only trouble is they'd all like to throw you down one."

"oh har de har har! You are such a smart-ass I bet you could sit on a carton of ice cream and tell what me flavour it is." He retorted as he left.

"Once again you have proven that there is no such thing as unutterable nonsense House!" Jess replied as she disappeared into the nurse's station.

House wandered away muttering.

"What?" Jess turned.

"I said you should toss out more of your funny remarks; that's all they're good for. "

"Whatever……at least mine are funny as well as offensive – yours are just the latter."

House walked off smiling that she always had to have the last word; but glad at least she was speaking to him again, they were starting over - finally.


She went into the nurse's station and saw Brenda putting some coffee on. "Did he call you?"

The nurse spun round "Hey honey! Howya doin'?" Jess adjusted her laptop bag on her shoulder and walked into Brenda's hug.

"I been better Bren..…but them's the breaks." She smiled "Can I borrow the screen?" She indicated the light box screens.

"Sure…sure. Do you want some coffee, it'll just take a minute?"

Jess nodded and got the stuff out of Abigail Mulholland's file and looked at it. She slipped the x-rays and scans onto the screens and looked closely.

"She's been re-infected…."

"Is that the lung fluke lady?" Brenda glanced over her shoulder and recognised the name.

"Yeah….she's back and this time they've infected her brain more than before. She's having seizures…..bad ones" she looked at her friend "they just might kill her this time. Not the parasite so much as the consequences of the infection."

"Fall-out gets 'em every time honey…. How's House? We ain't seen so much of him since you left. He keeps himself out of the way as much as possible. Plus there was the whole rehab thing…which we're not supposed to know about of course."

"Of course – but a good nurse knows everything!" Jess grinned.

Brenda nodded towards the door "I know he's missed you something fierce though."

Jess shrugged "I know, I've missed him more – but if you ever tell him that I'll be forced to kill you by strangulation with an IV tube!"

Brenda smiled "You two are so alike it's creepy – I'm glad you're back Jess, this place hasn't been the same without you popping in. As for the master, he's been a real pill……"

"House is really easy to get along with Brenda, once people learn to worship him. Do that and it's a cake walk!" House, stood outside with Wilson, smiled.

The senior nurse looked closely at Jess "You miss her awful bad don't you, an' I bet you ain't even had time to grieve her yourself?"

Jess felt tears immediately well and shook her head, both in answer to the question and to dispel them.

"No – but that's okay, Mike and the kids needed me strong…." She hesitated before plunging on "and if I'd let my guard down I would've needed him, and then I would have had to have dealt with her.."

"Oh honey, she's long gone. House put distance between the two of them as much as he could as he soon as you two buried Jaynie. She hated it, but he wouldn't budge…."

"He's always been a stubborn bugger…." Jess gave a watery smile.

"Then her husband started to rally, and once he was well enough Cuddy insisted they transfer to a hospital nearer their home; which also meant Stacy giving up her job here…" she grinned "I think Cuddy did it to save her friend getting lynched."

"Were things that bad?"

"Yeah….she was such a cow over Jaynie – constantly querying why we all were so upset about her death and stuff. I think if Cuddy hadn't have got rid of her when she did, the woman wouldn't have made it to the end of another week still with the ability to breathe and thereby live." She grimaced.

Jess chuckled even amidst the tears in her eyes "Nope I do not fear much in my life Bren, except spiders and ticked off nurses – not necessarily in that order!"

Brenda laughed and noticed the laptop bag "what's that for? Don't tell me the prick isn't letting you use his computer?"

"No, no…." there was a pause "Jaynie sent me a message the week she died and I haven't had the heart to open it yet. I keep carrying this around with me and saying I'll do it….but every day for the last 6 months, I've bottled it."

"Well, maybe today's that day?"


"You afraid of what she's going to say?"

"Oh, I know what she's going to say: 'make up with House, make up with House, make up with House'…..you know what she was like. She always liked him the best."

"Not more than you?"

"No, more for me; and more than Mac."


"Yeah….she felt we fitted better together. She swore up until the day she died that I should've hooked up with House instead of Mac." Jess smiled "She was always giving me static about going to Ethiopia instead of staying and, here I quote, 'fighting for his sorry behind'." They both chuckled.

"So what you 'fraid of?"

There was a long pause and then Jess spoke so quietly that the two men outside barely heard her "seeing her….."

"Awww Honey, c'mere and give old Brenda a huggy…you sure look like you could do with a large one…" she hugged her younger friend tight "let it all out darlin'."

"I don't cry Bren….well, not where anyone can see. Except him, and that hasn't been in a while either." She stopped "Do know I wonder sometimes if I can still cry? you know, not just well up; but an honest to God sob…."

She stood back "anyway, I better get over there, before they launch a search party…"

"Come back on the way out…I know the others would love to see ya!"

"Course, would I miss my favourite nurses!"

Wilson nudged House "Get her to watch it here….."

"Well, big d'uh! I was going to try and get her to do it before we leave…."

"We leave?"

"Yeah we……I was hoping I could talk her into either letting me back to Mike's for dinner or bringing her and Molly to mine. Mike's happy either way."

"Well, good luck with that…." Wilson grinned, just glad that his best friend had at least a hope of getting it sorted with Jess "But I doubt she'll back down so easily."

"Nope neither do I…but it's worth a try and I have a back up plan."

"When do you never?"

"When Cuddy comes up with stupid reasons for me to do clinic, that's a never. Though the 'berry, berry' excuse almost worked…"

"So what's the plan?"

"Mike phones in about 2 hours and asks her to bring me back…you know the 'poor cripple can't look out for himself' thing. Then he'll let Molly ring and beg that I be let come because Dewie, or was it Hewie or Lewie?" House shook his head "anyway one of the triple ducklings told her I might be…"

"You know that one's better than you trying….she won't refuse Mike anything.."

"Really – anything? Quick go get me a wife and then kill her…that could sort all this out really fast."

Wilson's beeper went off "Got to go…." He rolled his eyes "try not to piss her off House."

"I don't try Wilson…it just happens; I'm just naturally gifted at pissing people off. It's a real talent; I don't have to practice or anything."

Brenda came out "Don't hurt her again…." She punched his arm.

"Who me? I just wander from room to room doing no harm to anyone…."

"Yeah, and if I believed that I'd still believe in Santa Claus!"

"You mean…you don't!"

"No I don't – to both." She slapped him again "hurt her this time and the fury of the nurses will be vented upon your head! Be afraid, House, be very afraid!"

He snorted "I don't know the meaning of the word fear…."

"No – but then you don't know the meaning of most words!" she wandered away.

Jess came out and eyed him suspiciously "How long you been there?"

"I just arrived – been chatting to Wilson, who had to go - so came and got you." he smiled happily.

"Right – shall we go?" she was eyeing him warily.

"Okey dokey – let's go meet the ducklings." House said brightly.

"Stop it…." She groaned.


"The 'Mr Sunshine' thing - stop it; seriously, you're creeping me out." She scowled.

"See.." he mumbled to himself with an evil grin "it's a natural talent."