Truly Madly Deeply

Author's Note: Out of sheer boredom, I wrote this story...

Rating: PG-13... That's all I have to say about that...


Summary: Written & performed by Savage Garden. They're madly in love, although neither will confess it to the other. With some help from their friends, they will find out that the other really does love them back.

Characters: Amy, Jeff, Matt, Jason, Adam, Chris, Rey, Eddie, Randy, John, Trish, Dawn, Torrie, Stacy, Victoria, and many more.

Pairing: Dawn/Eddie, Trish/Christian, Stacy/Matt, Victoria/Edge, Torrie/Rey

Timeframe: Around the 2004/2005 area... The Lita/Edge/Matt, Lita/Matt/Kane & etc. didn't happen... Matt & Lita were never an off-screen couple...

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Prologue; Tell Him, Tell Her

A little over a two months ago he fell for her, she fell for him. Now neither had the guts to tell the other how they really felt. Their friends looked on as the two just stared at one another... The way they looked at one another there was no mistake they were in love. Both stole glances at the other while their friend went on and on about something.

Jeff glared between the two and cleared his throat. Both snapped back to reality and glared at Jeff with a smile. Jeff raised an eyebrow towards the redhead that had been like a sister to him. Why couldn't she tell him? Why could he tell her? Who knew…?

"Were you two even listening?" Jeff asked as he glared between the two.

"I was... You were talking about... Dying your hair pink..." Amy replied.

"Pink? I said red..." Jeff questioned.

"So... What does it matter?" Amy snapped.

"Li... It does matter..." Matt stated as he put a hand on her shoulder.

Chris chuckled to himself at the very thought that neither were really listening and neither realized they were both looking at one another. How could they not? John shrugged off his blue haired friend.

"Who really cares what color you hair is... You'll just change it next month..." John declared.

"He's got a point..." Jason exclaimed as he nodded his head.

Jeff rolled his eyes and said, "So... I've never had my hair red... Then Amy and I can be like twins... Long red hair and all!"

"If you dye your hair red, I'm dying mine blonde..." Amy hissed.

"Awww, Ames, you wouldn't do that to him?" Matt cooed with a laugh.

"Would too..." Amy protested.

"Why are you so hurtful?" Jeff asked as he put a hand to his chest.

"Don't dye your hair red..." She replied.

"Fine... you win... But now I'm gonna have to dye it another color..." Jeff exclaimed.

"Good... I knew you'd give in..." Amy stated as she smirked at Jeff who laughed at her statement.

John's POV

God, she's beautiful... Her smile... Just to be what Matt and Jeff are to her would be enough. How I envy them two, they got her friendship to the most distinct level. They love each other as a good brother and sister would. Funny how they consider themselves just that.

I could see her just being a good friend to me, but right now, all she is to me is my best friend's best friend. That's the only connect we have, nothing more. Chris, Rey, Eddie and Randy all tell me to go for it. However, how do you tell the woman you like that you like her? It's not that easy when your heart melts whenever you see her smile. Or that you start to ramble when she laughs. Just to hear her sweet voice could and would make me want to hold her breathtaking form against him.


Although they barely knew each other. All he knew about her was the shade of her eyes, how unbelievably beautiful her smile was, the way her stunning body curved and where, and of course what he had heard from her many friends. From a distance, he watched her and imagined what he'd do to her if they were alone. Nonetheless, he found himself practically falling head over heals in love with this woman.

Sure, the two had exchanged a few words in the past, but they never were really that close. They had been just plain friends. Enough to consider one another to turn to tell each other what was going on with their troubled lives. Sure, she rarely turned to him, but he usually turned to her. It was an excuse to see her and to be in her embrace.

He cherished every single time she tightly held him against her. He adored her and whenever she clasp his body to hers, he felt a desire and passion to be with her. He wanted to wheedle her to kiss him, or just make some type of advance. Neither had even considered the other felt the same way. She, however, had different views of him...

Amy's POV

He's charming, attractive and ridiculously funny. He's perfect, but he'd never notice me... He may stare at me, but how am I to know what he's thinking? For all I know there's probably something on my face and it's annoying him to death. As if me having a huge crush on him isn't enough.

Whenever he's around me I just want to embrace him forever. For some reason he comes to me with his problems, and when he does I can't help but squeeze the life out of him. As his body presses against mine, I can just see myself being there permanently. His hands caress my lower back with such feeling that it makes me wonder how he really feels about me.


So they sat there in silence and stared at one another. Jeff rolled his eyes and gave up on having a conversation with these two lovesick puppies. Sure Jeff himself didn't have a girlfriend and preferred to keep it that way.

Later that day...

"Do you ever plan on telling him how you feel? Talking to the two of you at the same time is like talking to a wall." Jeff exclaimed.

"Yes, I do... However, not right now... I don't know how he feels about me..." Amy replied.

"Neither do we, but still how will you ever know unless you take a chance?" Matt questioned.

"Maybe y'all could ask him for me? Just so I don't feel weird if I tell him?" Amy asked.

"NO! This is your problem... Sure we'd be willing to ask him, but what fun would that be of telling him?" Jeff asked.

"Urg, I knew I couldn't reply on y'all for anything... I guess sucking up to Randy wouldn't be too bad..." Amy hissed.

"Sucking up to Randy is just having sex with him..." Matt announced.

"That's something I'm willing to do..." Amy replied sarcastically.

"Oh really? Well why don't we tell him you're willing to have sex with him?" Jeff taunted.

"You wouldn't dare..." Amy warned.

"Oh I would..." Jeff declared.

In Randy's Locker Room…

"Dude, why can't just tell her?" Randy complained.

"Cause she probably don't like me the way I like her." John replied.

"Yeah, well you'll never know, unless you say something." Randy pointed out.

"Yeah, I know, but still... I don't want to take the risk... What if she doesn't like me that way?" John asked.

"Well then you move on?" Randy offered.

"Yeah... Sure... Move on? Are you drunk? Man the only way I'll be able to go on is to be with her." John stated.

"Okay then go and tell her..." Randy replied.

To be continued...

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