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I smile as I realize, he's watching me. It's a good feeling to be wanted, I guess one could say. I realized only a month ago that he returned my feelings. It's a pleasant feeling. Not that he knows I know. That will have to wait for later.

Now, I sit with the gang goofing off by the lake in the park. Everyone's here, Yugi, Yami, Bakura, Ryou, Kaiba, and Marik, Honda, Otogi, Nakita, Mokuba, Mai, Anzu, Isis, and Shizuka. Told you everyone.

I have to credit Kaiba, his choice in lovers excellent. The shinning eyes, completely devoted to what ever they are staring at, the lightened blond hair, the deliciously tanned skin. Yum.

Sometimes it scares me how similar we actually are. Our pasts, our love for our siblings and determination, I still can't stand him though. I laugh as Marik pushes everyone in the lake with the help of Honda and Bakura, before he betrays his partners, and gets them too. I see him coming after me. Like hell, I raise my hands and jump in willingly laughing.

He thinks I can't see him, I do. He thinks I don't know, but I do. Just as he is watching me, I'm watching him. I can see him, his at it again, quick glances then looking back down, makes me wonder. What is he doing that takes so much attention?

As I said, he doesn't know, but he will shortly, oh yes, next week when school starts, operation seduce. I smiled to myself as I plot.

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