This is my first sonic fanfic so pleases be nice. Na you can say what you want just not too many flames. Any way I do not own sonic only games and DVD. This fanfic is a crossover between Sonic Heroes, sonic underground and sonic satAM. Now on with the fic.

Sonic Heroes meet the freedom fighters.

Chapter 1 the fall off Egghead

3 years ago

"Sonic you can't believe him can you? I mean what Mobian would have two tails. He's properly a robot made by Robotnik to trick us." Sonia said as her and Manic were trying to convince their brother Sonic about the young fox he had found at the mystic ruins when they had found out Robotnik was trying to robotize citizens there.

"Come on sis the kid is perfectly ok. He is even good with machines I mean did you see how much faster he made the van go." Sonic said defending his new friend.

"That's the point Sonic he's only 5 years old he shouldn't be able to be good at technology." Manic said the green hedgehog being on his sister's side.

"Come on Manic you like kids I can't believe you're on Sonia side." Sonic asked in disbelief.

"Sonic you don't even know his name he won't tell us. And to too tell you the truth, I just don't trust him." Sonia looked at her blue brother who gave her an angry look.

"Don't you mean you don't like him?" Sonic said bitterly. "He is only 5 years old he needs a friend. No one there would be his friend because he was different."

"Well Sonic were sorry you feel that way. But we can't bring him to sanctuary because he might be a robot. Also we can't keep him here because if he is a robot then Robotnik well know when we are going to attack." Manic went up to Sonic to help him hear the voice off reason.

"So you're going to have to take him back to the mystic ruins. Sorry Sonic we just can't take the risks." Sonia put in her own voice.

Sonic looked up at his brother and sister with sad eyes and then out side the window where there was a two tailed fox looking round he was really quit cut.

"Sorry Manic, Sonia but this kid needs me more then you two do at the moment." Sonic said as he started making his way to the door off their hid out.

"Sonic what do you mean." Manic asked running up to his brother.

"What I mean is I'm going to look after the kid." Sonic answered not even bothering to turn around.

"But Sonic what about the prophecy, what about finding mother." Sonia asked as Sonic got to the door.

"You can find mum with out me." Sonic turned around and threw something at Sonia which she court before he went out of the room.

"What is it Sonia? What Sonic give you?" Manic asked as he looked at his sister. Sonia opened up her hand to revile Sonics medallion.

"So kid you ready to go." Sonic asked coming up to the two tailed fox.

"I thought you said that I was going to stay here Sonic." The fox said in a quite voice.

"Na I forgot I was going to do some travelling. So you want to come." Sonic said with his grin.

"Um ok then I never been anywhere before except for the mystic ruins."

"That's great then we'll have an adventure. But first you gotta tell me you're name so I'm not always calling you kid all the time, ok." At this the fox got sad look on his face. "What's wrong you don't have a name?"

"No it's just I don't like my name."

"Well if you tell me it I promise I won't tell anyone else." Sonic said the fox was not completely sure but soon gave in.

"Ok its Miles I really hate it." Miles said looking to the floor and letting his twin tails drop.

"Is that it?" Sonic asked but saw the sad look on the small child's face. "Ok if you hate it that much I'll call you………Tails, because you have two tails. How dose that sound."

"Yah I really like it Sonic thank you this is the best day of my life." Tails laughed as he jumped up in the air and started to fly with happiness. Sonic who had seen him fly when he first meet him smiled.

"Tails this hasn't been the best day off you're life unless you've eaten a chilli dog."

"What's a Chilli dog?" Tails asked as he looked at his new friend. At these words Sonic got a shocked look on his face.

"You never had a chilli dog?" Tails shock his head. "Well you're lucky you meet me then." Sonic said a he ran off down the street. Tails followed, being able to keep up with the world's fastest hedgehog.

Angel Island

"No Sonia I haven't seen Sonic." Knuckles said to the pink hedgehog he had a crash on.

"Ok Knuckles if you see Sonic can you tell him that were looking for him." Sonia said to the Echidna.

"Ok I well, bye Sonia." Knuckles waved good bye to her as she got into the freedom fighter plane and drove off.

Knuckles went off around his island wondering why Sonia was looking for Sonic. She had not told him why, she just said that he ran off and left his medallion.

"Hi Knuckles, I want you to meet Tails." Sonic said as he came up behind the Echidna and scaring the life out off him.


"Shh sorry Knuckles I just wanted you to meet my new friend Tails." Sonic pointed to the small fox next to him.

"Oh hi I'm tails nice to meet you." Tails said in a shy voice.

"Oh hi their I'm Knuckles." The Echidna said quieting his Voice to Tails. The Echidna then saw the two tails that the fox had and looked over to Sonic to explain.

Seeing the look Knuckles was giving him sonic turned too the fox.

"Tails you want to go explore a little bit while I talk to Knuckles here." Nodding Tails ran off. Sonic then started to explain about what had happened how he found Tails and what had happened with Sonia and Manic.

"So that's why Sonia was up here." Knuckles said to himself but Sonic had heard him.

"What Sonia was here? You won't tell her I was up here would you." Sonic pleaded which made Knuckles look at him oddly.

"Sonic I can see where Sonia and Manic are coming from." Knuckles began. "But Tails seems like a good kid. And he doesn't seem to be a Robot to me." Knuckles paused as they could both hear Tails laughing in the distance. "Ok I won't tell Sonia as long as you stop sneaking up on me and almost giving me heart attack."

"Ok Knux, Come on Miles time to go." Sonic called when he when he realised what he had said.

"Sonic you said you wouldn't tell anyone." Tails said hurt.

"I'm sorry Tails…" Sonic started saying.

"It's ok Tails I won't tell anyone I'm more trust worthy then Sonic." Knuckles said to the fox who gave a smile at the Echidna.

1 half years Ago

"Sonic hedgehog where are you." Sally called looking around knothole for the Blue hedgehog.

"I'm right here Sal." Sonic Laughed as he ran up to the princess with Tails flying behind him.

"Hi Aunt Sally." Tails said to her.

"Sonic you're supposed to be helping Rotor and me today." Sally said looking at the Hedgehog with an angry look.

"Sorry Sal but me and Tails where going to see a friend off ours today." Sonic said to her before he was going to run off.

"Sonic we have Freedom fighters coming today." Sally Said bringing out her hand held computer and looking at her fathers list.

"Yah Sal I know, but I promises, me and Tails well be back before then ok." Sonic gave her a kiss on the cheek before he ran out off the village with Tails following. Sally could not help feeling that sonic was not coming back. But she could not go after him she was the leader of the freedom fighter group off knothole. Instead she stood there holding her cheek were Sonic had planted a light kiss. Before she returned to her duties.

At the edge off the Great forest Sonic and Tails ran in to a bright pink hedgehog.

"And where do you think you're going sonic."

"Sorry Amy… ur… me and Tails are going to see an old friend of ours." Sonic said to Amy Rose who stood there in their way.

Amy's quells where going up a little, and she wore a green hair band. With a green top and yellow skirt.

"Well I'm coming with you then." Amy said as she jumped in to Sonic arms.

"What Amy you can't listen well be back later." Sonic told her as he tried to get his biggest fan off him. He was starting to regret ever saving her from metal Sonic.

"Oh no you don't. I have a feeling that you're going to go off and not come back." Amy said not seeing Sonic and Tails look at each other. "Any way if you do leave me here I'll just go out to look for you." Sonic got a panic look on his face he knew Amy would. Tails Tried to hide his laughter but couldn't. Seeing no way out of this Sonic agreed and the three off them ran away from the great forest.


"Sonic are you ok." Knuckles said looking at his Friend who looked like he was in a daydream.

"Oh yah I' fine Knux just thinking." Sonic said as his gaze grew to the pollution around him.

"Really that's a bad sign you never think, it's always Tails doing the thinking for you." Knuckles laughed a little laugh, but soon stopped when the three off them had to hide behind an old junk pile, when swat bots came around the corner to patrol that area.

"Team Sonic in position!" Sonic said over walkie talkie as the three looked to see Team Chaotix waving from where they were.

"So where finely going to stop Eggmans evil. I just can't believe it, it's like a dream." Tails whispered as he came out off hiding when the swat bots where gone.

"Yah I know what you mean Tails." Sonic said he new the plan. But they needed each team in position for it to work.

"Team Rose in Position." They all heard Amy's voice over the speaker. She would off said something to Sonic but even she knew the importance off this mission.

"So when are you going to ask Amy on a date Sonic." Tails asked getting a light hit on the head by Sonic.

"What makes you think I'm going to ask Amy on a date." Sonic asked angrily at Tails.

"Because, you have a crash on her." Knuckles laughed as him and Tails did a high five.

"Team Chaotix in Position."

"Do not." Sonic protested in his defence.

"Yes you do, she grown on you. Plus," Knuckles started saying with a smirk on his face. "We got Tikal to read you're mind." Knuckles and Tails could not help but laugh.

"What that's not fare you can never think with her around." Sonic mound, after hitting Tails and Knuckles over the head.

"Team Dark in position." Rouge said in a bored tone and signalling the final position.

"Ok lets do this." All the teams said as they all went for the attack.

Team Rose

"Mr Swat bot can you pleases not tell Dr Eggman that we are here. PLEASE!" Cream said in her sweetest voice while holding on too cheese. She had stars in her eyes, no one could say no to her except a few people like. Eggman, Metal, Rouge, Amy and Tikal everyone else that she had meet could not recede the sweet innocent look on her face.

"I have to but I don't want too." The swat bot said in a sad tone of voice. But after a few minutes it caved into cream, and was leading them into the entrance of Robotropolis.

"Thanks Cream I knew I could count on you." Amy said giving the 6 year old a pat on the back.

"Yah you're amazing how you're able to talk anyone into doing what you want." Big said as he and froggy came up to the rabbit who was now blushing.

"Thanks Amy Thanks big." Cream said as they followed the robot.

"After this is over Cream we'll go shopping." Amy told the rabbit who's smile grew brighter.

Team Chaotix

"Ok Team here is what we have been waiting for this ever since Dr Eggman never paid us." Vector was giving his team a pep talk.

"Yah plus we can beat him up for ruining Mobius." Charmy laughed as he went out of his hiding place stinging a near bye swat bot in the head.

"Careful Charmy we don't want to blow are cover. We have to get in their, with out being detected." Vector grabbed the bee as he and Espio came up to them.

"Oh yah, sorry Vector." Charmy smiled putting his hand behind his head as Vector looked around.

"Ok Espio you're up." Vector told the Chameleon.

Espio camouflage himself to blind in with the surroundings before making his way into the main centre of Robotropolis. Everything was going fine before a bunch off saw bots came around the corner.

"Life form detected." Espio heard on of the mindless robots say.

"I can not see anything, you are properly malfunctioning." Another robot said to the first one that spoke. Espio seeing that they started walking again brought out one of his star blades an threw it at all the robots knocking their heads of. When the robots fell to the floor Espio went and grabbed a key card of them and then ran back to Vector and Charmy.

"I got the key card." Espio grinned coming out of his camouflage and handing it to Vector.

"Great lets go to the main control room, that's where egghead should be." Vector laughed as he Espio and Charmy all ran in with out being detected.

Team Dark

Rouge Shadow and Omega where all looking down on the swat bots below them.

"So should we destroy them." Shadow asked looking at the robots.

"I say we destroy them and then go after Eggman." Omega was about to blow their cover when Rouge brought him back.

"Listen you know the plan, we get in their with out being detected and then we blow everything up." Rouge was now holding on to Shadow.

"fine we'll have fun later then, CHAOS CONTROL." Shadow said bringing out the green chaos emerald and putting every one except them in to a time freeze. "We have 20 seconds."

"Right lets go." Rouge said as the three off them started running down the edge of the junk pile and passed all the robots. Shadow was easily able to get to the door and open it closely followed by Rouge who used her wings to give her an extra boost. Omega not being as fast as the other two was putting all his power into his boosters to get to the door in time. He was just able to make just before the time ran out and shadow slammed the door shut.

The swat bots looked around at hearing the slam but not being able to see anything they started doing what they where doing before.

"That was a close one" Omega said making Rouge and Shadow glare at the robot.

"Next time don't stop to blow one off the, swat bots up." They both shouted at the robot who looked to the floor.

"Never mind, these polls should bring us to the main control room, if we grinned on them." Shadow said looking at the aria around them. It was pretty dark but that didn't matter as all three of them could see in the dark. The only light was coming from the floor that had tubes of energy running throw it. Above them was loads of pips going in different directions, but their was one that went right to the top of the place.

"Right lets get moving team." Rouge intently went in to flying formation and flew them up to the nearest pipe where shadow took the lead. As the three of them grinded up the pipe they did not notice a small spy but that had spotted them.

Team Sonic

Sonic Tails and Knuckles where running in and out of the junk piles as they ran around Robotropolis. The entrance they where going to take had been sealed off, so they had to find anther way in.

Sonic poked his head around the corner to make sure the cost was clear. Not seeing any swat bots the team was on the move again.

"Where the heck are we going to find anther way in on such short notice Sonic?" Tail asked as he checked to see if his back pack was ok.

"Don't worry Tails, we'll find away." Sonic grinned as he looked around, when he saw an old junk pile. He remembered that was the junk pile that his uncle chuck was hiding in to help the freedom fighters spy on Eggman.

"So where to now Sonic?" Knuckles looked at where sonic was looking.

"Not their, my Uncle Chuck spy's on Egghead their. So if we go that way he will see us and that could ruin this plan."

"It's not like you Sonic following plans. You just normally go head first into this kind of stuff." Tails looked at his best friend who gave him a smirk.

"Well Rouge thought off the plan, and she said that if I don't follow it she'll throw me into the deepest part of the Mobian Sea."

"Yah and they'll take you shopping." Knuckles laughed a little remembering how the bat had threatened the hedgehog. All three of them took the left of where uncle Chuck was hiding and ran down until they found an air vent.

"How come where always getting stuck going throw the air vent." Knuckles mound, It was just big enough for three of them to slip into it. Taking their chances the three quickly hid into it, just before a green Hedgehog ran the way they had just come and into the old junk pile.

Uncle Chuck

Chuck was looking at all the computers he had and at all the monitors when their was a nock at the entrance in a sort of code.

Pressing a button near him the door opened allowing a green Hedgehog with green eyes come in. The Hedgehog wore a plane black jacket and a black belt.

"Hi Chuck what's up." The hedgehog asked walking up to the robotize hedgehog.

"Oh hi Manic did Sally send you." Chuck asked looking at manic as he took a seat in the corner of the hideout.

"Yah she said you had something important you had to give her." Manic said looking at all the screens. That was not really showing much.

"Yah I do." Chuck started to say as he got up and went to the draw to pick up something and handed it to Manic. "It's this emblem I found the other day when I went out to have a look round Robotropolis. It was just lying their in the ground."

Manic looked down at the emblem, it had a gold circle with three colours on it blue, red and yellow. "I think it might belong to that Hero group that is going round and messing up Dr Robotnik plans lately."

"Really I heard about them. They have really been driving Robutnik made lately." Manic put the emblem in his pocket when he noticed something on the screen. "What's that?"

"What's what manic." Chuck said looking at the screen to see three figures grinding up a pipe to the main control room.

"Them who are they, what are they doing."

Chuck went over to the control and did a close up on the three figures. On the screen showed a bat a black hedgehog and… "Is that one of Eggmans E-series robots, I thought he stopped making them." Manic was opened mouthed staring at the screen.

"He did and destroyed all them for some reason."

"Then what's going on and who are them too." Manic pointed to the Bat and hedgehog.

"I don't know, but I think things are going to heat up in Robotropolis."

Central control.

"Report Snively!" Dr Eggman said to his nephew who was typing at the controls and cheeking to see if anything had changed.

"Their seems to be swat bots destroyed."

"That's not right." Dingo said walking into the room with sleet with him.

"Yes I beat those freedom fighters are behind this." Sleet said crossing his arms and walking into the controls.

"No the freedom fighters have attack earlier today." Eggman was in a massive chair looking at the screens but could not see anything. Snively, Sleet and Dingo were all standing in front off the made doctor.

"I say its them heroes that are behind this one." They all turned to see metal Sonic at the entrance. His red eyes glowing, this made all off them except Eggman shiver.

"Who ever these Heroes are, I will personally make sure that they are destroyed." Sleet told them all but that only made metal Sonic laugh.

"Don't make me laugh, you don't stand a chance against them four teams. You don't even know who they are."

"Well what I heard, you was defeated by them on a number off times. Plus it is you're fault that they are even together."

Dingo and Snively both looked as sleet and metal were arguing.

"Enough," Eggman shouted at the two making them jump. "I want them heroes captured and robotize."

"Why so eager that capture us Eggbut." They all turned round to see a pink hedgehog with a rabbit a small chao and finally a big cat stood behind them.

"It's Team Rose!" Eggman said standing up but was pushed back down by an invisible force.

"Have a seat Egghead." Vector came into the room throe the main doors with Charmy flying happily next to him. Espio came out of his camouflage next to his team.

"Who are you?" Snively asked as he started backing away scared of the crocodile that stood in front of him.

"Were Team Chaotix, big nose" Charmy flew up to the small man and stung him on the nose. This made Snively scream out in pain and run behind the metal hedgehog for protection. Metal just gave him a glare thou.

"That's it, there the heroes that are coursing all the trouble." Dingo could not help but laugh. But stopped when something came and hit him in the head. Every one turned to see team Dark at the third door and shadow coming out of his homing attack.

"So team Dark has joined the party." Metal said locking eyes with Shadow.

"Yah well it's not a party with out us." Rouge pointed to her team.

They all turned to the finale door to wait for the final team. But then heard a sound coming from above them and some arguing. They all turned to look at the air vents where Sonic Tails and Knuckles fell throw the gape landing on top off Sleet and Dingo.

"Great these guys are still around, I thought you would have Robotize them by now egg for brains." Sonic said as he jumped off them blocking the last exit.

"Why were you three in the air vent." Espio asked as he looked at the team that was covered head to toe in dirt.

"Yah well we ran into some trouble." Knuckles growled as he looked at Rouge who was laughing at him. Eggman took this time to get and make his way to the monitors and started typing in some commands. But Big saw this a brought his fishing rod out and grabbed Eggman with it bringing the fat doctor back to sit down on his chair. Metal Sonic went to hit Big but Knuckles was quick and punched metal in the jaw. But because metal was a robot he did not feel any pain.

"I wouldn't try anything if I were you." Sonic said having his famous smirk on his face while shadow rolled his eyes.

"Hurry up faker some off us have better things to do then stop Eggshell here." Shadow said sarcastically while Sonic glared at his double.

"What like using the eclipse cannon to blow up the planet?"

"If it would make you hurry up yes."

"Stop it both of you." Rouge shouted making them shut up.

"Wait I thought you was dead." Sleet said glaring at Sonic who ran out and then ran back in with rope and tide Sleet dingo and Snively up with it.

"Well if I was dead could I do that?" Sonic laughed as he tide a cloth around all their mouths in two seconds flat.

"What brings you annoying teams here." Eggman said setting down because every time he had tried to get up one of the Heroes had pushed him back down.

"Let us say it so you can understand Eggface. We are all ready to perform our team blasts on you if you even think about moving." Amy started saying brining out her hammer that was scaring Eggman.

"I would not think so Team Rose." Metal got up and went to make a grab for Cream but Omega was able to get into power formation and fire rouge and Shadow at the robot before he was even close to grabbing the small rabbit. Cream thanked them all before she used her ears to fly her over to where metal had fallen and use a small devise that Tails gave her earlier on. She put it on Metal, their was a surge of electricity that went throe the robot hedgehog before his eyes shut down.

"What did you do to him?" Eggman asked horrified looking at the robot he had spent so long in making just lye their motionless.

"We shut him down, and now it is time to right all the evil you have done." Tails got his backpack of and took a machine that looked like a hand hold computer but it was bright red with yellow buttons.

"What are you doing." Eggman shouted as Tails started hooking everything up to the main computer and typing in a few keys. After a few minutes every where around them lit up in a blues green colour before it started spreading around the whole of the egg shaped building they were all in. before it started making it's way around the whole of Robotropolis and then the whole of mobius. The glow soon came to a stop and Eggman looked around to see that he was in a throne room. But not just any ones throne room. He was in King Acorns throne room, every thing had turned back to the way it was before he had came and took everything over form king Acorn.

"But……… how!" Eggman was finely able to say looking around at the beautiful soundings that was making him sick.

"It's Tails new invention that turned everything on mobius back to normal. So now people won't get sick because off all the pollution you put in the air." Espio said looking around the palace.

"Yah and plus there is no more robotized citizens ever." Charmy said flying around Eggman and taunting him.

"Why you, how dare you destroy my paradise." Eggman screamed as he grabbed Charmy and ran to the controls and pushed Tails out the way.

"You lot take on step near me and this little bee we'll be the first to go." Eggman threatened. Sleet Dingo and Snively were all watching this to see where it was going. The four team all stopped not wanting to put Charmy in danger. But the bee was biting and scracting at Eggmans arm that was holding him by the neck. He was also yelling stuff about owing team Chaotix money that brought a little smile to Vectors face.

"Let him go now." Vector said remembering that Charmy was in danger.

"I Don't think so if there is anything I want right now is to see you all dead." Eggman shouted his gaze grew to Sonic who was helping Tails up. "Especially you hedgehog. I'm going to blow up this whole place in 15 seconds Eggman laughed an insane laugh as he let go of Charmy. But instead of running to his team Charmy punched Eggman in the face. Sleet Dingo and Snively where all trying to get free but couldn't. huge numbers now came onto the screen they did not have enough time to get out. Amy grabbed Cream who was starting to cry and big held onto them both not wanting to die. Team Chaotix all stood together looking for a way out with team Sonic.

"Shadow can you warp us out off here." Rouge asked turning to the black Hedgehog who nodded to her.

"Omega get team Rose, Rouge you get team Chaotix I'll get team Sonic." Shadow told them before they rushed to each team. Omega brought Amy, Cream, Cheese and big over to the middle.

Rouge brought Vector Espio and Charmy over to the middle.

Eggman seeing what they where up to saw shadow holding onto a chaos emerald. Looking with pure hatred at Sonic he brought out a gun hidden near the controls. He quickly grabbed it he was not going to let Sonic if anyone out off here alive. Waiting for him to get over to the other teams he waited until shadow was calling out the words Chose Control when he shot the bullet.

Sonic saw this just as Eggman fired, there was no where to run because if did they would warp with out him and if he stayed the bullet would hit him just before it they warped. For once in his life Sonic world was going in slow motion. The light of the chaos emerald was surrounding them but it was going to slow the bullet would hit him. He then felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck and draw him closer into the group when the bullet hit. He could hear the scream in pain as they warped out if their.

Their was 4 seconds left but just before it got to the last second metals eyes glowed red. Before everything blow up around the 5 off them.